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  1. I messaged Master Blaster but need invoice resent. Anyone else here able to help with that?
  2. Man, this Captain Marvel thread got hijacked...oops...
  3. Yessir! I love the artwork on these. Nice to see someone else into the Mondo vinyls. As a matter of fact, this just delivered today I've got the Ant-Man and the Wasp one along with all the Netflix ones (Daredevil, etc.) in the Mondo box behind the vinyls you can see.
  4. Thank you bro! And yeah that Doc Strange one is right next to the Novamedia Age of Ultron one. Haha, yeah I know exactly how it goes. I joined a little late but was able to backfill the collection to a good point and now it's just maintaining. Started out with just Best Buy steelbooks and then I stumbled upon these glorious One-Clicks and the rest is history. I even got into the Mondo vinyls... Oh, I'm keeping both! I live for multiple versions and variants. 😎
  5. I loved Marvel comic books as a kid and never grew up. I stopped collecting comics so now I have this instead. 🤓
  6. This sums it up: I'm pretty much just missing the older releases that are now aftermarket nightmares. How about you?
  7. I had looked over the weekend and it was already sold out. Not sure the exact day and time it went live tho.
  8. Got it! Thank you for appeasing my granularly curious mind!
  9. Lol. Just the term that came to mind when thinking of cutting a specific set of dimensions.
  10. Thanks for responding. I would figure...but what happens if it doesn't fit? Everyone's order is adjusted to remove the protective slips? A different size that fits the closest is used? A new mold is created? Lol...so many questions are coming up for me now.
  11. I hesitated on adding the OC protective slip because I saw it was a different design in the beauty shots. Plus, the WeET OCs have all been different sizes depending on if they're a 4-edition or 3-edition version. Do we know if this will fit in any of the standard slip sizes?
  12. Hey thanks everyone!! Just now making it back to the internets. Lol. And yes, it is because I've been partying this entire time.
  13. The Dark Knight is a legendary movie. But I'm strictly an MCU collector. 😃
  14. Just got mine today. It's a real gem. (And PS, thank you @ksosk for designing such an awesome art card! Finally got that too for the WeET IW bonus)
  15. Okay, I have a silly question: Who the f*** is going to buy this? The mfer didn't even include the numbering. This kind of price tag is just plain disrespectful and I feel justified if things get physical. Lol

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