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  1. I have grand plans for the next year of media collecting. Bring on the membership 😎
  2. Hey John, issue disappeared about 30 minutes after it appeared! All good now. Alexander
  3. No worries! I don’t know what tech stack the site uses, but I’m a software developer willing to pitch in and help out here and there if my skills can be put to use!
  4. The Amazing Spider-Man FS were amazing so I’m getting 1-3 FS, no lentis 😉 now let’s hope they’re as good as the ASM Fullslips were...
  5. I love this community. What a blast I’ve had reading this thread today! can’t wait for this release!!
  6. If one were to sign up for membership now, would ones membership tier be taken into consideration for group buys one had already joined prior to signing up for a higher tier? Theoretically of course... 😇 I’d be devastated to miss out on this one, especially if others were getting 2 or 3 copies each
  7. Don’t forget EverythingBlu’s fullslips. 🤤😍 although I don’t want them to get any more popular as it’s actually quite easy to get my hands on them for now 😁
  8. I think we can all agree Frodo makes the best beauty shots. Those images pale in comparison to this beauty:
  9. Well, it's the weekend now so "God, I'd give anything for a drink". Thanks so much for running this! Beautiful edition to be won
  10. Oh my. I can’t tell if @deckard99 is being facetious or not 😂 There is no release date yet for the HDZeta editions of LotR or Hobbit.
  11. Received my E1 but not my E2, U.K. hub. Hoping to get my E2 soon 😁
  12. I ordered direct in June not thinking I’d snag it being very new to premiums, and my order shipped yesterday. Not sure how/when group buy hub orders ship though!

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