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  1. The Dark Knight is a legendary movie. But I'm strictly an MCU collector. 😃
  2. Just got mine today. It's a real gem. (And PS, thank you @ksosk for designing such an awesome art card! Finally got that too for the WeET IW bonus)
  3. Okay, I have a silly question: Who the f*** is going to buy this? The mfer didn't even include the numbering. This kind of price tag is just plain disrespectful and I feel justified if things get physical. Lol
  4. I mean....that gif is actually me so....
  5. Total of 10 NE#15 - Guardians of the Galaxy (x3) NC#7 - Avengers: Age of Ultron (x2) NC#8 - Ant-Man (x2) NC#13 - Captain America: Civil War (x3)
  6. They don't offer Red Carpet to the US. Otherwise I'd subscribe to it. I have a ton of exclusive Marvel steels from them. I also always get their lenticular re-releases for the Marvel Studios stuff.
  7. Nice! And I actually forgot Freddy Mercury was from Xandar. Not many realize that movie is canonical. 😛
  8. Just a heads up, Deadpool and the old Spider-Man films won't count since they're not MCU. This award is exclusive to Marvel Studios films. Looks like you're super close tho!
  9. Yes...but then I miss out on the OC box. Lol. Which btw, raises the question. Is Zavvi starting to get into the One-Click game??...
  10. Oh I know. Lol. My question comes from a place of "WTF...." Putting these two movies together is incredibly tacky. Not that the MCU Hulk is a superb movie, but the pre-MCU, standalone, Ang Lee Hulk is....well, an abomination. And now I'm conflicted. The collector in me wants this because I collect all MCU media. But like...ugh. Ang Lee Hulk?!
  11. Wait, so one is the MCU movie and the other is the older Ang Lee movie?...
  12. I think one of the teaser photos we got showed some texture actually. Not sure if that changed along the way tho.

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