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  1. Don't believe the hype.... it can take up to 3 years. I believe they're still working on Dirty Dancing and Shawshank Redemption This EverythingBlue release is just amazing. The art and extras are top notch. The edition 'To have' imho
  2. And my list: - True Lies - True Lies - True Lies - True Lies - True Lies - True Lies And also worth mentioning: - TRUE LIES.... Come on James, you promised us a Bluray 2019 release for this !!!
  3. So excited that I got a hold of one Awesome package for an amazing movie
  4. That would be great if that's the case ! Blufans OAB can then focus on good movies and I am able to tell myself it's worth buying them. SW, Marvel and DC are well (over-)covered already by money cow companies IMHO
  5. They officially did now with their new line like FA did with BB. Marvel MONEY COW all the way 🤢🤮
  6. I totally agree and even better... the delivered a spot on edition for part 1, only had to add the disc I already had
  7. In Germany there was a time they converted almost every movie in 3D. Don't try to buy it because the quality of those 3D movies is very, very poor. They're the same quality as letting your television do the conversion
  8. larson1977

    The Boys

    Finished season one yesterday evening and I'm a big fan! Original, violent, humor, great acting and.... Karl 🤙 Highly Recommended.

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