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  1. That works for me too haha. Very exciting for the MP team to have this exclusive opportunity, and equally exciting for the members who participate. Eager to see what will be revealed - partial to a bit of sci-fi 😊
  2. Many thanks to the MP family for the birthday wishes - hope to enjoy a steak out with the family and couple of good films this weekend, that’s my idea of a good time. @Daren and @hawkfan13 happy birthday to you both. And remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed!
  3. Thank you sir, agree with your points, particularly about the fact that it could mean less people getting involved in the wider community and activities (in turn, contributing less) as they may only look at that ‘open GB’ thread.
  4. Just a quick thought as this has pained me in the past (and so let me know if this has already been solved for!) It would be awesome if there was a place I could go to in order to see all open GB’s, as opposed to having to go retailer by retailer. This is more painful when I’m trying to find older GB’s that are still open but won’t come to fruition for a little while. When you go to the retailer’s link, you would have to trawl through all the closed GB’s and perhaps eventually find those older open GB’s. This would also be helpful in situations where you can’t remember which retail
  5. I’m Scottish too mind 😂 Will be back for the holidays, can’t wait 😁 Won’t be on the Buckie tho…!
  6. Sort of like asking, ‘will I like spaghetti’ to a group of people 😂 Everyone will have their own opinion but generally most people who appreciate Spike/Joaquin/Sci-fi tend to enjoy it. If I’m on the fence about a blind buy I tend to rifle through IMDb reviews without spoilers to get a sense of if it’ll be my taste, or just stream it first and then jump into the GB if I like it.
  7. Think you must’ve had a bit too much Buckfast this evening sir 😂
  8. Share the same sentiment - thought I’d have liked it more than I did. I watched it long after it came out though by which point it had been hyped up. Think I might still go for this though and see if my appreciation increases after I get and watch it again. Love the art!
  9. Love the DL and I do like the OC art, but I wish Roy was a major feature on at least one edition. Other thing that’s bugging me is that I had a custom made not long ago with the exact same front artwork as this steelbook! Oh well, this is a must-have for me as one my top 5 films.
  10. I never thought I’d go ‘backwards’ into DVD’s after selling/donating 99% of my collection a few years back but as I get deeper into certain genres (especially Asian cinema), I’ve discovered loads that haven’t been released on blu ray (see Sion Sono for example). Some of those DVD’s are fetching $80-100 on eBay! I’ve spent $30 a few times on rarer DVD’s where there’s no sign of a blu ray but won’t go much higher than that. I tend to only get 4K for films that I think will be noticeably better (films >15 years old as a rule of thumb). Love it when it’s a classic that gets the 4K t
  11. Ahh ok that makes it clearer why there’s a lot of excitement around these (I wasn’t familiar hence my confusion). Fingers crossed the fans get what they hope for!
  12. Hey guys, my understanding is that these two Long Halloween movies haven’t been released but fans seem to be super excited about these releases. Is there something that makes it likely that these will be a big hit and not complete flops? It’s a genuine question as I’ve rarely seen people excited for a steelbook for a film they’ve never seen 🤔

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