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  1. My Blufans Black Panther OC has that same thing. None of my premiums are opened tho so I can't confirm if it's just the plastic wrap or the OC itself. I've always optimistically assumed it was just the wrap tho. If you open yours let me know. I still haven't gotten my Homecoming OC. Been "Our for delivery" for 4 days... Lol Edit: Ah, thanks. Yeah I figured it was just the wrap.
  2. Haha, I wouldn't be surprised. Hopefully you made some money on the two extra copies.
  3. And then also MP gets enough extras to fulfill my reserve status from the GB here...
  4. Who better to express their admiration than The Collector... AWESOME pictures you took, man. Thank you for sharing. I finally got an update from USPS that it's out for delivery! I should have mine in hand this evening. Although I'm not sure I'll have any photos to offer other than the sealed box. 😏
  5. This is what I'm seeing... I already paid $250 thru Blurays For Everyone in a frantic attempt to secure a copy last week but being able to get it directly thru their site would be like half the price. Funny story, I actually bought Spider-Man Homecoming Maniacs Box thru their site on a random day long after it was released. This sh^t seems janky as hell. Lol
  6. *LeSigh* How many of these random editions exist?!?!?!
  7. But for real... Do I need to get this one? Will my collection be incomplete without it?! Lol I don't know where the rabbit hole ends...
  8. How many random editions exist in other countries? Lol. I just came across this from FNAC. I've not seen this artwork anywhere else.
  9. Mine was supposed to arrive Saturday then suddenly USPS's tracking said, "it's arriving late but still on the way." Really hoping that means today!
  10. First and foremost, I treat this as you going to bat for us. I know you made every effort! I don't want anything said here to infer otherwise. And never forget I put on a cheerleaders outfit for you!
  11. I've expressed my understanding of the situation. What I don't agree with are people dismissing frustration with the situation. It wasn't clear to me I could sign up for an FA plat number. Everything I read seemed to indicate I had to buy all their exclusive releases to be considered. As for my remark about my membership being useless, there's context implied. I meant as it pertains to THIS release. And lastly, any attitude perceived is directed at the situation, not anyone here. As I've expressed and reiterated, I'm VERY thankful for the hard work the folks here do. I am simpl
  12. I certainly don't want to strip anything away from anyone. They played the game by the rules set forth. I'm simply underscoring my perspective as a casualty to the experiment.
  13. I mean...it looks like no one else wanted a collectible of that movie either. Lol

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