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  1. GREAT CHOICES @ukade2327 👌👌👍
  2. Never even heard of it mate. I'll give it a go. Talking of Netflix I watched that black mirror bandersnatch interactive movie a couple weeks back, so since been watching the black mirror TV episodes on Netflix. Have you seen it? Some of them are a bit mad like.
  3. I've seen kill Bill vol 1&2 so many times .... And even watched both back to back only a few weeks ago... So quoting Budd's reply: Ok Rocket I'll clean it up 👌👍
  4. @R1s1ngs0n hey mate... I was on a roll with my quiz answers but I've never had one forrrreevveeerrrr... Hit me, I need some points for the UK people. 👌 Specialist subjects anything tarantino/Nolan Not so special at bond/star trek/ star wars 😂
  5. Yeah I get what you mean @DodgyDave It just bugs me as a collector that some people get ripped off because of bulk buyers who solely sell on for profit. That's why I'm not a fan of eBay and only buy off there if I think I've got good value. As a newer collector I missed some sold out and had to hunt for them best I could. In better news I've just ordered my filmarena a star is born and Bohemian rhapsody, filmarena pumping out the editions now after a slow start to year.
  6. A mean look at this mate. Pre order isn't even open on this yet. Not until tonight and it's on eBay already for nearly doubt the price it will probably cost.
  7. Yeah defo mate... Genuine collectors eithers miss out or have to pay stupid money for an edition, cos you get wankers who will get a hold of 3/4 copy's, keep one for themselves and then add 💯% or more on top of cost price. I overpayed for a few things when I first started on stuff I missed but now I'm in the right place. I just cudnt rob people.
  8. Those are the people I can't stand. But I can see why they do it. I just couldn't. Did you get a chance to message blu-fans about my box or been to busy @DodgyDave??
  9. Took me a few days to post this but apart from the issues I've had with my box..it's still a decent set. The lenti's are nice. I still stand by what I say about blu-fans. For me a tad overated but I'm just a slave to premiums 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Took me a few days to post this but apart from the issues I've had with my box..it's still a decent set. The lenti's are nice. I still stand by what I say about blu-fans. For me a tad overated but I'm just a slave to premiums 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Totally agree everybody loves a good WEA steelbook aslong as nice effort has went in to it. I like me some marvel but I do get what you say. I have also been getting all filmarena since the start of this year. Unlike you who's been there since day dot haha. I like there XL fullslips. Nice chunky slip which feels so much better then the older smaller ones. I won't always do maniacs as some are pricey and not always the movie I want to spend €200 on lol. For example I don't think the equalizer 2 although good film did it need a Maniacs box. Just the 4k fullslip was enough for me.
  12. @extantsrevenge that's the answer I was expecting lol. Spiderman spiderverse has been out a long time and I already own 3 copy's of it so that's a pass. Also for me I got fantastic beasts 1 manta oc which is great so I want to hold out and see if they do number 2 themselves. Do you get all blufans ??? Think I'm in the minority but I find them a tad overated for how popular they are and how crazy there GB's go. 😮
  13. Massive massive massive Terminator fan..first 2 up there with my favourites.... I feel your opinions on the later sequels lol. Now let's talk new movie, could be misleading and might be 💩💩 but liked the feel on the trailer. Unanswered questions Not giving too much away Just a little glimpse of the big guy Rated R with Tim Miller at the helm. I think although won't hit anywhere near the heights of first 2 but I think it will be a lot better then the other sequels. 😁😁
  14. I love it... Tell them to make sure to double check for any printing errors before sealing 😂🧐 Totally agree though looks like it will be a great release 😁
  15. Would of much preferred the other one lol. Sure it be a nice release regardless... Any ideas on a timeframe?? Do you have an order for there projects at blufans??

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