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  1. @Admiral Thrawn US Dollar/ Euro? ?
  2. Hope everyone is liking the new logo and header. The red and black works well. I'm still open to suggestions if people think I can change it slightly. Going to start work on some holiday banners for @Masterblaster soon.
  3. Released on the 12th in the UK. 2 days early!
  4. @Admiral Thrawn Use the ones I made for you until I finish your new one. @Masterblaster
  5. I like the look of this. Looks like Chewie will get the screen time he deserves too and he looks great in those goggles!
  6. The film itself could be good however that trailer was very bizarre. It felt like two separate films. Shark looks good though.
  7. The Thor/Rocket & Groot mission is what I'm most excited to see. Apparently Thor features heavily so it should be OK in that department.
  8. Hope the 10 year hype is worth it. I can see this not exceeding all expectations after the first viewing. Although it could potentially blow us all away and be awesome!!!
  9. Still anticipating the trailer for this...

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