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  1. So when is Stage 2 going to start? 😎 I'm already ready already!
  2. Love it! And thank you for the dedicated photo. Mine was just a screen-grab from the collection photo above. 🍻
  3. Yeah that makes sense. If the next award is for 25, I already have that. There are 25 in total. The top 2 rows are all OCs. (Except the duplicate Blufans Avengers IW.) Three of them are Filmarena Hardboxes, and on the 3rd row, the two Filmarena Maniac's boxes. For the loose edition OCs, those are all on the bottom right. I can pull them out and take a separate photo for you if you need. They are: WeET Spider-Man: Far From Home (x4) WeET Captain America: Civil War (x3) Novamedia Captain America: Civil War (x3) Novamedia Avengers: Age of Ultron (x2) Novamedia
  4. Thank you! And to be accurate, there are more than 14 OCs there. Let me know if you want better proof. I.e. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 that had a shoebox but not the standard kind. Or the Novamedia and WeET releases that had no box but all the editions wrapped together.
  5. Thank you! And most of the are still locked away in their cages. Lol
  6. @extantsrevenge Let me know when the next OC award tier is 😉
  7. @extantsrevenge The missing piece to the photo above 😎
  8. @extantsrevenge Finally opened a few and got enough individual editions out of their cages for a big group photo 😁
  9. Real information or wishful thinking? I'm apparently out of the loop todaay!
  10. Damn! You for real?! What happened? Is Blufans #51 vacated or was it designated to another film?
  11. Can we get some box art and beauty shots or WHAT?! Goddamn, Blufans. And let's get that Ant-Man and Wasp back on track while we're at it!

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