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  1. I haven't see the original (it's in the To-do list)... The Big Box, wich languages/subtitles has? The remake really shoked me. The rhythm, the dances,...the final minutes are more "Ok but not so suprising", but the evolution of the film really impact me. Kind regards!
  2. Im in for UHD and Manta, DL un this case. No regrets 💪
  3. I really loved the film (havent seen the TV series yet). This edition is one of those on the list of "someday"...ir maybe the french collector edition wich is awesome as well 🤩🤩🤩
  4. Ooooooohhhhhh yeaaahhhh. Im a lenti-lover and weets work is stunning as always 💪💪💪
  5. Im gonna correct my self. Last Mantalabs shipping cost has been 16,5USD, from hong-kong to spain. 🙏
  6. 35€ from retailer to hub and from hub to home 20€ from retailer to home
  7. I live un Spain and a blufans copy its about 35€ un total. In this case its under 20€. It would be awesome to have the Direct option in other companys.
  8. I have all mantas (except Wonder woman, still looking for It) so i would like to get them all...but: I have Matrix trilogy of UHD Club and Drive Novamedia I Will get BR of UHD club. Dont know what to do with this three.

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