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  1. Thank you @extantsrevenge here is my swag 😀
  2. For the last couple of months I dived into Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive which is amazing. After finishing the current book I will read Stephen Kings Billy Summers before continuing with Stormlight.
  3. Too bad it is strongly cut. Only 120min instead of the full 127min
  4. Congrats to the winners! It was a lot of fun
  5. I joined the game. Good luck everyone
  6. All of the sudden future Johnny appeared and told prestent Johnny "I am you, 58 years from now. Many things have happened. Like the MasterBuck Store launch last week. But the main thing you MUST know is that..."
  7. @Scary Hair I must watch the abyss again. It is fantastic. Thanks for reminding me
  8. Awesome looking set but what is up with that price? Almost 100usd. Does anyone know the reasoning behind that? Probably because of 6 discs being included
  9. OMG @hal56thank you so much for these GREAT presents!! I am so happy. Thank you thank you thank you
  10. My gift from ??? arrived yesterday. Can't wait to open it! Yours will be on its way too soon
  11. Heute kam mein Gewinn bei @R1s1ngs0ngiveaway Thanks Eli
  12. Wenn da kein mega Rülpser folgte, weiss ich auch nicht lol Bei mir gibt es heute Jever alkfrei

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