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  1. I thought I put myself down for the GBs, just checked and I didn't. Oh well. As colourful and as vibrant the artwork looks, I'm not sure why they all look streaky. Like its the actual finish of the metal or undercoat or something. It's plagued a lot of steels recently IMO, namely Cap Marvel by WEET, and their Infinity and Endgames. It doesn't look like it will go away
  2. I've gone the fullslip cos I love all of manta's fullslips, but I like the other slip arts better
  3. I'm not English either, I'm Scouse
  4. my favourite movie in the past 12 months, I need the OC
  5. Got to be honest, I did not enjoy this movie at all. If I need a release, I'll probably just go WWA
  6. Received this and my Parasite Korean copies from the MP GBs last Thursday. I've opened them both and they're both great! Thanks all involved
  7. Received this and my Avengers Endgame WEET copies from the MP GBs last Thursday. I've opened them both and they're both great! Thanks all involved
  8. Received my FS from the direct GB on Saturday. Yet to open it, but thanks for the GB guys
  9. still to get mine from the direct GB, anyone else waiting? thanks
  10. I opened my fullslip last night (received direct shipping from GB here, thanks for the GB, awesome as always!) I think this release is perfect, only thing I'd maybe change is remove the "so cute" line from the back of the slip (and put the credits on the inside of the steel, not sure why sometimes WB releases have them on the inside and some on the outside). The front of the steel is insanely good, vibrant colours and a nice debossing and a clean gloss finish. The slip has great details in the flat green background. ❤️
  11. @mjk he looks a bit yellow, but probably a bit more exaggerated in the dim lit room. I really like it. The steel is amazing, looks great next to inglourious basterds ☺️
  12. Received mine from the GB today, awesome stuff guys. Thanks for the GB!
  13. @deckard99 or @icewire could I please change my GB request from Lenti B1 to Fullslip A1? I am number 75 on main list and 36 on B1 list. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

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