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  1. Baller like you, price shouldn't be an issue sir 🤣🤣
  2. I new this release would divide opinions and it certainly has. From size, to quality and price point. Yes some things can't be helped, do I wish I hadn't of been so trigger happy yes, but as a huge Terminator fan I'm sure I'll be more then happy with it in hand (aslong as it arrives safely unlike my last action hero and its creases, where no replacement box was offered by MAG it seems) I do like certain aspects like the Artist slips and I obviously already have steels to put in. I have got much room for too many release this size so maybe that is something they could look at..is anybody regret
  3. Yes I agree, its really nice. My fav of my latest 3 is sleep but mainly because it goes nice with my Shining but they they a good job with Annabelle.
  4. I'm so glad i just went white FS for sleep. That hardbox is awful I think. And I think OZ hdz just gets the nod for me. Be interested to see if they move on to anymore of the Conjuring universe.. most likely not.
  5. There having a shocking 12/18 months. BTTF and Predator I was looking forward to and both those were announced before the cold War. Poor stuff like.
  6. 🤣🤣🤣 I had to drop buy to see your reaction to there announcement.
  7. That's what I was thinking too, no steelbooks produced for the set, and the paper and slip quality isn't on par with the more seasoned premium companies. So my question is what justifies the price tag?? I could be wrong and and i know there a business but there must be some profit margin on it.
  8. Im not disputing it will be a nice addition, just if I had of been in charge I could of made a better product then that 🤣 and it would of been smaller and had better content 😛
  9. Huge Terminator fan but I agree with the general consensus, it could of been half the size. I'm not sure if I'm in the minority but I'm not that impressed. Will it be OK probably, is it Overpriced definitely.
  10. Never heard of Wim Wenders, or any of these films but that looks great. Good job WCL
  11. So FAC sometimes give you the option to just buy a non 4k edition, or add the 4k disc for an additional charge. That's how certain editions of the same movie are 4k and some non 4k.

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