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  1. @Robertm89 Legend 👍 Thanks for being pro active and flagging You could mention to them on your chat that loads of members are up in arms lol
  2. Haha no problem. I hope you liked the different steelbooks..
  3. Finally, this beautiful item by @ksosk The BR2049 special badge, made by MP Luckily I got no: 19, which coincides with 2019 (the year the original blade runner was set).
  4. HMV exclusive Full slip edition with beautiful art cards
  5. Hdzeta DL And coincidentally, I saw a steelbook which perfectly matched the cover art for both front and back
  6. Next up, Hdz single lenti. Beautifully made And the best steelbook for BR2049 in my opinion , the Mondeo steelbook
  7. Bonus steelbook I placed inside the Maniacs box The exclusive Japanese steelbook which came with the BR2049 gun edition
  8. Edition 2 FAC - DL Retained the FAC WEA steelbook to go with it
  9. Edition 1 FAC, I modified the boxset with different steelbooks to match the slip art Full slip front and back And matching steelbook theme
  10. I thought I'd carry on with the Blade Runner theme BR2049 was a brilliant follow up from Denis Vileneuve It definitely added to the world, with the same chilling and haunting atmosphere of the first The fact that it added many dimensions philosophically was some achievement It's a shame it didn't do well at the box office, but same was the case with the original blade runner BR2049 was a critic's favourite, I'm sure it will (if it hasn't already) go on to achieving cult status Special mention to Jared Leto who I thought was quite brilliant in the film as the follow up pratagonist to Tyrel Enjoy the steels

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