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  1. I received my 300 HDZ OC too!!… Beautiful and amazing Lentibox!!… 😍😍😍 As soon as I open this one I’ll share some detailed pics!!… 🤓🤓😉 By the way, I might share some pics of my entire Gold Label collection as I haven’t take any pics of those… 😬😬
  2. I'm sooo sad they didn't released this one the same way they released the Resident Evil 4K Collection... 😭 I looooved those "digipacks"...
  3. Pretty accurate picture… That’s us receiving this edition… 😎😎😏
  4. Maaaan!!... Looks beautiful in hand... Amazing effects... Thanks buddy... Those are still available on Best Buy... Even a guy at Target told me that they expect to be restock there too...
  5. First package received from that Target Sale… S1 and S3 were OOS so couldn’t get it, but added Perfect Blue and Your Name. 🤓🤓 Package 2 should arrive tomorrow… 😬😬
  6. That is Beautiful!!!... Congrats buddy!!... I wouldn't say it's complete tho... The WeET Exclusive line has 2 FS on all their non-spidey releases... And those you're missing are truly beautiful... Anyways... Amazing Job on the WeET Collection line!!... 😎😎
  7. I just checked and actually you won this Match Week with 18 points!!... You are the King for these couple Weeks!!... Anyways... This is my first time in First Place!!!...
  8. Did we?? I need to check that out.. Been super busy at work and hat I haven’t had any time to watch… 😅😅
  9. First of all... Congratulations!!!!... There's nothing more important than family!!!... Enjoy every single moment!!!... And second... Amazing and Beautiful Editions man!!... Keep it going!! Wish you the best always!!
  10. Maaan… Remember the Target Sale I tagged you?? There was a ton of those steels… I think it can be done through our General BestBuy GB.
  11. You could request to make an order on the General Best Buy GB... I think it can be done...

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