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  1. Nice one Ann, I have this on my list and is one of those where you go against the grain and with your gut that you’ll like it since it gets a terrible score on IMDb. I like Liam Cunningham, looking forward to this!
  2. Hey @RAK I’m seeing it used on eBay for $4-5 for both region 1 and 2 versions. Unless you need it brand new..? Great film, haven’t seen it for years though!
  3. Great film! Managed to catch this at a small independent cinema when it came out. Did you enjoy it?
  4. Nice initiative Roland and very kind of you - I just liked/subscribed/commented on the video. Cheers, Rory
  5. I was about to post on here asking folks for comparisons to other films and general opinions as I was undecided on joining the GB! But then spotted the trailer from my friend @Veum which tipped me over the edge 😊 Not sure why it has the low rating online, looks intense! Thanks @Veumand merry Christmas all!
  6. Haven’t heard of this one, will need to check it out! What was your rating /10, Mike?
  7. Thanks so much for the message @Grendel appreciate it! Had no idea about the anime thread so thanks for telling me, I’ll join that now 😊 I’ll make sure to post a pic soon of my collection!
  8. Attack on Titan - finally got around to getting stuck into this and enjoying it so far! Some anime I get really engaged in while others I really can't get into, but so far I'm enjoying it (3 episodes in so still early). Dialogue isn't cheesy, animation is pretty solid (the titans are pretty eery) and the story moves along quickly with each episode being under 30 minutes. I'm late to the party on this series but if you're even more tardy than me, I recommend it!
  9. Love it! I like your assessment Ann 😊 I got the trilogy in the steel tin recently, but not sure whether I like it (I thought it was going to be a steelbook!). Gonna order the French steel of the first Mad Max (yellow one), it’s lovely.
  10. How bizarre, I bust out the Home Alone 4K steel and watched it last night too! Was awesome to have all the grain removed and the colors popping
  11. Never saw this when it first came out and recently got my copy of the Titans of Cult steelbook - definitely looking forward to it; thanks for taking the time to post!
  12. Hi fellow MP’s! First post on this thread but felt I should start doing it now and again as sometimes I watch these awesome movies and no one I know personally has the same interest and so end up just keeping my thoughts to myself 😂😂 I’ve built up an enormous collection over the last 4 years and can’t wait to get through all of them (I’ve barely scratched the surface!). Just in the period of the pandemic I picked up over 800 films, and I’m now trying to spend less time researching and more watching! I do find it very addictive/exciting getting into rabbit holes and finding
  13. Why thank you partner @CAYENNE-FAHRER
  14. Many thanks friend @extantsrevenge!

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