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  1. I saw your requests buddy!!... @kewet I think you'll like this place!!... Also you could share some pics of your Anime Collection!! Welcome to our little Anime Corner here in MP.
  2. Sorry guys... We haven't received it from Manta Lab. This happens sometimes. I'll let you know as soon as we get something from ML.
  3. You are Platinum Member so you have Platinum number... You'll get matching numbers...
  4. It's just a possibility at this point. Remember, Silver Label has waaaaay less copies. This is Gold Label, Bigger print run, bigger allocation. Just remember, IF you are a Platinum/Gold Member, you have better chances waiting than a Regular member waiting. This doesn't mean it's a sure thing. You know anything can happen, IF tons and tons of Regular members sign up, we may close the GB and tier members wont even have a chance. There are a lot of things that can happen. You guys are responsible for signing up or wait. I already signed up, but if I wanted to wait, I would
  5. Actually I messed up on my answer... I thought this was the Gold Label thread... @cgbaxia It's a big possibility this one (Silver Label) is next. Or maybe WW84, who knows?. After these 2, I think we could get BvS or ZSJL. Again, this is just my guess. Not official at all.
  6. I think he’ll be happy… He loves when a retailer actually have QC on their process. 🤓🤓
  7. Exactly this. They learned from that mistake and improved from there on. It seems ML also learned from Joker as the latest releases have been great. Hope the rest do the same. 😉😉

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