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  1. Yeah I'm also confused now as I also thought the single lenti was the wrap around one based on the description.
  2. Well this sounds better than a steelbook! I've always thought the plastic catches on regular steelbooks feel a bit flimsy, a magnetic catch sounds like a big improvement imo 😃
  3. This is very cool 🤩 It looks like a ton of work has gone into this, seriously amazing job @ksosk and everyone else that worked on this project. Also excited to hear more info about the MP case! If it's MP exclusive does this mean there will be enough availability for non-premium members? 🙏
  4. Nevermind my previous post edit, looks like the thread description clarified by 3-sided it meant 3 angles.
  5. Thanks for the update @ksosk! 🙂 Apologies if I missed it being mentioned already but are you able to confirm if the MP case is instead of a steelbook? Really liking the sound of the 3-sided DL lenti! 😊 Edit: I just realised - does this mean the double lenti is actually a triple lenti? 😲
  6. Happy birthday @CAYENNE-FAHRER! 🥳 🎈 🎊
  7. Some of my favourites would be: - Leon - Sin City - Django Unchained - Mulholland Drive - The Wolf of Wall Street +1 to suggestion of Bond and Bourne films by @Veum +1 to Troy suggested by @Sir-Godric
  8. Happy birthday @Fortis93 and @DjcdreamS! 🥳
  9. I ordered this recently so it's not yet arrived but I'm happy to post some close up shots when it does 👍
  10. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (4K UHD/2D Blu-ray Steelbook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK] Release Date: TBAPrice: £29,99Purchase Link: ZAVVI Artwork TBC
  11. Yes exactly, going to the subsection and realising what's happened is what I keep doing. It does just seem like an oversight in the design unfortunately. Certainly not a big issue just a minor inconvenience! 😄
  12. So this might not be considered a glitch if the following behaviour is intended, but for me it makes it harder to see which sections have new non-ignored content when browsing sections. The issue is as follows: 1. I mark a topic as "Ignored" perhaps if it's about a release I'm definitely not interested in. 2. Someone submits a new post in that ignored topic, this correctly doesn't show up when viewing the section containing the ignored topic. 3. When I'm navigating the site reading all the latest unread content, the section shows up as unread (highlighted blue - see
  13. Sorry if this question has been asked before but just curious how do numbers get assigned with GBs? Do you get assigned a number if you have a premium membership? Or is it just random? Edit: And thinking about it this is probably a bit off-topic so let me know if there's a better place I should ask 😄

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