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  1. Just checked my tracking and it's on way to the post office depot. I must admit i thought we would have to wait till the New Year. So that was a nice surprise.
  2. Should be number 8 for all, i believe. 1, Blade Runner 2, Wonder Woman 3, Ready Player One 4, Mad Max 5, 2001 Space Odyssey 6, Goodfellas 7, V for Vendetta.
  3. @Benoit46 I am signed up for a Lenticular Shaw, but would like to upgrade to a boxset. What is the best way to do this, if it's still possible?
  4. Just checked my tracking and it is in transit and on it's way to Coventry. My tracking was from 24th September so looks good for some movement on orders to UK. Maybe get by the end of the week, looking forward to getting this.
  5. Just let me know if any spare copies going, i would gladly take one. Will keep an eye on classifieds section.
  6. @goose_3387 big thanks for updating my banner mate, it looks superb. Awesome to now be in the Platinum Psycho club.
  7. @Masterblaster I would like to renew my membership with Platinum but says $60 for 6 months membership is that correct?
  8. That looks superb, really nice job HDZeta one of the best looking Lenticular editions i've seen, great images used. 👊
  9. I can vouch for that, i received my old box number for HDZeta Bumblebee which was a lovely surprise. So big thanks for that Dave. 👍
  10. Got my copy delivered today and was surprised to see the spine was characters and not a title. 😡 Not a big fan of the character spine thought they had stopped that. Strange as pictures on Zavvi show a title.

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