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  1. Yeah prestige looks so good. For me Les mis can go missing and I can live without it haha..it may bug me in time I'll pretend it was never released 😂 can't see the zeta version being meh. They don't roll like that.
  2. Haha, no pressure intended. When I first started up I seen people with 2/3 editions of the same movie and told myself. That's silly I'll never do that Well..... Sometime later.
  3. If I could add my unwanted opinion. It's the Joker it was huge. I think all editions with art available will be 👌 this is a good start so just double dip lol
  4. @DodgyDave @HornyRhino" This is a thread regarding inception. Can we please stop talking about crappy lord of the rings and the Hobbit 😂😂😉 I'd rather watch Corrie with the Mrs. 😂
  5. I never thought I'd say this because I love zeta and every release has there own retailers touch. But I think as inception goes. UC will be the one to own. Especially after seeing what the prestige looks like. Double dip, triple dip. It's what we do. @Ryve you know you want too. Lol
  6. What a cool gesture 😁 very nice edition too. Would look beautiful in my hand that would 😂😂
  7. @ksosk nice 😁 so invoices soon then ? Why do all these releases have to come before Xmas. I am poor right now lol
  8. It's not so much the price of there own CM editions but they bulk buy from other places just to make profit. So any buyer who may miss a GB has to go on eBay or there site and pay silly prices. I'm just not a fan of it.
  9. It's a case of each to there own mate not a fan of that company. Scalpers
  10. @Scary Hair thanks for your colorful insight as always. Been a long way and was just letting off a bit steam lol. Not like I was saying the edition is 💩 still he happy when I receive it in sure lol.
  11. Yeah mate all joking aside honesty is definitely the best policy. I just new the invoices would creep up together and with Christmas coming it's not ideal..but we find a way.

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