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  1. So this means people are able to sell this unnecessary release for a good buck ;) Come on FA, it's just Toooooooo late....
  2. Awesome collection you got there! that FAC T2 Maniac box is just amazing 🤙
  3. Very good deal imo. And YES, jou could easily sell some of them for a good price
  4. This (!) The 'Schindler' is forgivable but the Gum-mistake is just weird nice to hear UC is willing to correct their mistakes. Thanks for the update @ksosk
  5. Hi @ksosk I forwarded Deeii his edition to him and I'm sure there were none in the box. I ordered also 2 so in total we were missing 3 sets of art cards
  6. Thanks! Those are some great pics Can't wait to have mine in hand
  7. Another f@€k up from UC. After Forrest Gum and now this, makes you think if these are worth collecting. @ksosk did UC told you how these faults can happen? Any serious QC will catch these mistakes imo
  8. Maybe you can post some pics like you did on the other website? You bought it here so would be nice to share pics here also
  9. Hi @ksosk Any idea when this beauty will arrive in Europe?

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