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  1. thats exciting. I've been wanting a fullslip for this movie. I will probably be all in to support the site though! One click incoming
  3. Is it black and white ? Cause some things are in color on the BS. Very confusing. Personally would love it in B&W lol
  4. Let’s goooooooooooo i can’t wait for the box for my lenti. I wonder who signed up for the box actually has the lenti HMMM
  5. Oh stop using inappropriate language is it finally happening
  6. Good stuff bro! I'ma need to snag that Shining BB!
  7. I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE WAITED NOOOOO ;p. I'll be back for the next award soon muaha
  8. @extantsrevenge My submission for this award! 1 fullslip from each BluCollection release! As well as other kimchi releases
  9. Here we are. My submission for this award. Trying to get one fullslip for each release and here where we are right now
  10. @extantsrevenge My Fullslip Award submission! Have more than 50 so had to choose wisely as well as take some retailer specific pictures to knock out other awards. My biggest collection is Manta right now as I've made it my mission to get 1 full slip for each release! Almost done! After that my biggest collection is kimchidvd! I wanted to get 1 of each full slip for each BluCollection release so I went ahead and did that. Other than that I threw up some of my favorite superhero steelbooks! also @Intentcoin @Shaliber @Chunkychimp @GuyIncognit0 get in here and simp my @atomicb

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