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  1. Robertm89

    Dies und Das

    Is there any of you fantastic people of the German room able to order something for me I can't seem to get shipped to the UK??? Let me know i would be forever in your debt 😁😁
  2. Looking forward to getting this one, think it be worth the wait. As for "working on it" I hope its a good one and with the way 1917 went will have to be quick if its a good one.
  3. With no real new cinema releases with the year we have had, maybe an old title they could go with. Nice to see there forthcoming with letting you know. Unless they don't know themselves yet lol.
  4. Surely the image can't be this bad that looks very poor. @ksosk surely you can see that? Is it just because its zoomed in or something?
  5. Yeah mate I've heard bits and bobs, but nothing confirmed yet. I was reading about it on sky news last night. Just take it as it comes until we have some concrete news matey.
  6. If anybody hasn't seen it, what a fuc***g film. Some of the UK boys would of seen it. Personalised T shirt from one of my favourite scenes in the film.
  7. Some of my post holiday pick ups, some still at work and unfortunately need to go back tomorrow 🙁 lol. 13 hours FAC is really really nice and Titans of cult releases are cool. The Goonies premiums will come but picked up Zavvi 4k for now as its a classic.
  8. You have got 2 fantastic films there that you haven't got around to watching yet. 💪Paraiste is one of my favourite films of this past year. Bong is just a master.
  9. That's one thing we can agree on lol, that was a very well made film. Francis Mcdormand and Sam Rockwell were awesome in it. As for who directed it I haven't got an effing clue. 🤣🤣 I hate it when I don't know an answer to a question lol.
  10. We are all different, I just find that most directors I like, seem to pump out ones I enjoy. The above mentioned never let me down. It works for me as I always look forward to what they do next, take villeneuve as another (dune looks promising), and to an extent David Fincher.
  11. Entitled to your wrong opinion again haha, out of curiosity with you now saying Nolan and Tarantino, probably 2 of my favourite directors are overrated, who are your top couple of directors @DodgyDave.
  12. My oh my, what a question..I would really have to have a good think about that. Huge QT fan and own every one of his films and seen all multiple times but to put in to a list is just not easy lol.
  13. Hello Everybody Back from my 2 week summer holiday and depressed would be the word..had a great time but as always went over far to quick.. Hope everybody is doing well 🙏 💪

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