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  2. Not yet, but I also haven't had much time to dig around for artwork. Whoever thought stacking 40-some discs between two cases was a good idea is a freaking moron. I figure I'll go with seven of these kind of cases and hope I can find some art that fits, somewhere. Otherwise I'll just type up the show/season/episode info in Word and call it good enough. But god, how freaking chintzy. 🤣
  3. I have this same issue with my DS9/VOY DVDs and it's such a chore to get the right disc. Curious if you've had any luck finding a new packaging approach? ALSO—SNW's "Subspace Rhapsody" episode... anyone seen it yet? Absolutely blew me away.
  4. Yeah, exactly. The box set consists of two epic-sized DVD-sized cases holding 7 seasons worth of discs double-stacked across the hubs. I was thinking of going with slimmer, individual blu-ray cases, one for each season. Just wondering if anybody has any leads on some good art for each season. Google only gave me a few hits, so I thought I’d see if anybody here might have some suggestions.
  5. A lot of these big box sets have terrible packaging of the discs (wedged into tight cardboard slits or other easily scratched situations). Is that what you mean? If so, maybe a separate disc holder would be best.
  6. This is likely the wrong place to post this question, but what the heck… I recently, finally, got the TNG series box set and holy crap is that ever some truly awful packaging. Anybody have any luck putting together some custom Blu-Ray season sets for this show? I’m kinda kicking myself now for not just ordering the individual seasons instead…
  7. It would have been nice if Paramount would’ve at least given them a heads-up since DIS kicked off this current era of Trek, just as a courtesy. I guess we’ll just be grateful if it doesn’t all end up being another one of Riker’s holodeck simulations! 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Oh yeah. That's going to be epic. Perfect blacks and Dolby Vision? Chefs kiss. Enjoy! Excited to hear what you think of it. I am worried about this too. I can't imagine that most of the season will feel final, but I hope I'm wrong. It's a shame they're being robbed of a proper sendoff. This might be the last we see of this time period in Trek for quite some time, so it would've been great to have a proper season-long arc to close everything out.
  9. The new LG G3 77in. I’m so freaking excited! Going to be revisiting a lot of movies now that I can finally use my player’s Dolby Vision output.
  10. That's awesome! You're in for a treat—on both the episode, and the new OLED. Which one did you go for?
  11. I really hope the DIS crew were able to film a suitable send-off for this show following its unexpected cancellation. But I’m also hoping we at least get some guest appearances or (less likely) story arcs for Burnham and crew in the Starfleet Academy series.
  12. Haven’t watched it yet — I’m still a couple episodes behind on SNW. Jazzed to see it, though! We’re getting a new TV installed on Tuesday, my first OLED!!!!, so I’m trying to save some of the stuff I really want to see for then. So, soon!
  13. Anyone else check out that SNW / LD crossover episode? I loved it! Could've been a little longer imho.
  14. Well today just got even better, Paramount is dropping the Lower Decks / Strange New Worlds crossover episode "Those Old Scientists" early, at 6p EST! Been looking forward to this episode all season. Trailers for new LD & DIS look great too. Surprisingly fun clip released from DIS Season 5:
  15. Looks like Prodigy's now available for purchase from digital retailers, at least it's available again. I also see now that the Season 1, Part 2 BD listing has been removed for Amazon, wonder what that's all about.
  16. Yeah that's dumb there's no steelbook. The amaray spine doesn't match the other Trek TV releases either, mismatched spines always irk me. Lower Decks Season 3 already wrecked the uniformity though (not to mention Discovery's ever changing logo)
  17. Speaking of, why is Prodigy literally the only new show to not get a steel? That's total crap.
  18. I couldn't be less excited for the Starfleet Academy show, I totally agree. Discovery wasn't my favorite but they should've gotten a full send-off season. I wonder how Paramount is feeling about swinging the axe on Prodigy now that the strike is in full swing. Twenty almost-done episodes just sitting there... Made sure to snatch up Prodigy Season 1, Part 1 on Blu-ray right away, with Part 2 on pre-order. (Irrelevantly pictured: Station Eleven, which I've not seen but heard good things about)
  19. Given the way Paramount+ is going, I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath hoping for a LEGACY announcement once the writer’s strike is over then…
  20. If they were going to cancel anything, it should've been that upcoming Starfleet Academy show
  21. This is a tragedy. Prodigy is so good. I really hope they can find a home for Season 2... Why Paramount+ is going back on their "home of all things Trek" strategy is beyond me. I'm sure it's about money as always but come on...
  22. https://deadline.com/2023/06/grease-rise-of-the-pink-ladies-star-trek-prodigy-the-game-queen-of-the-universe-canceled-paramount-1235423451/ I am very very sad at this news, I love Prodigy!
  23. Just finished watching and got a little weepy at times, but I am a sentimental sucker. yes it was on the nose. Yes legacy looks to be mining some of that too. But still, I love this world, these characters and tropes and if Matales is involved I’d be VERY excited. Great stuff.
  24. Not yet - on a twitter - and this thread - blackout until I can watch later today/tonight. It is the Stanley Cup playoffs you know! Gary
  25. Nothing will ever top All Good Things, @InfiniteDoors. I remember after TNG ended going to see Generations on the big screen and leaving... well, not disappointed but certainly not impressed. Especially in comparison to that finale. As far as Legacy may be concerned, yeah, @BreakBeatDJ I can see where you're coming from there. If Matalas is involved, in such a would-be scenario, he's certainly earned my trust after this season. But I'm also not adverse to some of those callbacks and would kind of expect a few them given the timeline setting
  26. I can just imagine some Paramount exec behind the scenes reacting to the showrunner shake-ups and change in plans being like, "HAHA, we got you now, sucker!"

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