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  1. Thanks for the advice, I'll take a look and see what I can do. 😁💪
  2. That's a lovely looking texture on the fullslip. Filmarena never do disappoint for me. Mine was shipped yesterday so shouldn't be long 😁
  3. So glad someone agrees, I thought it was me being a total freak 😂😂👍
  4. Congrats on your first completed GB @StrikerEureka79 You have most certainly chosen the right place mate 💪👌
  5. 😁😁 Nice @extantsrevenge Follow up question which is hilarious but is there no way you can arrange your awards. It bugs me that HDzeta 10/25 aren't by one another and that filmarena 10/25 aren't by one another. Also that my blue ribbon things aren't side by side 😂😂😂😂 sorry sometimes OCD kicks in 🙈🙈
  6. I thought id join in with the fun, I love a filmarena edition 😁💪 @extantsrevenge Hopefully no problems this time around 😂😂😉 Need to update my username strip from gold to platinum.
  7. @Pbsw23 I know what you mean mate. I have some open some sealed. A lot more sealed but they will be opened at some point. I have no plans to sell and don't care about any sell on value etc. I like a boxset though because you get it all. Nothing wrong with being a fulllsip conniseur 💪👌
  8. I love both Shawshank and Inception slips. Think they look great. Not even disappointed in the back of either.
  9. @Count Dantes I hope this all works out alright. I don't like change 😂 hopefully it ends up for the better.
  10. Hahaha never mate, was just a lively discussion which i love. Everyone looks for and likes different things. But if it's easiest yep let's blame @Hollywood E Rock 😂😂😂
  11. I just seems you were looking for an Oscar winner 😂😂😂 just kidding mate I love all of our diverse opinions on films. If we all thought the same about everything how boring would that be. P.s your team aren't doing it again are they ?? 😮
  12. For what it's worth @Pbsw23 I maybe wrong but it seems you have tried to take it a lot more seriously then it's supposed to be. Like most superhero movies of that nature there supposed to be fun over the top CGI fest's. Which is what this was, I know your point about plot holes etc which isn't it ideal. When I saw the trailer for this I thought ah well it looks fun and that's what I thought about it. I didn't go in with high expectations of a top notch script or engaging plot. I just took it for what it was. Maybe my expectations just were not as high as yours. I do also think it's not the strongest in the DCEU I think that belongs to wonder woman (for now)
  13. Nice little haul for you there @Veum Some lovely little arrivals there mate. That batman 1-4 set is a beast and the MLiFe fight club brings back a good memory it was my first ever Media Psychos arrival 😁💪

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