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  1. Cheers for clarifying that pal, never really ever been on BR.com apart from checking upcoming steely releases. Didn't know they did GBs on there.
  2. Yeah if he means Hi-Def it's most certainly no MP 💪💪 MP for me...... 🤣🤣 💪💪 So Kevin and his VIPs can go and lick a nettle
  3. Who even is Kevin?? Heard him mentioned a few times 🤔🤔
  4. They seem to be very quiet of late, getting there heads down catching up maybe. Mad to think we still have Monsterverse, Cap & Strange and Avengers films all as separate order still to come. Plus whatever else they likely throw up for pre order before we have any of those lol.
  5. Really 😲😲 cool, but when was this announced have they put out some kind of update I've missed ???
  6. We be sleeping after a hard day's graft and he's at home, feet up grandad pj's on being like....
  7. Your wrong I know it, let's all pray for that being an outer box. If it ends up being that's a beautiful release.
  8. What a misleading BS if that's is the case haha. I'm with @RileyLad it looks like a box 🤣🤣
  9. 👆👆👆 Yeah if we want anything quicker would have to pay more for individual deliveries, costing us even more when to buy from FAC to UK is just about manageable as it is. 🙄🙄 On a brighter note Godzilla is sexy. They knock a decent lenti out sometimes I just find most of there fullslips boring. I was however impressed with Gemini Man.
  10. Was just thinking the same thing 🤣🤣 if there was no 4k on the horizon I'd take a bluray version.
  11. Colours look awesome, these films are so fun. I would love a Shaolin Soccer to go with.
  12. Liking the fullslip details DL underwhelming for me..I think it's Mantas negative some/most of there lentis aren't great. For me anyways.
  13. Best way mate 🙂 I tried to forget about everything going in to see Dark Fate and enjoyed it.

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