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  1. I just know my luck I'll go direct and it will turn up looking like I've ordered it from zavvi 😂😂 @Scary Hair what do you think ?? Can I add myself to GB with direct for now and change if it's needed ??
  2. That's nice. 😁 First time I've seen this pop up. Safer to hub then direct maybe? @ksosk
  3. I used to be like that. It has to be a steel but since seeing this release. Forest Gump etc. There to nice to pass up 😛 your missing out 😉
  4. Done lol... Dropped him a PM. Thanks your Jane like assistance lol. 😛
  5. Does anybody have any of the gold series for sale ?? The one click boxes ? Seen a few on eBay but rather try on here first 😁
  6. So sad I missed braveheart. They went in a snap ☹️☹️☹️
  7. Yeah me2. @airwins I just hope FAC can get a few releases out in the next few months as T2 has seemed to take forever. Be nice for a steady run of releases from them.
  8. @airwins yeah I agree with you. Not everyone is fussed but I'm a bit of a 4k nerd. Don't get me wrong more of my collection is still pre 4k but any release I get now, if there's a 4k option that's what I go for.
  9. @ksosk any news on this yet ?? Could be one of the one clicks of the year this 😁👍
  10. Morning all After my post a few days back about the BAFTA'S 2019. I was interested to hear people's thoughts on 2 things.... 1) who should win best picture at this year's Oscar's and why??? 2) Everybody's favourite best picture winner of years gone by and why? My previous best picture winner is below... 😂😂😂😉 Have a great day all 😁 Rob
  11. Yeah had potential but like most of these sort of movies these days fell a bit flat for me. I'm sure some would enjoy it though.

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