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  1. I think for me it must be: Boxset: HDzeta Interstellar Single: T2 Japanese v2.0
  2. As above So below..... IMO the most expensive insult for premium steelbook collectors
  3. Received my Maniac box and loose editions too and I MUST admit the wait was totally worth it! IMO the maniac box incl all goodies is THE BEST premium edition out there. Man, even the goodies and their packaging (mug and shirt) are top notch. I find myself in a love-hate relationship with FA bit this time they did deliver big tim. THANKS FA!!!
  4. Again FAC thinks we're just stupid customers..... another 10 days to get their stop using inappropriate language sorted. Cant help to start think they just fool us
  5. You're welcome buddy. Feedback would be nice......
  6. Oh boy.... did I ever expect to say this out loud...? I think I am.... Manta is now officially my number one retailer (still next to hdzeta ) Mantas boxes are top notch with every time a little -or sometimes a big suprise Beautiful....😍
  7. Only At Blufans. It sounds WEA/premium but it's always a WWA steel in a fantastic WEA slip from Blufans
  8. @raylight Am I correct when I state that the print and embossing are not really aligned for approx 2mm? It definitely looks that way to me
  9. Sorry to tell you both..... But for me he did (disappoint), Denzel; It's time to quit like Bruce Willis should

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