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  1. @Veum I never said you couldn't keep posting Shakira GIFs...👀😁
  2. @Masterblaster @extantsrevenge OK peeps, that's all the requests (thread and PM's) complete. There's 2 more requests that I will work on however these are for members with existing custom banners so they not a priority at the moment. I'm officially giving myself some time off from this thread. It's essentially been a part-time job for the past month... Exhausting! 😵 ✌️🦆
  3. @R1s1ngs0n Thanks. I did Google Hal but it never showed me anything like that. Should I be searching for something different? 🤔
  4. @MovieHead Hi bud. I've just got your PM. The problem with wanting to use these as Facebook covers is that my image is 500x150 pixels and the cover size is 820x312. Facebook will stretch the image and make it blurry. I'd have to make it from scratch at the correct size...😵
  5. @MovieHead Glad you like it. Sure, use it wherever. 😁👍

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