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  1. THE ROCK!! Hell yes! This is a great lineup! They have released some great editions so far and I see some truly fantastic things in their future. To the whole Media Psychos team that orchestrated this partnership: Thank You! and Well Done!
  2. I like this analogy. I started off not opening anything but I now open most of the editions I get. For me, I am collecting these for love of the movies and appreciation for the people who put so much effort into all the small details of creating everything inside these collectors pieces, not just the boxes they sit in. And they do it because they love the movies as well! It began to feel almost disrespectful not to open them and appreciate what these teams had created. Like any of us - if we had never left the womb we would have never really reached our full potential.
  3. Agreed! MAG has put out some great products so far. Knowing that they are focusing on smaller films that don't get the attention they deserve, would LOVE to see films like The Crow, The Man from Nowhere, The Guest, Big Trouble in Little China, or Cabin in the Woods (imagine the character cards and weird/unique trinkets they could make from the last two)!
  4. Two new arrivals from MAG! Anaconda came in Friday and Das Boot on Tuesday. A big thanks to all the members who encouraged me to join these group buys when I was a little wary of a new company and some unconventional films. The quality here is amazing. I am extremely impressed. The depth of the lenticular and the velvet box feel of Das Boot, and the embossing and glossy finishes on the Anaconda box and slips are all extremely well done. These pictures don't do them justice (I was having a hard time getting away from glares). I am very excited for the Last Action Hero release. Members who may
  5. Congrats @ThereIsNoooSpoon, @Conjuring88, and all the other Gold members that snagged their Platinum and then went straight to bed because they were up all night!! Glad to support this place and it's members as much as possible!
  6. I certainly can't say for sure - just waiting with bated breath for gold to get the go-ahead. If I had to guess though, there are probably some platinum members who said they were going to re-up when they pre-aligned with the admins a couple weeks ago that still have not pressed the purchase button (whether they are out of town on vacation or work or maybe have something else going on that is keeping them from being in the loop right now). Until they do, they can't open things up to gold because the gold members would definitely snatch up those left over platinum's. I u
  7. Not exactly. So, as far as I understand things, there are a set number of memberships available at each level. Once John has set everything up, these memberships will be posted on the store for purchase. The opportunity to buy a buy a membership will be opened up by current membership level. So, Platinum members will be notified first and have the opportunity to go into the store and renew (buy) their membership or not. After a certain period of time, current Gold members will be notified and have the opportunity to go in to the store and either renew their Gold status or upgrade to a Platinum
  8. notdan

    Anime Collection

    Hey Team, Need some help. My brother is a big anime fan and my knowledge of the genre is EXTREMELY limited. I would like to find him some premium or special editions of some of his favorite shows since he loves to look at my premiums when he visits but just doesn't want to spend the time or money that this hobby can require. I think he would really dig them as gifts. Below is a list of some of the series he likes that I have made notes of from talking to him (sorry if it is a little long). Are there premium companies that specialize or lean more toward anime? And does anyone have
  9. Hey @R1s1ngs0n I know I am late to this party but I was wondering if this is really still open or if there are any available? The group by is still open but it looks like people have already started to receive theirs so I wasn't sure if it was too late to jump on...
  10. Nova 1917 and UHD Blade Runner on the same day!! And the invoice for Kimchi Knives Out just hit after being postponed! Hell of a way to end the week! We are in the beginning of March and the pic below is my 2021 so far. 2021 is quickly becoming my best collecting year and worst budgeting year so far! Nothing beats getting one of these in hand. Glad I can be a part of a community that enjoys the craziness as much me.
  11. Has anyone found a good size protector to use with the these one-clicks? Looks like you can find some out there that are made for the FilmArena maniac additions and would be a little big. That is the only thing I have found that may work though. Anyone found a better solution to protect these once they are opened?
  12. Has FAC said if they are doing a hardbox with the purchase of both editions?
  13. Wow. That...um...probly should not have been so difficult for me... @Intentcoin @Veum Appreciate you both!
  14. Does WeET have a website? I have searched for it 20 different ways and can't find anything...

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