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  1. Quite a limited print run.. I hope MP are able to secure enough one clicks lol.. Not sure what the chances are if I'm 42nd on the list..
  2. @larson1977 Of course you deserve some loyalty I'm just asking what would your take be if you were on the other side of the fence, and wanted Platinum, but found it to be a closed shop? To be honest mate there are no right or wrong answers.. All I'm saying is I can understand the people who desperately want platinum... And I can also understand those who will not give up their platinum (I mean why would they.. as you said you've invested so much money)..
  3. @xSNAKExPLISSKENx I sympathise and agree. I was in the same boat last year, in fact was even lower on the ladder. I was a regular member and was convinced I'll never be able to get Platinum in the membership round. I even suggested there should be some kind of annual rotation cycle to (a) still keep platinum exclusive and (b) everyone having a fair shot at enjoying platinum for a year Of course I realise this is very unfair to the Platinum members who have supported MP for a whole year, but if all of them renewed their membership, no one else ever gets the chance and it becomes a closed club. Luckily I was able to secure Platinum , and have enjoyed this membership immensly. It would be very difficult to give up, and I totally get why existing platinum members would be up in arms, but I still believe some kind of rotation wouldn't be a bad thing (to give everyone a chance). It will never happen though lol
  4. Soon we'll be needing tiered memberships for @BobaFett1974 steelbooks 😉
  5. Loving Marriage Story just arrived..
  6. Thanks @DodgyDave I have signed up for the GB, as I didn't want to miss out (given the new tiered system of FAC GBs) I joined the GB hoping it's WEA and also I do like their Maniacs boxes in general, because each edition typically has a different set of extras (Spiderman Homecoming, FFH, BR2049, T2 etc) So I think for one's personal favourites, a maniacs box is a good OC to have Just hoping it's WEA, but FAC have been quite shite recently (in terms of not giving a sod about their customers) so it wouldn't surprise me if this was WWA
  7. Thanks @extantsrevenge so it seems to be WWA, I've seen that SB before, but looks rather odd with WWA on a Maniacs box release. Confused 🤔
  8. @extantsrevenge and @DodgyDave If its Maniacs box, is it WEA then? Many thanks
  9. Yep, our friend @deckard99 is "off world" most of the time 😜
  10. Hi Nils I am tempted, but which edition should I go for? Honest recommendation : pros and cons..?? You're probably going to say go for the OC lol.. But if I was to choose a single edition, keen to get your thoughts.. (SB seems to be the same on both)..
  11. The guy has even got Curious Case of Benjamin button 🤔 I haven't even seen an invoice for that yrt Come on MP, get a move on lol.. This guy is a serious legend!
  12. @Intentcoin On your point about Alita, are you saying previous releases were better than the OAB? Just interested in your thoughts.. Cheers buddy
  13. I wish they had done Butch and Sundance, also starring these two
  14. I see your point about different artwork. But for me a lenticular full slip just doesn't sit well for this type of film. I mean lenticular do well with MCU,DC and Sci fi or action films for example, but for a film like this, I personally think FS is better.. - that said I do like the artwork on the lenticular They should have flipped the artwork around. The edition 2 artwork should have been the FS. That would have been the best.

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