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  1. Trianna

    Dies und Das

    Ich werd auch kribbelig, aber nur weil ich es noch nicht hier habe!
  2. Trianna

    Dies und Das

    Glückwunsch! 🥳 obwohl ich nicht weiß, ob das wirklich was zum feiern ist
  3. Good friday morning, party people! @Hollywood E Rock and if -god forbid- anything would happen to you, at least you can be assured that @Benoit46 would be the first one to notice
  4. Trianna

    Dies und Das

    Guten Morgen zusammen! Und wer hat wohl ab Montag Urlaub?
  5. Ses pets et ses manigances de toilettes sont une toute autre histoire
  6. @soubi71 Ne vous inquiétez pas, il est inoffensif.
  7. I bet he smells great 🤤 Nothing wrong with selling it for a little profit if it's not for you. The problem is with the ones who solely buy it with the intent of selling it for a MUCH higher price.
  8. Oh man, I LOVE to sniff the premiums! And everything inside of them. Only a new car smells better.
  9. Well guess I have to stay outside then
  10. Well why should you be better off as we are with your posts?
  11. Oh yeah like YOU are one to talk! Maybe I should share some chat messages, eh? 😛 But anything I own will regardless go up in value just because I'm lovely 😂

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