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  1. Kick-A** (Can't believe the title got the "stop using inappropriate language" message, haha.)
  2. Ok so, probably looking at getting something printed at some point. Probably out of fabric or faux leather in a thick cardboard. Problem is, one offs cost a fortune (at least £50 from quotes), so if I ever did print I'd have to do a batch and hopefully sell them and put profits towards charity... anyway... Drive - spot UV Possibly a tagline on the top or below the scorpion from:- Some Heroes Are Real There Are No Clean Getaways Get in. Get out. Get away.
  3. Looks great, think I'd prefer the art on the single and special pack swapping around, but will be happy with that
  4. Doesn't look like many went for this? I like it, I think I'm in the minority here.
  5. Loving the look of all of these editions. A few have said how dark the steel looks, but it looks just like the posters and that's all I care about. I'm sure the steel will look better in person, as always. Photos never seem to do them justice
  6. Where's my OC are there any tracking numbers? No rush guys, just wondering. Thanks!
  7. The titleless pic? That is a photoshop nightmare, always hated that image. I'll go single lenti, but would be happy with any of them to be honest.
  8. In order, these are single lenti, special pack, double lenti. Someone update the GB so I can get my choice in
  9. Has the 2nd artwork, the one FilmArena are using, been confirmed for OAB? I love that art, shame there's no title on the front though
  10. Is this the buying format for all blufans from now on, Platinum, Gold, Silver then regular members?
  11. I agree, I'd like a big Thanos on the back. IMO it was a movie mainly about him and he stole the show. The rear at the moment is very cluttered, but I can forgive that as the front is perfect. Interesting you should mention that poster, thats the art for the Target digibook I actually wanted that for the steel, but I'm still very happy with it
  12. No thank you, I prefer smaller ones. I also can't afford Hot Toys with my steelbook addiction
  13. Would have loved to have received this by the weekend so I could get it signed by Jason Mamoa and Ray Fisher at London Film and Comic Con, oh well. I know it's out of your guys control. Really looking forward to getting my hands on it and watching the movie again anyway ?

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