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  1. @Robertm89when I started this, I also did not think that I would go this far.
  2. @Scary Hair Ann, my daughter loves this cartoon and its characters
  3. @Basil I certainly choose a home theater, that's obvious. I don't like a large crowd of people.
  4. Another addition to the collection. Everything was received in march. FilmArenaCollection #123 First Man #124 Schindler's List #125 Pet Sematary #126 Halloween And a very low number
  5. @extantsrevenge here's my submission for the DC Universe Award
  6. Received this week. Many thanks to the MP team, special thanks @Masterblaster and @thomue1987 HDZeta Silver Label - The Girl in the Spider's Web - Inseption FilmArena Collection #120 Alien - E1 E2 E3 Black Barons #21 Alita: Battle Angel E1 E2 Insert other media.url
  7. @extantsrevenge my application for the Black Baron award, I realized that I need 10 editions, I think this will be enough.
  8. Another package has been received. Many thanks to the entire MP team and a special thank you @thomue1987 👍
  9. Another parcel arrived: Fanatic Selection Exclusive #2 - Avengers: Endgame FAC #122 - Black Panther Many thanks to the MP team

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