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  1. Sure all that cheap crap you buy off Amazon will keep you going for now. I'm surprised you don't send us reception pics of your food shop the amount I see you post on here you 🤣🤣 joking pal 😉
  2. Don't mention it bro. Ford Vs Ferrari and bumblebee are 2 awesome pick ups. HDzeta and weet never let us down. Nice to see the bumblebee slips a bit more too not opened mine just yet.
  3. Nice @extantsrevenge I thought the same. The IT is cool and the exorcist lenti very nice too but The Shining was my favourite of the 4 too.
  4. ☝️☝️☝️ He's right you know lol. One XL slip like I said in posts above more then enough. I just hope they do XL slips and I'll just get one of the two.
  5. @Hollywood E Rock Same mate, wudnt mind if the ones just released were hardboxes too but there not. I like Franchise's and sequels to sit alongside each other nicely and this spoils that. I'm hoping there XL slips still like what they have done with MI. Hardbox but the singles are XL then we could just pick which slip we like best. That will work for us, but like you say for these one edition would of been fine. For FA 2 editions is more money for them so they don't care what we think 🤣🤣
  6. Only thing that bugs me is IT 1 and the shining 1 edition. Then IT2 and doctor sleep 2 editions. Not needed could of just stick with a single xl to sit alongside the ones we've just got. Yes you could just buy one Edition but then if it's the old smaller slips it don't sit right. Probably just me being OCD but 1 XL editions per film would of been enough. I'm not a massive fan of the hardbox editions.
  7. Not cool, did you want it but couldn't get it?? Sure you may be able to get it still, just now have to pay a little extra for it most likely.
  8. Love Jaws but CM = easy pass. Hope those that do get it enjoy.
  9. Tell me this isn't gonna be fanfu**ingtastic 😍😍 new trailer. Mr N is just something else. Enjoy.
  10. I was pretty much just typing out something similar so now I won't. Would definitely rather only have one or the other. I've only ever seen first LOTR🤣 but it's a popular Franchise and I'd say worthy of a gold release.
  11. I can't see the pic yet mate, but congratulations on completing your first GB. I remember my excitement at my first too, best thing is there are many more amazing items coming your way now you've started. You chose the right place 😁💪

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