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  1. I like lots of C.ocktails and also hard stuff like Wodka, Gin, Jägermeister...
  2. I used to climb all kind of trees when I was younger. Today I would probably not even reach the first branch also I get funny looks when I try to climb them 😂
  3. Hmm the closest will probably be either Nova or Filmarena 😅 would like the Marvel Award but don't like every MCU movie so I won't get them 😂
  4. @extantsrevenge what is your most prized anime-themed collector's item?
  5. If you can't get her flowers, what little presents do you surprise your wife with?
  6. Congrats @bearlol! 🥳 The award for "I have nothing better to do" 😜
  7. @Hollywood E Rock what's your favorite flower? 😁
  8. I often go to a gamers convention but never dressed up 😂 hmm who would I be? 🤔 Either Corvo Attano from Dishonored Sylvanas Windrunner from WoW Or Lady Maria from Bloodborne
  9. Don't know any of them but expressionwise they could be @Veum, @R1s1ngs0n, @thomue1987 and maybe @RAK
  10. I swear to all that I just had luck!
  11. I am totally not confident but pretend that I am and say Maurice Micklewhite
  12. Most hours are wasted away in World of Warcraft
  13. Bonjour tout le monde! C'est mon premier jour de "vacances" et il fait si beau dehors. Et pour notre calendrier, c'est le mois de février:
  14. Good morning everyone! Hope you have a relaxed day and that your weather is as sunny as ours. And the february is now online

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