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  1. My OC arrived a few days ago and it’s a beauty! Huge thank you to the MP team for the GB and allowing me to get my very first OC!
  2. Forgot to post some photos but my A1 slip arrived a few days ago. Huge thank you to the MP team for the GB!
  3. Me personally I wasn't a fan of Sicario or Arrival. Given them both a few rewatches but they just didn't do it for me. Prisoners & BR2049 however I thought were amazing. I feel as though Prisoners is a highly underrated movie which should be talked about more as well as it needing a WEA release.
  4. Never seen the original but might check it out. I have some hope for this film as it comes from Denis Villeneuve who has made 2 of my favourite movies first being Prisoners and second being Blade Runner 2049.
  5. Oh I see what the problem is, as of right now in the UK we are not in GMT we are still in BST.
  6. From what I’ve read from the previous replies it sold out with a minute or two from when it went up.
  7. Hahaha at one point I was contemplating on getting that NovaMedia full slip because it looks pretty nice. I really want the GOTG 1 Blufans DL but can never find it for a reasonable price. I pray that WeET come around and do something for GOTG 1.
  8. Probably won’t do Iron Man 1 & Winter Soldier as they already done that while they were working with Kimchi.

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