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  1. Any ideas if MP will break up sets to sell individual editions, like with the Dark Knight release? I know this is a heretical thing to say here, but I only need one copy of each film, and not an enormous box to keep multiple copies in.
  2. I think we're opposites. We'd better not meet in real life, or the world could explode.
  3. In a more perfect world, there might be just slightly fewer releases of new superhero films, and just slightly more releases of films from way back in the Dark Ages. LA Confidential was a very lackluster HDZ, in my opinion. Amadeus wasn't especially great, either.
  4. There are smaller editions than 500, though, right? And as for requests, there are some collectors (me, anyway) who hardly ever sign up for a GB until the beauty shots are out, no matter what the title. With this release, we're not even sure yet which WWA steelbook is included, so I see little reason to commit to a purchase.
  5. The lenti is just transition, not also depth, right?
  6. I figured that was the case. I only asked because the Japanese steelbook (embossed unicorn) doesn't say "The Final Cut," so somehow it happened once.
  7. Two more questions: Any chance of removing "The Final Cut" text from this? I feel like we're at a point where we don't need to highlight that on every release any more. It would be more elegant and timeless with just the title. Any confirmation of BR2049 UHD moving forward before this one closes? Thanks!
  8. But if you can't see the beauty shots of the extended set until the deadline for the theatrical, and if the theatrical set is completely awesome-looking...
  9. You say that. But let HDZ release a theatrical set this year, and an extended set next year, and see what happens.
  10. I'm mostly a lenticular collector, but by bringing in some old favorites I got up to 25 full-slips. I'm putting the "doesn't have to be a premium/doesn't have to contain a steelbook" to the test...
  11. As someone who doesn't want three copies of each movie plus a huge box, I'd like the option to buy individual editions (or a trilogy set of just one edition of each movie) instead of the whole thing. It'd be nice if that option would come from HDzeta, so the work of splitting up one-clicks doesn't fall to MP staff. If there's going to be a special pack for each movie, maybe it could come with the extra features discs, or perhaps scripts for each movie?
  12. Wow! I love this movie, and I totally assumed this was quietly canceled long ago! Can't wait to see what it looks like!

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