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  1. The top one goes in the FAC orange slip. (kind of a boring edition overall, but everything matches nicely) Next one in HDZ single lenti. (second-favorite set) Third one is my least favorite. It's in the Kimchi lenti. It's one of the ones I'll sell (though the lenti is really good). Japan exclusive in the FAC double lenti. (top favorite set) Best Buy steel in the FAC edition that has the lenti magnet that matches the steel. Filmarena steel in the HDZ double lenti—teaser posters on the slip, main poster on the steel. (third-favorite set)
  2. I think I found it for sale on its own for a good price on ebay, back when it was pretty new. It was hard to find, which made it more special for me. I have all the steels and premiums for BR2049, mixed and matched to make really good complete editions. (Though I'm now thinking of downsizing and just keeping maybe the three sets I like best.)
  3. Yep—and I don't mean any criticism of your design work, @ksosk, which is always excellent. But since the studios do license alternate artwork (Mondo, Bottleneck, etc.), it seems like they could, if they wanted, broaden the licensing terms to be able to put all the art to any use. But: I know nothing about all the inner workings, so I'll be quiet now.
  4. It's all fine, but it's all just so much the images that have already been used so many times before. I wish the studios would be a little more daring in what they approve for artwork. What do they have to lose, especially at this point, when there have been so many releases before?
  5. Sure, but the reason this one is confusing is when you see other titles, like Jaws, where the WWA steelbook is much more recent, and HDZ already has beauty shots and GB, while the Oz steelbooks are apparently gathering dust at Zavvi, so...why not now? I know, I know—there are all sorts of behind-the-scenes details we can't know. But I'm eager for this one!
  6. The thing that makes some of us not very interested in the numbers is that they don't refer to anything except the sticker. With factory-produced items, there's no difference between the first and the last anyway, but then you figure that the slipcover you get may be the 79th one to be printed and folded, the steelbook might be the 1,233rd to be made, they're the 131st edition to be put together and shrinkwrapped...and then someone puts a #0001 sticker on the outside and it gets randomly shipped to the person who placed the 759th order. I see little sense in which you're getting "Edition #1" when you get the #1 sticker. Yes, it's a fun coincidence to get something significant, like #2019 for an edition of Blade Runner. But if I were shopping on ebay, and I could buy #2019 for $100 or #1752 for $60—for me that's just not even a question. However: this is one of those areas (like opening or not opening) where people of one opinion will never understand people who have another opinion, so carry on, everyone.
  7. Any ideas if MP will break up sets to sell individual editions, like with the Dark Knight release? I know this is a heretical thing to say here, but I only need one copy of each film, and not an enormous box to keep multiple copies in.
  8. I think we're opposites. We'd better not meet in real life, or the world could explode.
  9. In a more perfect world, there might be just slightly fewer releases of new superhero films, and just slightly more releases of films from way back in the Dark Ages. LA Confidential was a very lackluster HDZ, in my opinion. Amadeus wasn't especially great, either.
  10. There are smaller editions than 500, though, right? And as for requests, there are some collectors (me, anyway) who hardly ever sign up for a GB until the beauty shots are out, no matter what the title. With this release, we're not even sure yet which WWA steelbook is included, so I see little reason to commit to a purchase.
  11. The lenti is just transition, not also depth, right?
  12. I figured that was the case. I only asked because the Japanese steelbook (embossed unicorn) doesn't say "The Final Cut," so somehow it happened once.

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