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  1. What I'd love for the slip is a transition lenticular that does something fun with a change from sepia to color. Something like what TheOn did with their Pan's Labyrinth lenticular.
  2. It would be nice if there could be an option to change from OC to a single edition (if that's an option from HDz, not a situation of MP having to break up OC sets). It's true that everyone on the list requested a OC, but perhaps some people only because that's what was being offered.
  3. Here's 25 from me. For the MP extra, I've included the WCL 2001 lenticular. And I also threw in a couple of old DVD lenticulars, for fun.
  4. Thanks for the updates. Waiting for this one is no problem. While we're waiting, I'll just mention to anyone else in the Dallas area that the Magnolia Theatre is showing 2001 on May 28. Always great to see this one on the big screen with a crowd.
  5. Am I the only person in the world who would prefer this to be the original movie? I didn't care for Peter Jackon's version at all.
  6. I'm pretty sure they've mentioned it for sometime in the future. I'm also sure they're going to need a long nap after all the Dark Knight madness is through. But yes, Inception is crying out for the HDz double-lenti treatment.
  7. Another +1 for Inception—though I think HDz has said something about it, and I'm sure it'll be amazing.
  8. Looks nicer in-hand than I'd expected. And it goes really well in the Filmarena E3 slip.
  9. I agree with you! This wasn't a need for me, but I was very curious to see what HDZ was planning for it. They've really been on a roll lately with some fantastic releases.
  10. It's kind of salt in the wound—these posters are used everywhere except as the main slipcover image! haha And I do very much appreciate your using them on the lenticular. Honestly, for me the main thing in this design is having the MEDIA PSYCHOS name as prominent as the title of the film itself. I prefer the more subtle approach of just having the logo in the corner. The logo is unusual enough that I'm sure people who see the card will still ask what in the world it is, which would lead to the site evangelism you're wanting.
  11. Sorry if it came across as negative remarks. Meant simply as neutral critique. Nothing against @ksosk. I assumed that he hasn't actually produced these yet, so he might value feedback before finalizing it.
  12. One more minor point—since the Media Psychos logo is already in the corner of the lenti, does it need to also be under the title?
  13. It is a little weird when we've seen this poster in a certain way for years and years, though. Just kind of feels like it's upside down and backwards, even though technically in space the direction wouldn't matter.

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