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Media Psychos Casual Psycho Award


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Here on Media Psychos members can get all kinds of different Awards for reaching different goals and sharing these with the community.


Since we started the Award program back in 2018 the selection of awards has become bigger and more diverse.

We thought it is about time to give our great Awards their own section and each Award category their own subsection.

This way we hope members are able to enjoy the Awards even more.


The first award many members receive is the



It is handed out after members made 100 posts in our forum.


Award designed by @Trianna 🙏


With the launch of the new Awards section we thought it is about time that the Casual Psycho Award also has its own Award topic. Until now we only had a 100th & 1000th Post Milestone topic in the Appreciation Thread area.


This way we have a place where members can post when they made their 100th post to receive the award. Of course other members can also post here when they see that another member has reached this first Media Psychos milestone, so that we don't miss it.


This new topic will hopefully make our work easier to spot members that have reached 100 posts and also give members that have not yet checked out the other awards a good starting point.



@extantsrevenge @Benoit46 @icewire @Veum @Scary Hair @CAYENNE-FAHRER @R1s1ngs0n @ukade2327 @cypheria078 @thomue1987 @Catgirl @ksosk @Hollywood E Rock @BobaFett1974 @Basil @Masterblaster @bilbon @DodgyDave @deckard99 @Grendel @forenhase @RAK @Trianna @Sephiroth @Fortis93 @GANTZ @raylight @Pbsw23 @Cornbuster @Ripper @Robertm89 @Digitale_Kunst @LeGonze  @PRIAPISM @larson1977 @JiumJium @Intentcoin @bearlol @Hatori  @atomicblonde @DParadigm @xSNAKExPLISSKENx @RileyLad @hunter72 @3rasus @psychoscot @claptraw @Parzival

@romeroland @Darogal @deeii @hdblueman @RhodW @romain @Caktus26 @tibou79  @Rockntoni87 @goose_3387 @Peterrr @mjk @Magnifly @Guiltybyproxy @hal56   @Casiusco @bluraycollection @Ryve @Jaksu @mr_wick @Krafkali @Gladiator_MV @Guitou36 @Count Dantes @Daft @blu.steel33 @Phil. @HappyDude007 @chingie123 @ravounette @Toapel @monanza @khivansan @javi @Neil21Harris @capricornio34232 @muchasgracias1971 @j harman @BlackWolf @Maksood @howarmat  @Bwatt99 @popohd @AnnStellCol @Damiend @jupiter7 @Michael hillaby @Rdator @C.C. 95 @Tonic24k @DarthEd @Kambon84 @PsychoMarkus @amicro @bifi @boobymcgee @SilentasKnight   @bungral @Berserk3429 @Apo @Steelbook Indy @ethnosax @aj101097 @WesternBronco @TheDavoser @huseyin @tr0llhatt @Hardcore @jobel472 @SkywalkerZ @Lordpercy @Carl @Mrs.Robinson @lp19036 @LaRone@Mad-martigan @Ryan  @SteelWild @Steel_Doing_It @magik @cohelfer @Gremlins @Salvation @MrYohan @dahyl @Ghostdog @Patmcc14 @Rippchen @megabee @Wail @rtphoenix @blu-rayfreak @The Major @swish @sobmaster @Skid Mark @serg50 @RcKt0pus @WKRP @ajdornier @hyene @Cymon @blue_J @CryoSteel @Squeegie McGee @Darkinoux @Billy Talent @ThereIsNoooSpoon @Sir-Godric @Mutantsmiley @Blu Magic Ray @Noir21 @lelouch @soundsorange @Soundwave @Spainboy79 @BlackWidow81 @ShadowWarrior @KubricksYarbles @juveunu @Want3r88 @GuyIncognit0 @Hecko @silphalion @AlexFlame116 @Christopher @InfiniteDoors @MM3 @Foxneo13 @pluto57 @MoneySniper @scohenmarinetech@Mac Hadfield @LectroluvIV @MikeH5856 @empi77 @Reagh @AlexanderTheMan @ncraft @Sidewinder @Boilersteel @delzeisa @sankichi @Le Marquis @Smookie015 @damships @F.M.S @Whodini @Gentleman @kwyjibo7 @RockinRaccoon @Mrdugan @nathan_s82 @bossjon @Cornrow @Flojo @Jigsaw @Gary K @justo10 @Ari @Freeformfreakout @StevenWest @Guz91 @Rambo @JojoFrance76 @Jakeb1022 @Stefbo86 @zerohaven @Terje Iversen @KillerBoots_tm @Unai Usabiaga @guri008 @Tristan_Wang @vinny91 @Simone @Erica F @nmskyler0405 @pan @Fab_1 @tae soon park @Sotaboy @willdebeast @BreakBeatDJ @EnzoTakahashi @hansreinhardt @defdan14 @upmaniac @lunazero @Adrip @Chief_lookout @TechSpec924 @thebhopexperience @Starman @Manticore4 @manuman888 @mamaragan @mpmarcel @bl4ck5t3r @Mixpower @jwhitm3 @Zinco97 @Straju02 @camwjohn95 @Peter M @gdenarius @Riki23 @vintager @Heywoodmoutaw @LeadFarmer @shigualito @Lwaz @Emil @hanielle


I have only tagged the members that have previously received this award and have been active/visited in the last year.


And don't forget to check out our other Award categories: Cinematic History Awards / MP Activity Awards / Packaging Awards / Retailer Collection Awards / Special Collection Awards


Below is the list of members that have received the award with the launch of this topic or after.



@ajames212 @stephoo67 @Garypool @Nutsrock @Chunkychimp @antiapathetic @Shaliber @notdan @emceerice @Wtd @PsychoBlu @Bodhisattva @Lordgladiator @daetilus @mosssmh @Nadam @Maximus16 @Psycho Bunny

You are now Casual Psychos 😃


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