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  1. I was afraid of this.... Now I want all the non-steelbook slips, too. Lol Thank you for sharing! The photos are awesome and exactly what I needed to see. And this actually the exact edition I wanted to see from other releases. All the Ant-Man versions look amazing. Is there a place that still sells all these? They don't seem to be on eBay much at all.
  2. Thanks for the update, buddy. I figured it would be a less quality slip than the steelbook version. But I couldn't tell by stock images to what degree. I look forward to your photos! I'm trying to decide if my backlog consists of all the versions or just the steelbook Full Slip. Black Widow was my first from SM Life and I was impressed so now I want to go back and pick up the others. But as a collector, I have to figure out if the other slips are nice enough to warrant being part of my "premium" collection. Does anyone else have some of these others? Are they just like standard sli
  3. I agree. Iron Man was released I think before premiums were putting out the work they are now. In a perfect world WeET would make a one click of all the IM films. Even if it’s a trilogy release like they did with the Raimi Spider-Man movies.
  4. Does anyone have this one to show off? I know it's not steelbook but I'm curious about their slip artwork on these other versions.
  5. Me either which is the dilemma. Lol. It can be done tho and is a fairly easy arts & crafts project for someone that knows how to work with the necessary materials.
  6. Ah! Very dope! @BobaFett1974 So any chance you can also do custom One Click boxes?... I understand that requires a completely different skillset but a group of us having been looking for this and thus far to no avail.
  7. Excellent collection! Are any of these steels custom? I have most of these and thought I was privy to some of the international ones I don't have yet...but some I feel like I've never seen.
  8. It is now…but I was out of town for work when I posted the last photos. But here you go bro. Print it out and sniff it. Lol
  9. @extantsrevenge You should know my shelves by now. Lol. But let me see what I can do for you here to prove I’m me. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, ya filthy animals.
  10. I have a huge spreadsheet I built to track my entire collection. 🤓
  11. @extantsrevengeGo ahead and put my name at the top of the list for Stage 3, too.

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