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  1. Maybe when they do SS 2, HDz can do a small print run of the first one. Then those that have opened and are bothered can buy a replacement steelbook. My Box Set is sealed so I can’t say I’m worried either way. I’ve got a bare bones 4k steelbook (Italian I think) so I’m good thanks.
  2. I got my Ed1 yesterday. I won't bother with photos. @Catgirl took some great pics a couple of posts up. I didn't really want the release and just chose Ed1 as the 4K option. But fair play to FA, they have produced yet another great looking slip. It's still destined for the botttom of a big box though. As nice as it is, I still didn't want FAC to release it. Bring on King Kong, Casino, Pitch Black etc. Those are the ones I'm looking forward to getting soon.
  3. Have you got the poster rolls that came with those early Maniacs? Revenant, Child44, Logan, Covenant etc. They are a rare thing in themselves. Especially ones that are still intact and unopened. Great collection @bearlol 👍
  4. No. I know no more than you do. The problems are still the amount of aeroplanes that are actually flying. In this climate you really do have to allow a lot more time for things to arrive. Clearly they are being delivered around the world. So presumably yours will turn up at some point. Some 1917 only turned up last week in UK, so I wouldn’t be overly concerned yet.
  5. HDz LA Confidential is a great release. Very underrated by collectors. In my opinion the only poor Gold Label release that HDz did, was Argo. They put very little effort into it and it shows. Everything else is superb.
  6. @ethnosax I’m sure there are many people out there doing fine work. I’m only interested in what KS/MP might be able to put together, in limited quantities, just for members of MP. Like the Tars model and all the previous great things KS has brought to MP. I see an opportunity to expand from just this one fan based slip, to other projects. 👍
  7. Very interesting. I have no interest in the release and definitely not the film. I am very interested in what KS @ksosk does with this though. His work is always superb. I see an opportunity here for some very limited "Fan Based" slips for other releases. I'm thinking about all the bare bones steelbooks I have that I would love to be "upgraded" to premium status. For instance, I would love a set of slips like this for my Transformers steelbooks (1-5). For the 3 ...Has Fallen steelbooks. For the 3 The Expendables steelbooks etc. etc. So KS. Another thing
  8. Those of you that might be interested... Blufans should have an “exciting announcement” at the end of November. Don’t ask. I don’t know what it is. It was in a conversation about what is coming next and what is likely to happen ongoing. Fanatics will have something for us in the new year too. It seems that Homecoming’s popularity has taken them by surprise too. Probably going to oversell many times over. (I did tell you it would be the next Dr Strange. )
  9. Does it actually help / make any difference? Unless you were really hoping to get 2 x copies it really doesn’t alter anything. If you are on the main list, above the reserve, then barring any disasters you will get a box set. It seems like there are many people who are scrambling round trying to figure out how to get a copy. So we should all be very grateful to MP for once again doing “the business”, so we don’t have to.
  10. No. “Very low” we were told. That’s why we had to knock back everyone on the GB to 1 x copy. They are never very forthcoming with print run info, but very low could mean something bad like 300. Which isn’t “bad” as far as I’m concerned, but others will no doubt disagree.

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