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  1. I think one of the teaser photos we got showed some texture actually. Not sure if that changed along the way tho.
  2. Looks great!! I think this red one will look great next to the blue Homecoming one. I don't really care for the action figure and mug tho. Lol. They'll just take up more space in my closet I guess.
  3. Thank you! No rush here, was just curious and wanted to stay on top of it. 😉 I appreciate the other information as well. Very good to know!
  4. What's up gang! It's been a while. I feel like it's been pretty slow for MCU premiums lately. Guessing shipping is still being sorted for us US folks for this one. Any word on what the next Fanatic Selection title is going to be? Or you know....any news on this mysterious label whatsoever? Lol
  5. Thank you for putting this all together, @Basil! I hope this wasn't a chore for you! Haha. I knew all of this, I just didn't know if one-clicks were a thing yet at the time of their release. My ultimate question comes down to if you were able to get matching numbers or not with these. I actually have the V1 already. Since Best Buy never made an Iron Man steelbook I use this one to fill that void. 😊 But yeah, I have a little bit left of a backlog to collect and I will eventually come around to hunting these editions. So far all the OCs I have are together with matching numbers and I want to make sure I continue that. But it seems these won't require me to hunt them down in pairs since they were released separately in the first place. Thanks again, my friend!!
  6. This is exactly how I've imagined it to be. 😂 Coming into the game after the fact and collecting a back log I've seen the gradual progress of release styles. And I must say, your gif storyboard is brilliant. 😆
  7. I'm not sure the best place to ask this question so here I am. And btw, yes, I did go to the Blufans area but it seemed all the Topics were pertaining to releases and I didn't want to muddy that up. Anyway... For the first Marvel Blufans releases did they not offer one-clicks? I'm specifically talking about these 5: Thor Thor: The Dark World Captain America: The First Avenger Captain America: The Winter Solider Iron Man They all released with a Lenticular version and a 1/4 Slip version. But it seems this was before one-clicks were a thing. So there was really no way of getting matching numbers between the two versions, correct? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks, @megabee! These photos are great. Especially since I haven't opened mine yet to see what's actually in there. Haha. Something I'm noticing from your photos tho... Is there no numbering anywhere on the actual slips?
  9. Does Fanatic Selection have any web or social media presence whatsoever? Anything official of their own?
  10. Do Fanatic Selection titles count toward this?
  11. How do I get this? I never saw an option to add it to my order; just thought if you got the OC you included one. Thanks!
  12. Just got mine in. And even after seeing plenty of photos online, the colors on this thang in person are even more brilliant! I love it!

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