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  1. Received today! Thank you for such a wonderful addition to the collection. @Masterblaster special thanks for the excellent packaging. Everything came very quickly.
  2. @DodgyDave I would also like to join this GB, I hope that for the Golden members something will get.
  3. @extantsrevenge I don't know if I can claim this award, but I'll try.
  4. @extantsrevenge My HDZeta collection, hope I can get another award.
  5. While thinking, what the membership to take over platinum. It's okay, thanks for the gold.
  6. It's okay that later saw, but two awards at once. Thanks. I look forward to the new stages.
  7. Thank you, I'm still at the beginning, my collection is only three years old.
  8. This is a great place for collectors
  9. Thank you, I hope that with you my collection will become even better.
  10. Hi @extantsrevenge , hi together, Here is my submission for the Lenticular Edition Collector Award. Here are my favorite Blufans, HDZeta and FAC. The photo of the truth is a little more, but it's not terrible.
  11. Thanks, that's nice. Hope to get more for Blufans and HDZeta
  12. Hi @extantsrevenge , hi together, Here is a small part of my film Arena collection

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