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  1. I love the films of Chen Kaige. Have not seen this one, so this is indeed excellent news.
  2. Violet Evergarden now added to my must-watch-list. 😀
  3. The Witch - Part 1: The Subversion. (South Korea 2018, Dir: Park Hoon-jung).
  4. Three releases from Nova Media arrived in the mail today: Heart of Dragon (Hong Kong 1985, Dir: Sammo Hung/ Fruit Chan) Wanee & Junah (South Korea 2001, Dir: Kim Yong-gyun) Miss Baek (South Korea 2018, Dir: Lee Ji-won)
  5. I heard this is a very good movie, so definitely worth having a nice edition of this one. 👍
  6. I heard this is a very good movie, so definitely worth having a nice edition of this one. 👍
  7. Sister Street Fighter Collection. (Japan 1974-76, Dir: Kazuhiko Yamaguchi/ Shigehiro Ozawa).
  8. Hi good people (that love Japanese movies). As many posts here are written in English, I do so, too. Like many of you, I don't speak Japanese. Yes, Hayao Miyazaki is a true master. Studio Ghibli's movies are the best. My love for Studio Ghibli (and anime) started in 2001 when I saw a screening of Spirited Away at a Children's Film Festival in my hometown in Norway. It was in English and without subtitles, and many people had brought their children to see it and translated it during the screening. A father sat next to me with his son, and he talked all the way through the film, retelling the dialogue from the film. It didn't bother me (like it normally would've done during any other film). I was more or less oblivious, enjoying the movie. Just my story of how I got into Japanese anime.
  9. Yes, I think they are releasing the series as well.
  10. Studio Ponoc's anthology of short films will have a Japanese English friendly Blu-ray release 03/20/19. It's on preorder at https://www.yesasia.com/global/modest-heroes-blu-ray-english-subtitled-audio-japan-version/1072207042-0-0-0-en/info.html GKIDS have secured distribution for the US market.
  11. I think Diskotek Media released this one just recently.
  12. A beautiful cover for the Spider-Man: Homecoming Steelbook, but a little strange that it's a picture of Iron Man. He he he. 🙂 But nice.

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