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  1. It's been awhile since my last movie Yesterday I watched Toy Story 4. The visuals are simply incredible, the humour was spot on and the story heartwarming....simply put, everything you are hoping for from a Pixar movie. GREAT quadrilogy, kudos Pixar.
  2. Doctor Sleep (HDZeta Exclusive Silver Label) (WWA Blu-ray SteelBook) [China] Release date: TBA Purchase link: TBA Price: TBA
  3. It is spelled 'Sematery" because in the book kids wrote it wrong. Kids created this place for their pets and they wrote the signs. @extantsrevenge in den deutschen Büchern spricht man vom Friedhoff mit zwei F.
  4. Yesterday I felt like watching one of my favourite movies of all time: The good, the bad and the ugly 👍 This movie amazes me every time. A true jewel in cinema history.
  5. Imo 2019 was a FANTASTIC year for movies. The best in a long time! I am mostly looking forward to Tenet and Dune like the others
  6. Yesterday was time for the 5th Bond You only live twice. I have mixed feelings about this one... While I was entertained there were a couple of things that annoyed me quite a bit. First and foremost Mr. Connerys performance. He looked bored most of the time and as if he was only here for the paycheck. Especially the helicopter fighting scene drove me crazy. Also there are some logic mistakes but I don't care too much. Overall an entertaining watch but a big step down compared to the 4 movies before. Also I watched home alone for the 10000 time. 10/10 stars every year
  7. Hey, I don't have one and I don't want one my wife has two
  8. Yesterday I watched Once upon a time in Hollywood. It is Tarantinos funniest movie to date. At times it reminded me of some Coen Brothers films The score was great as always. Brad Pitt gave the best performance in this movie. I expected Charles Manson to play a bigger role but it's ok... Recommended
  9. Why is that? Because they are an European company? SteelArchive from Germany had similar artworks and are also European
  10. Yesterday I watched James Bond Thunderball. Yet another amazing Bond movie @extantsrevenge I am glad to fill the gap The locations were BEAUTIFUL! Action scenes at the bottom of the ocean GIVE ME MORE! Sharks eating people HELL YEAH! Mr. Largo was not the best villain but the great story made up for that little flaw. the next Bond will follow soon

    Dies und Das

    Meiner bisher noch gar nicht lol
  12. So guys, yesterday I continued my James Bond journey. After Dr. No and from Russia with love (FRWL), Goldfinger was on the menu. @R1s1ngs0n told me that FRWL and Goldfinger are part of the holy bond trinity so my expectations were high. Also, I saw most rating sites have Goldfinger at the top their list. IT WAS AMAZING! Beautiful cinematography and a very charming Connery make this a big winner. I liked it little more than FRWL but it is close and could change after a 2nd viewing. I cannot believe I missed out on this classics my whole life....better late than never I guess I am looking forward to the 4th movie already. happy watching guys
  13. Yesterday I watched planes trains and automobiles and I had a wonderful time. Many jokes made me laugh out loud also James Bond - From Russia with love must be one of the best bonds. I loved it.

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