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  1. Hi, Does anybody know how many different Hollow cut types BF released with this release?
  2. Hi @ksosk Would you have any interior shots. I’m curious to see if HDZ did something special.
  3. Hi, Would anybody know if this is truly region free as it states thru the amazon feed? The reason I ask is I was told this morning that it was region B from a sublet in UK. Thanks
  4. Hi @Masterblaster, Thanks. No worries on time whenever is fine I know you guys are busy. I’ve also got a FAC Editable Excel Spreadsheet almost done as well. I can email it to whoever is able to pin it if they’d like. Hope it helps It’s made my collecting real manageable.
  5. Hi I was making a spreadsheet using this list but the format changed a little #1-#11 had the print run for each Edition as well as format type. I was wondering if I can get a little help since I don't own all editions. I will upload my spreadsheet once I'm done if somebody wants to pin with this thread for the community to use. Sorry if Im asking for too much but Thanks.
  6. Hi, Would anybody know the print run and format type for each edition. Sorry guys Im making a spreadsheet. Thanks
  7. Hi @PRIAPISM, Would you know the Released Print Run for this 4k release. I'm making an excel spreadsheet and the info would really help. Thank you.
  8. Hi MP, My little collection. Minus the new stuff and the shoe boxes. ?
  9. Wow. That's news to me. I had it for a while and never even noticed. Cool ? . A real BE Exclusive.

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