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  1. Hey man!! Welcome to the Forum!!... That would be Our Classifieds section, but right now it's under maintanance... What you will have to do is post a "Wanted" ad in that seccion once it gets open.
  2. Hey brother!!... Feel yourself at home!!... If you have any question just tag us and we will be there for you!!...
  3. Feel yourself at home Brother!!... If you have any question just tag us and will be there for you!!...
  4. Feel yourself at home Brother!!... If you have any question just tag us and will be there for you!!...
  5. Thanks for the kind words man and I hope the best for you relative... My truly best wishes Hermano!! Thanks Sis for your kind words... You’re always kind and awesome!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thank you Brother for your kind words... And yes... We all must keep taking care of ourselves and our loved ones... Please guys!! Follow all Covid Protocols... Take care MP Family!!! We want you here with us and we want you all and your families healthy!!!
  6. I havent signed on this one as I already have tons of invoices pending... But please @ksosk let us know before this GB closes... Thanks guys!! It definitely looks beautiful!!...
  7. Hey brother!!... To be honest... Not that good at this moment... I just got news that another really good friend just died from Covid... 😩😩😭😭😪 I’m sorry brother but this Covid stop using inappropriate language is getting us crazy... Guuuuysss!!... Take care of you and your loved one!!! THIS stop using inappropriate language OF DISEASE KEEPS GOING...
  8. I will help you... Sell those lentis and get a One Click!!! Thank me later... 😎😏😏🤭
  9. Really!!?? How can you fall asleep when this beautiful woman is onscreen!!??... 😱😱😱 No Spoilers please. Haven’t seen the movie. 😅
  10. Oh yeah!! I have it too.... 🤭🤭 It’s beautiful... 😬😬

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