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  1. Good morning to everyone visiting the English room from the UK and beyond today... Just Incase anybody didn't know that likes movies and lived on planet earth it's endgame release week 😁😁 my ticket is already booked for Friday and I'll re watch infinity war the day before get it fresh. I can't think of a MCU movie I watched and diidnt enjoy. (I know the 2nd Thor movie and captain marvel was a bit 💩 for some but I've enjoyed them all. Anyone going to see it in the next week or am I just a nerd 😂😂 Have a great day people.... 👍
  2. They are just the emoji's on my friend. Here's some you will like ... 😂 🙏 ✝️ 🤠
  3. You'd have to ask the admins EXACTLY how it works. Obviously your covered more in transit with insurance. So this is the side of more of a bad outcome but hopefully everyone will get there's fine. Fingers crossed.
  4. I love there editions... But I heard about these issues before I had ever even ordered from them. As I'm a relatively new collector. I paid for my maniacs box in December... I've lost count of the delays.
  5. Yeah I've probably seen the same pictures as you then mate. Perfect packaging with a damaged box inside. Which is pretty bad... I really don't want to play motherbox roulette not knowing whether I'm gonna get a good/damaged one.
  6. This is just an observation as I know MP always do everything possible to make sure items we receive are 100% But I'm not liking the look of all the damages motherbox's I've seen online. Arriving to people damaged 😕 not sure if Anyone else has seen any pics but I've seen quite a few.
  7. Haha enjoy your day maybe and funny enough I quoted you in the post instead of @Basil 😂😂 take it as a compliment lol. Enjoy your day mate. I tell you one thing home grown chillies sounds good. I love a kick in my food.
  8. Hello and happy Easter to everybody visiting the English room today 😁 My plan for today is beautiful dinner followed by a few alcoholic beverages since it's my first day off for nearly a week ... Have a great day my fellow collecting buddy's. P.s @DodgyDave just watched exodus last week. Really good film. I like most things Christian bale.
  9. Same here in the UK been a lovely day... Just a shame i am working until 930pm 😥😥 VID-20190414-WA0010.mp4
  10. 4pm here pal I'm nearly ready for my bed 😂😂😉

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