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  1. @ksosk I'd prefer paying a little more and have one piece if we need two frames to put it on the wall, costs would really explode
  2. That makes me sad. He was part of my favourite movies (lotr)
  3. The whole Jurassic Park/World bundle for sure.
  4. Do we know the release date and individual print runs? Thanks
  5. @Casiusco what movie makes you cry like a little Baby?
  6. @Hollywood E Rock what is your favourite song of all time?
  7. @Veumdo you prefer The Lord of the rings or A song of ice and fire?
  8. If I don't spill on em I'd say 3 days. Cloth for the upper body have to be changed daily tho
  9. Defintely mornings. I wake up between 4-6 o'clock 365 days per year and instantly I am full of energy. I love going out with the dogs while every one else is still sleeping. Or I use the time to read because once wife and kids are up there is not much me-time anymore on the other hand I got to bed early like 10.30pm. Basically I live a grandpa routine
  10. @Trianna i just woke up to the sound of singing birds 😍 which made me wonder what is your favourite sound?
  11. @Scary Hair With who would you like to have a candle light dinner: Aldo Raine, Indiana Jones or Iron Man?
  12. Oh that is a taugh one! Definately not Schindlers List 🤣 I go with Minority report
  13. @Hollywood E Rock who would win a battle royal between James Bond, John Wick, T-800 and Jason Bourne?
  14. @CAYENNE-FAHRER We are all wondering what is worse: A fart or a burp? Can you please ask your wife?

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