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  1. Thanks for your kind reply. I was surprised that the steelbook seemed to be ready for production back in June and then the news completely shut off. Good to know I didn't miss an actual cancellation notice, and I do hope this edition will move forward!
  2. Sigh. Yes, yes. But other steelbooks have been produced during these months, and this one actually had a real mockup created already some months ago. That's why I asked.
  3. Thrilled to see WCL doing this one and Paris, Texas. Can't wait to see the designs! Any chance of an ongoing Wenders WCL series? I'd be interested in seeing Until the End of the World again—it's been a lot of years.
  4. I skipped this because Blufans had announced the WEA plus a WWA. I got the WEA, but now kind of wish I'd gotten this one for the WWA, too. My favorite SW movie.
  5. When I think "epic Mount Doom conclusion," I think "light blue, with snowflakes and sparkles." Good call, graphic designer.
  6. I didn't like it much at all the first time I saw it. Watched it again a week later and loved it. It'll never be as much a favorite for me as Inception, but it's quite interesting. I recommend listening to the soundtrack a few times before watching the film—the sound is immersive and kind of overwhelming, so I found it helpful to have some recognizable anchors throughout the movie.
  7. What is "Lost and Refund Premium Service on this package as requested in GB"? I don't remember seeing that on invoices before, and I don't recall requesting anything special on this one.
  8. Basically the same as the regular 4K cover art, which is a bit of a disappointment. The edition overall is nice, though, and the booklet looks really good. By the way, did I see @DodgyDave here talking about a really old movie?
  9. It's what we do take, but I wonder if it's necessary. If the beauty shots are coming soon, why not just hold off on the GB for that many more days? I don't understand.
  10. How nice would it be if either HDZ or BB would reveal the beauty shots before the GBs are full or closed?
  11. It makes sense to me not to commit an unknown amount of money for an unseen item. Sometimes I may miss out on something, but over the long run it feels like the best decision.
  12. The top one goes in the FAC orange slip. (kind of a boring edition overall, but everything matches nicely) Next one in HDZ single lenti. (second-favorite set) Third one is my least favorite. It's in the Kimchi lenti. It's one of the ones I'll sell (though the lenti is really good). Japan exclusive in the FAC double lenti. (top favorite set) Best Buy steel in the FAC edition that has the lenti magnet that matches the steel. Filmarena steel in the HDZ double lenti—teaser posters on the slip, main poster on the steel. (third-favorite set)

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