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  1. It’s supposedly to be the same concept as Bohemian Rhapsody so yes, this one should be correct. 😬😬 Also Yes. I hope I can make this one my second OAB. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  2. Yeah mi Hermano!! It’s been super fun to be Honest!! Thanks you @cypheria078!! You’ve done an amazing work!!... Super Super Fun!! 😃😃😉😉
  3. Thanks Brother!!! You’ve been The King all year so you might remain that!! 😎😎😉 The final games will be epic!! Wish you all the best guys!!!! 😃😃😉😉
  4. Hey guys!! I just received Akame Ga Kill Steelbook... It looks beautiful!! It's always very hard for me to get good pictures of the "Effects" Steelbooks have when moving them around light... This one looks very very nice!! The Backside really shines with Esdeath and Emperors Teigu... I was totally worth it to wait for a Discount and get this beauty!!... Very good Anime... Really Liked it... I read somewhere they might release a second part... Hope they do!!... Or at least Akame Zero anime...
  5. Hey guys!! These are my latest receptions... I still haven't that much time to open these and other before these... Also got my New and Beautiful Media Psychos Exclusive Gloves and WOW!!!... These are amazing guys!!!... Very very very Nice!!! If you haven't got them yet what are you waiting for!!??... Just Order these Beauties!!!...
  6. It just doesn't matter if you are or aren't a Tiered Member right now... The only thing that matters is IF YOU ARE A TIERED MEMBER WHEN THE GB CLOSES. That could be in 6 months... 12 months... 3 Months... Nobody know yet.
  7. I just checked scores... I left out 4 precious points... 😖😖
  8. Happy Sunday MP Family!!!... I wish you the best this week!! 😃😃😉😉
  9. Fantastic!!! Thank you very very much Brother!!... I’m ready!!!... 😃😃😃😃

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