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  1. NEED IT . Hubby gonna kill me , the whole " how many of One Film do you need ?? . We dont have enough Tv's in the house to play them on . So What is the point in having more than one copy " . Kids " Its Gladiator Dad !!" 😁🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. @Darogal HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤❤💋💋
  3. @daetilus I HOPE you had a GREAT DAY ❤❤💋💋
  4. Me I think I will make a shrine to the one and only My Blu Ray may be worn out by then 🤔 😁 . It's a custom Sing Along Version 🤩🤩❤❤
  5. Now you know WHY we call them Naughty Nom Noms 😁🤗🤗💋 . I could show you what thire teeth do to a thicker Steel than what our treasures are made from 😳😱😱. Thire Poop makes for great packing materials 😁😁🤩🤩.
  6. Homophobe's Delight maybe sad stop using inappropriate language😤😤😤😤 As long as I get one to call my own they can call it what they like 😁❤😍😍
  7. ANYTHING that features a Homosexual story line will be cut . Some county's still class failing in love a crime 😞😞
  8. @Penny1981 @BabehKittehs HOPE YOU HAD THE 😁❤❤
  9. @Guitou36 HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT DAY ❤❤🤗
  10. Hi @Robertm89 To let you know I moved your post here and also removed the picture with your personal email address better safe than sorry sweetheart ❤❤. Lazy effort maybe however when Zavvi get it right they it RIGHT 🤗❤. For me it will be most likely a free to air viewing even though Jason Momoa is as fit as a butcher's dog 🤩🤩. Patrick Wilson is no slouch either . DEFFINATLY rateing on my drool o meter 😚🤣🤣 Nicole Kidman however is Marmite to me . Shes reminding me of Cassandra from Russell T Davies writing for Ecelstones / Tennants Dr Who 😁🤣🤣
  11. Same with anything in life . A lot comes into play . As a rule Blufans packing is rearly good . However sometimes even good is not enough.
  12. @THECROWANDSTING 👆❤❤ and thire you have it 🤗🤗 THANK YOU @icewire 💋💋 @Robertm89 Ohh you are in for such delights we have to show you ❤❤💋
  13. I have high lighted the text under the beauty shot in @extantsrevenge post Looking like both the SL AND DL will have a 3D disk 😊❤. @icewire can ypu confirm this please when you can 🤗❤❤💋
  14. WOOOWW 2000 members . To EACH AND EVERY ONE I'm privileged to be among you all

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