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  1. Uncle D please don't talk about my Christopher this way haha. I just think he is a bloody genius and he transcends cinema instead of everything just being the same shite. Each to there own though.
  2. I'll buy you a bottle of something nice if strange does not go up for pre order. Man of my word..
  3. Yeah both will DEFINITELY be up for general pre order. I can't actually remember the last release that wasn't. Do you?. I know the last 5 or 6 pre orders all have been available tonight.
  4. Title on spine should be a must, from ones I've had incredible hulk you get hulks arm 🤣 BP and infinity war no title on spine either.
  5. I messaged FAC about the shipping costs, obviously we all know why they've changed some costs but i got the most generic reply known to man that ignored the 2 or 3 other questions I asked on my email 🙄🙄🤣
  6. 👆👆👆 me 2 @RileyLad bro. cant wait to hold a sexy edition of this belter in my hands.
  7. First watch of this in a few years and I forgot how fun it was, definitely deserves a 4k upscale when Cameron gets around around it and a nice premium edition 🙂
  8. Received my Tars not sure about anybody else, but mine is crap..most of the magnets have came straight out then its a Ballache to try get them back in secure or back off the one its attached itself too.. its no good saying issues were sorted for 2nd batch if yours was in the first batch lol..Good for a pic with my edition all the same. Looking at list, mine was 2nd batch too and it isn't sorted, still a nice item.
  9. Was just thinking the same thing And for what it's worth my opinion only that hardbox looks awful.
  10. I enjoyed it 🤔 I mean it wasn't mindblowing but I like Rian Johnsons writing.
  11. Few extra quid on an already expensive hobby.. bad news but YOLO 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Yeah I don't own a copy of Drive..it has some sort of cult status as a film. I dont like it as much as some do but I'll most likely pick something up @Basil there is a lot of drive already about.
  13. Very true, I was just trying to be a little brave for a second now I'm in hiding. Take ya time Nova 🤣🤣🤣

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