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  1. I joined the Zavvi GB for this. What's the chance to be able to get the slip edition? If someone is willing to help, I will be very grateful
  2. What is the definition of 'considered released'? How long after this 'considered released' release are they going to be shipped?
  3. Hi welcome to this great community 👍 if you need any help just shout out to me* *Je kan me altijd een berichtje sturen als je hulp nodig hebt
  4. I know only one Dutch person who owns the OC box set and that's me 😂 Not for sale though, sorry....
  5. Shirt is hilarious overall, nice collectors edition. Must have, mew.... But it IS Forrest Gump
  6. You're exactly making / duplicating my point They ALL stuck us up with incomplete franchises, trilogies, quadruples etc. All of them... Where does it all come to? Sorry, got excited thats why I stand with Mr. Scorsese; Marvel ain't cinema.... IMO
  7. Novamedia Kimchidvd FAC WeET Manta Lab Blufans / Blufanatics They all did or are doing it
  8. Exactly this.... I refused some titles because I'm not willing to pay hundreds (like Mission Impossible multiple releases) to be guaranteed of a Gremlins release for example. I want good titles in a great slip, not a "well these Marvel fanboys buy everything as long as we throw it out there" shite release like all retailers do these days, only HDzeta has the balls to go DC Why even bother to buy mission impossible for all that money while they not even released the first 3 originals?
  9. Sorry, but not true. You just have to inform them in time if you want it or not. If you don't do that (a couple times), you'll lose your #. I don't buy every release but I have the decency to inform them when I want to pass
  10. My opinion also, no single edition is worth that but that's not bothering a lot of "collector for collectors - $alesmen". Some if them are members who even dare to complain about other sales
  11. Received my OC Box set and this set is amazing! Manta Lab is giving HDzeta a hard time with their releases. HDzeta is still my number one but ML is starting to get shared 1st place
  12. Received my OC Box Set and I'm in awe, set is amazing.... But then I opened the box with the 'Once Upon...', OMG!!! THANKS MP for making this happen 👌

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