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  1. Damn now that I'm seeing this I kind of wish I also entered for Spider-Man 3 Fullslip and not just Spider-Man 1/2 Fullslip.
  2. Damn this hardbox looks pretty boring when its side by side the Infinity War hardbox. However the fullslip looks nice and wouldn't mind picking it up if I ever come across it
  3. What do you think of the quality of the fullslip edition? From the photo it looks different compared to any previously released Filmarena releases. I already own the WeET Infinity War Fullslip A1 but wouldn't mind picking this up as it's my favourite poster for this film.
  4. Oh damn so it’s OC’s first so I should be expecting mine soon. I guess it’s time to see what these OC invoices are like as this is my very first OC purchase.
  5. Thank you for the kind words, Now those are some hard questions, which is my favourite film out of my collection it will be between The Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club and Reservoir Dogs. which is my favourite cover out of my collection it’ll be Infinity War (That fullslip is just amazing), Rogue One (Blufans), Wind River and Fight Club (Love the simplicity of the design)
  6. It’s roughly been about a year since I started collecting movie steelbook’s, before that I was mainly a video game steelbook collector. This is my collection so far
  7. What’s up Psychos I thought I’d start my own little section where I can showcase my very own collection.
  8. I just literally found out about this place so I might as well post what I received yesterday. I present to you Fight Club by Black Barons, I’ve been after this for a while so as soon as I saw it appear I just had to pull the trigger.
  9. Ok now I think I might need to hold off on any other GB which takes place after this, I’m already in for the WeET Spider Man, WeET Thor Ragnarok and now this. It’s like Christmas for me.
  10. This would be awesome. Hope they make more copies then the Blade Runner 2049 which they recently released.

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