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      Mediapsychos Advanced Membership Details   05/21/2017

      Hello Psychos, GOLD IS SOLD OUT !! we have finally gotten our Tier Program so that we can present it to you.  Please take a couple of minutes and read through it and if interested leave the response in the appropriate Thread (Link is given ). For any questions our complete Team is available for you and your questions ! Please do not hesitate to ask ! We hope you will support MP and we hope to see a lot of our Members having those wonderful NEW Metal Members Card..... only available with a valid Membership ! Best Regards  MP Staff  


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    Here you can read all about the new Events and Features of Mediapsychos

    1. Announcements

      Here you can read all about the new Events and Features of Mediapsychos

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    2. Templates and Guidelines

      ONLY these Templates are to be used when starting a Thread here  or here.  

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    3. New Features of Mediapsychos V2

      Pleaes completely read this post so you get a better undersatnding about all the Features of Media Psychos.

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    4. Suggestions and Complaints about MP V2

      here we would like to hear you opinons of our new V2 . If you have suggestions they would belong here as well.

      4 Topics
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    5. Banished Psychos

      here WILL be posted who is banned and for what GENERAL reason.  No personal information will be posted here 

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    6. 9 Topics
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    7. 2 Topics
      172 posts
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    Introductions to the Asylm

    here is the place to make your first impression.   Introduce yourself to the members here on MP before participating in any Groupbuy please. 

    1. Member Introduction

      Earn 25 MBs for Introducing Yourself.  If more then 10 members Like your Introduction you earn DOUBLE (50x)

      212 Topics
      2,218 posts
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    Video Games Steelbooks

    you can add all Game Steelbooks in this section.  PS4 , PC and OTHER .... 

    1. PS4

      all PS4 Steelbooks are to be listed here 

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    2. PC

      here are to be added PC Steelbooks

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    3. OTHER

      Everything goes here that does not fit in other Forums

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    Digibooks, Digipacks, Mediabooks, and Amray Keepcase

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    3. 3 Topics
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    4. 14 Topics
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  5. 318 Posts
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    Collectibles and Special Editions

    1. 25 Topics
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    2. 59 Topics
      161 posts
    3. 3 Topics
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  6. 777 Posts
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    Exhibit your Collection

    here you can start and update your own Thread with your Collection of Steelbooks, Mediabooks or any other Media and Collectors Items 

    1. 20 Topics
      345 posts
    2. Show your Bluray Steelbook Collection

      here you can post anything concerning the Steelbook or any other METAL Collectors Item

      10 Topics
      167 posts
    3. Show off you Collectors Items

      here you can show off your Collectibles , Figures and Special Editions 

      12 Topics
      265 posts
  7. 3,208 Posts
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    Movies and TV Series

    here you can post anything about whats on the TV or in Cinema ... Favorite Series and which Seasons....

    1. 115 Topics
      845 posts
    2. 8 Topics
      47 posts
    3. TV SERIES

      let us know what Series you like, dont like , find ok or just dont care to watch !

      68 Topics
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    4. 3 Topics
      1,866 posts
  8. 575 Posts
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    Anything about Music that you want to talk about !

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    For each COMPLETED Groupbuy Participation you will earn 20x MBs 

    1. Groupbuy Requests

      Here you can request a Groupbuy for any Media you would like to .  Even if only one member we will try our best to get the GB up and running.  It can be from ANY country you would like and ANY Retailer.  

      • No posts here yet
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    3. 89 Topics
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      anything pretaining to the steelbook, example  Clear Slips , Stands and soforth

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    5. Other Media Groupbuys

      here you would post the Digibooks or Mediabooks or Special Editions Groupbuys

      4 Topics
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    Psychos Helping Psychos

    Here you can seek, or offer help !

    1. 18 Topics
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    2. 2 Topics
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    3. UV CODES

      Are you wanting to give away codes ? Maybe looking to get some ? This is the right section for that.....

      1 Topics
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    International Chat Area

    if you would like to talk to other members in your own language feel free to do it here .  

    1. 3 Topics
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    2. 2 Topics
      215 posts
    3. 2 Topics
      581 posts
    4. OTHER

      if you think you might want a particular Room for your Language and there are other members who would like it as well , you can request it here. 

      2 Topics
      30 posts
  12. 968 Posts
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    General Chat

    here you can just blow off steam and / or show your Appreciation to someone you think deserves it. You can also offer to buy me an Ice Cream here ... LOL .... 

    1. 2 Topics
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    2. 7 Topics
      70 posts
    3. Chit Chat

      from the Weather to what you ate for supper ! Just about anything goes !

      39 Topics
      810 posts
    4. 3 Topics
      37 posts
    5. 5 Topics
      46 posts
  13. 112 Posts
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    Video Gaming Chat

    here we talk about the many different platforms that are on the market , got something to share, come in and share your thoughts with us.


      Everything having to do with Playstation 1,2,3,4 and PSP

      1 Topics
      1 post
    2. ANDROID

      Everything about ANDROID could be posted here .

      2 Topics
      6 posts

      Everything about NINTENDO

      1 Topics
      3 posts
    4. X-BOX

      Anything about X-BOX here 

      1 Topics
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    5. PC

      Anything about the Computer and its World ....

      6 Topics
      13 posts
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      • No posts here yet
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