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  1. I've also been incredibly curious about this! So glad someone brought it up. I haven't opened any of my one-clicks or premiums yet. The day is coming soon tho and one of the biggest things I think about is...do I attempt to peel that glorious seal off? Does it come off somewhat easy? Will it require a knife or blade to separate it from the shrink wrap? Once I get it off where do I stick it? Do I just attempt to cut around it and leave the plastic on the back of it? Lol...so many question.
  2. Nice! Here's one I saw on Twitter last night. Yours is a bit more revealing tho. I'm super excited to get mine.
  3. Yeah man, I didn't come into the game until after all that. So my understanding of it all was retrospective. At any rate, being that I only collect MCU premiums, they only have 3 sets I have to go back and collect. Spider-Man Homecoming isn't too bad but the first two Captain Americas are running about $500 - $600 each for the one-clicks. Those will be some of the last ones I go after. Ha.
  4. @Pbsw23 @ksosk - Didn't WeET spinoff from KimchiDVD? I figured it's kind of like this new Fanatic Selection coming from Blufans.
  5. Gipsy Danger is a bot. Lol. You've got to make your changes in the Request Hub.
  6. So you're telling me you've seen the photos and aren't sharing them with the rest of us?...
  7. @DrMartinHarris Welcome to the site! We're all very normal here.
  8. @Leonard Hill Welcome to the place where the players play!
  9. OPEN THEM THANGS UP! I'm a collector and want to appreciate every detail of what I'm collecting. I understand there's no going back once that seal is removed...but I've gotta release these glorious slips from the confines of the One-Click box and get my touchy-feely on. Otherwise, I'd just save my money and watch these dudes do unboxing videos all day.
  10. As I collect MCU OCs from Blufans, I always get the 1/4 slip, too. So far, I haven't opened anything yet; all my OCs are still sealed. Something I noticed was that Blufans doesn't number their OCs. Only the individual slips inside are numbered. So I can see the 1/4 number but have no idea if it matches the others in the OC. With all that said, here are my questions: If I'm getting these thru GBs here, are the OC and its 1/4 slip counterpart somehow kept together to ensure matching numbers? If the OC box isn't labeled at all, does Blufans even keep them together in the first place? Even though each individual edition has a different print run (x / 500, x / 1200, etc), does the OC itself have its own number that just isn't labeled on the box? Thanks in advance for any answers or input. I will most likely have follow up questions, too. So this should be fun. Lol

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