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  2. I just finished watching Season 2 last month or thereabouts, and Discovery Season 4 just a couple weeks ago. Strange New Worlds will be out soon, so I'm good for a little while. I'll have a pretty steady Trek stream to keep me satisfied for a bit.
  3. My hats off to you for waiting, you have more patience than I do! I get waiting though, especially with the news that Paramount+ is rebranding AGAIN... tough to compete with the Blu-ray presentations too. I can't quite bring myself to by the Season 2 Blu-ray yet, I'm sure the completist will win in the end though
  4. Yeah, season 1 and 2 were OK, but that's about all. Season 3 looks freaking terrific, though! Gonna have to wait until the Blu-ray set releases, though, just because I don't feel like subscribing to another streamer for a couple months. Maybe Paramount will fast-track those discs for me! 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Who's amped for Season 3 of Picard? Glad they're finally getting the TNG crew back together. I am hopeful this will be the season we've all wanted since the get go. I liked elements of Seasons 1 and 2, but it felt so mediocre overall.
  6. I'm gunna have to search that out. I love both those movies. Thanks.
  7. That's right! The Compendium finally puts all the Star Trek Into Darkness special features in one place. The original Into Darkness release was stilted in that some features were online exclusives, others were retailer exclusives, with no way of collecting them all. This set fixes that. The Star Trek (2009) discs are the exact same though (which I still watch regularly, because the 4K disc unfortunately has terrible encoding). The set is pretty spartan in terms of physical design, the big draw for me was that it's the first time the IMAX cut of Star Trek Into Darkness was available.
  8. I see you have the Compendium. That's the films and all the extras of the JJ Abrams films right? Does it add much to the individual releases? Am I getting it confused with a dif Compendium? Fantastic collection. I have the same issue with the Picards, the steelbooks look great, but in 2 years we may have some special box set.
  9. That is a crazy amount of BluRays and DVDs! And wow, I wish I could get some of my stuff signed, that's so neat. I too love "most" of the Star Trek franchise 🤣
  10. I'm liking it the most of all the new shows tbh. It's like "Baby's First Star Trek" with a dash of "Clone Wars", so there's a good balance of cute kid stuff, dark subject matter and classic Trek storytelling. Plus it has Kate Mulgrew back as Janeway, so that's a big win!
  11. 🥤🤠 @hansreinhardt Congrats on your very nice collection, enjoy as I also love “most” of the Star Trek franchise❣️ 🥳 🎉 👏
  12. Excited to share my collection here—Star Trek has it's own section in my lineup, and it's easily my favorite. I am behind on a few of the newer series, I don't have the latest seasons of Picard, Discovery, and Lower Decks. I'm sort of wondering if I should just wait for the inevitable box set of those. The Voyager and DS9 DVD's really blew me away too, they look so much better than their streaming counterparts. Also, my TNG films box set is signed by Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, and Michael Dorn. That was a fun convention day.
  13. How has Prodigy been? It's the only new Trek show I haven't watched, and I need me some more Trek!
  14. Hey hey hey, Prodigy is coming back tomorrow (USA time)! Watch it for that sweet sweet Janeway action!
  15. I hope it's a swan song and not a farce. I'll admit, Moriarty being there is interesting, but Lore finally showing up is weird. His time was Season 1, now it's too late imo. And if one of the TNG crew does die, it better not be Picard again. Or Troi, since she unceremoniously died in All Good Things for some cheap drama for Worf and Riker.
  16. If this trailer is anything to go by, Picard Season 3 looks to be the swan song the TNG crew were denied in the movies. I’m getting some big Wrath of Khan vibes here! 🤣 In the meantime, my season 2 set arrived a few days ago, just as I finished season 1. Now to find time to watch that before season 3 comes to Blu-ray.
  17. It's the lenticular magnet for the slip above, and thank you!
  18. @InfiniteDoors what is the lenticular in the lower left of the video? Nice collection.
  19. The finish on that artwork looks superb as well. Simple, but effective.
  20. Yes it is, I love that art! I was thinking of getting the BluFans, but I don't really care for most of the art tbh
  21. Oh, is that the FAC Star Trek: Beyond FS in the upper left corner? 😍 You're making me want to track one down.
  22. I was taking pics for the Psycho Challenge (which I recommend you all do if you haven't already), and decided to take pics of my Trek collection while I'm at it. I wish my shelf was wider, so I could have Enterprise be front facing, but sadly it's the only one without a box. 20220918_111502.mp4
  23. Ditto Picard Season 3 - I'm so glad they got the TNG crew back together. I just hope they get another proper sendoff, although I doubt it'll ever come close to "All Good Things..." If it can at least do better than Nemesis and give them the swan song their brief movie run denied them, I'll be happy. I'm probably in the minority of mostly liking Discovery from the get-go, but some of the characters still irk me. I do very much like the idea of where they're at now and having a bigger purpose, so hopefully S4 works out OK for me. SNW - I'm just excited to see the Enterprise back in action! 🤣
  24. I think Discovery has finally found its groove with Season 4, and SNW had the best start of all the new live action shows. And Picard, I'm looking forward to all the nostalgia in Season 3.

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