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  1. The ever growing tribute to the rattling arc Yes I have an obsession 😁
  2. That is something else 😳😱😱 Even more so as it does not look choreographed at all 😍😍❤❤
  3. Its growing, NEVER incomplete 😁❤❤💋💋.
  4. Aaahhhhh this is where my idea of a looker is maybe a LOT different to others idea of Like 😁😁
  5. Shape Of Water I found a slow burn . A gripping watch I need to see 3 Billboards too 😳
  6. Wounding whatever is gonna happen 😳😁 Actors/ actresses can be judged wrongly on looks alone . Take Chris Evans an attractive Gent like this Yet more about the depth and performance like This
  7. Enter The Dragon along with any other Bruce Lee movie . The timing of each part of the fight sceans a true marvel mo matter how many times you see it . The Matrix you all know the sequence enough said Shape Of Water whatever magic that Dance section had was so fascinating even for me who is a dance philistine 😳😁
  8. Those movies that left us in shock and awe at the twists , turns and moves that made a sequence memorable.
  9. I'm tired Then when its time to sleep
  10. All good with me 👍😁❤❤ Everyone will tell you I'm easy 😊❤❤
  11. @drudwell @Catgirl @Paul Tiley HAVE A GREAT DAY ALL OF YOU who are all as Psycho about Media as we are ❤❤❤
  12. This IS SO HARD I went for the ones that captivated and enthralled Snowpiercer Curtis Everett proving Chris Evans is wasted as Capt America. The depth of emotion describing the horror of the situation when they first boarded the rattling arc . Dredd Karl Urban is Dredd . Even with his face hidden Urban owned the movie Kinky Boots Chitawel Ejiofor Lola / Simon . He rocked in 7 inch stiletto heels . Showing that being brave is being true to who you are . Jaws Robert Shaw Quint Grizzled , bad tempered with a blazing insane drive to end the shark . Dracula Frank Langella Dracula a simmering lonely creature truly captured by Langella Viggo Mortensen Aragon LOTR doing all he can to shy away from his path because of his fear of failing like others of his bloodline before him Rami Malik Bohemian Rapsody Freddie Mercury a magical 224 minutes I have a LEGEND from my life back . Inglorious Bastards Hans Lander Christopher Waltz just chilling end of . The Elephant Man John Hurt to embody John Merrick as he did from the voice to the physical side Genius. Ladies Octavia Spencer Snowpiercer Tanya a revelation and raw talent . Tilda Swinton Constantine Gabrel she truly was unhinged and carried the androgyny to the max . Sigourney Weaver Ellen Ripley gave women a foothold in a genre way before anyone else . Whoopie Goldberg Jumpin Jack Flash had me screaming in fits of laughter and suspense Angela Basset Strange Days Mace who went from being a victim to kick ass personal body guard Vanessa Hudgens The Frozen Ground a emotional rollercoaster ride from the view of a young adult fighting to be believed against an upright citizen . Jodie Foster Silence Of The Lambs Nothing more I can say other than LEGEND Jamie Lee Curtis Blue Steel Absolutely underrated movie and performance . Kathy Bates Misery Annie Wilkes PERFECT personification of how to cause Misery I may have stretched your rules @R1s1ngs0n I have so may more as well 😁🤣🤣❤💋💋
  13. My brain is stuck on Doom 😁🤣🤣
  14. Right here zapped our posts over @Robertm89 😁❤❤💋💋

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