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  1. With that good looking Hardbox, HDz certainly have made a silk purse from a sows ear.
  2. I’m not allowed to comment on anything to do with CM. If I started, there wouldn’t be any more CM GBs on MP. Some members may not take too kindly to that.
  3. Good to see retailers pushing the quality of finishes. I look forward to seeing their new ideas. It must be said that FA are not just sitting back. I note they were going to do something with the Barons IT2 Hardbox, but couldn’t sort it in time. So, the future is looking rosy for quality. At least from some retailers.
  4. Triple Dipper ? I doubt I’ll even watch the film ! They all look good. I only have Fanatics effort so probably biased.
  5. It was 1099 when it was available for sale. They often put different prices on after they are sold out. They are not quoted as being in stock yet. So not available to ship.
  6. Have to disagree. Both the front and back Lentis on the OAB are outstanding. Stunning even. Definitely can’t say that about the FAC ones. I think the proof is in the price they fetch on eBay. You can buy almost 2 x Maniacs Box for just 1 x 4k OAB. So clearly folks want one rather than the other.
  7. Yep. For the Spidey freaks amongst us, BF will have something in October/November. Can't say what, and you haven't heard any of this from me. Right ?
  8. Well I don't think I'm bothering at all. I'm totally Deadpooled up with FAC stuff. Also unless I get word they are going to go back and do a WEA of DP1. It's a bit pointless having just the 2nd film from Blufans. They are not the best at completing series/franchises either. Not counting Disney/Marvel, which is a different issue, there was Star Trek, Pacific Rim, Apes, X-men, etc etc.
  9. Yeah, but all the editions in that maniacs box are still not a patch on the Blufans Homecoming OAB.
  10. Manta who ??? I note you still ordered a DL though. Why didn't you order a Box Set to open and get the FS out of ? Lowering your standards ?
  11. Well, you will have to wait for BVS as nobody has been invoiced yet, and there's still the problem of who should get one.
  12. Just as I suspected. Now I have to buy a HDz box and a FAC box !! Wonder who will make the best job of the slips and outer box ? The steelbooks will obviously be the same.
  13. Well the Special Edition of BVS has been shipped. As for the delays on Joker and BoP, I presume it's the usual delays with studios and discs. They will be along soon I'm sure.
  14. When we agreed with HDz that we could get #1-X, I took #3. #1 and 2 went to the boss. At the time (Terminator series) we only got the # for Gold Label releases. From around The Accountant, we have also received #1-X on Silver Label releases. I have every Box Set from T1 to Shazam with #3. Also the remake of Gladiator and SPR and the 4K release of Interstellar. So I take #3 for MP Bling wherever possible. I don't have a lucky number. "Bad luck and trouble been my only friends"

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