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  1. Thanks. 🤗 @Veum @R1s1ngs0n I'll update yours in the new template soon.
  2. @R1s1ngs0n @Veum Looks lighter on my screen for some reason. Should be as black as the others. 🙄
  3. @R1s1ngs0n Don't worry, I finally made one I'm happy with. 😎
  4. @Veum @R1s1ngs0n @extantsrevenge @Masterblaster Decided to make a standard template for the film strip. Not sure which one looks best? Best to make them all look the same. 👌 1. or 2. 🙄???
  5. Cool, that's great! I used the same template as @Limited Edition sig. It seems to work well for multiple image sigs. Fits in well with the theme of the forum too.
  6. @R1s1ngs0n Did do yes but just forgot to reply - been mega busy recently so not had my computer loaded up. Especially this time of year too, not in the house as much. ☀️😎🕶️
  7. @R1s1ngs0n Can't find my tag? 🤔
  8. @Sheikah Sure you don't want a Zelda Sig?! Look back through this thread at the amount of BR49 sigs I've made...🤪😅 😎

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