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  1. Remember it’s Bank Holiday weekend next weekend. I suspect Zavvi have their eye on it. I would anticipate these 3 “restocks” and possibly Infinity War Lenti editions. Certainly the Caps will be back at some point soon.
  2. Got mine today. Same “lines” as on the other 2. Very nice set.
  3. I don’t mind Guy Richie. I enjoyed King Arthur. Also he brought us Man from Uncle, which was a good film in my opinion. Everyone has their Turkeys. Even the great Nolan made what in my opinion is a turkey. Dunkirk. Then there are directors that are loved by the critics, but their films are pretentious rubbish. Which highlights my personal “Hate”.... Film Critics. They dine out on their opinions. We are all entitled to our opinion, but us mere mortals can not besmirch an actors, or directors, work. These so called professional “critics” talk through their backsides and get paid for it !! I never pay any attention to what these critics say. Because most of the time it’s bollocks. There. That’s that off my chest. Back to doing some work.
  4. I agree with @R1s1ngs0n about Ryan Gosling. From his "James Dean" in Drive, through every other film I've seen him in, he's only got one character and he plays him every time. Not the most expressive actor out there. I don't mind the likes of Neeson and Butler doing "Hard Man" roles. Perhaps Butlers accents could do with some work. They are no different to Statham, in what roles they get/pick, and I always watch his movies. It is a bit weird when you see "old Short arse" running around beating people up , but he does make a good film. The Mi series are all great action movies.
  5. Looks nice. I’ve no real interest in it, but I’ll be getting the 4k edition. Only 500 copies is always a selling point for me. Especially after the huge print run on T2 and Venom. They are still sending out emails trying to shift Venom. Maybe they will think twice about such a huge print run in future. Be nice if FA actually started shipping something soon too. Seems to have been an age since Equalizer 2 and Thor 3, went up for pre order. 😀
  6. Yet another DC Box Set to add to the collection. Would this be considered the start of Phase 2 ? Or do you think they will shoehorn 2 different actors into the Batman and Superman roles, thus continuing Justice League etc ? Anyway, I'm in.
  7. @Veum I think I was the one that liked the film with Johnny Depp in it. I think there was only 1 person. Great collection piece. Love the coffin box set. 👍
  8. KS @ksosk is the man with his ear to the ground in Asia. He usually hears stuff long before anyone else. Let's see what he has to say. I'm usually just "reactive" to HDz news. I'm not "proactive" in getting it.
  9. I believe that they are on route to all HUBS. Some may even have arrived by now. As they are shipped 3 x in a box from China, you can imagine that it is going to take some time for them all to reach their respective HUBS. Then of course the HUB Masters have got to sort out boxing them up securely, and shipping them out. Slow old job, but they will get there.
  10. There are 1 or 2 reasons for this. 1) There are many members that ordered more than 1 set of the TDKR release. Mainly to sell for profit. Most have already listed their copies on eBay, so they are not going to need the mother box. 2) They are not “free”. They cost a lot of money in shipping charges. There are always folks that say “I’m not paying that ! “ after we have ordered for them. So, we have to estimate how many we think will actually be taken up. If it was your money sat on a shelf gathering dust, I’m sure you would consider points 1 and 2. Remember, this is Johns money members are “spending”. Easy when it’s not theirs.
  11. Nice looking art. Seems to be in keeping with the recent Cap 4K releases. Presumably we will get Thor x 3 too, so it’s going to be a really nice 4K Set. (Cap x 3, IM x 3 and Thor x 3) Maybe then 4 x Avengers with similar art.
  12. I can’t think of just 1 film that has let me down. Very near to top of the list would be Mad Max (last one) Pile of crap. Loved the originals. On the subject of sunlight on your steelbook collection, I could only think that UV fade would be the problem. Then you’d need to have another unfaded copy to tell. So not sure it really matters. Could also get dazzled by the reflection off the protectors you bought from MP.
  13. Yes these new fangled colour televisions are a massive leap forward from the old black and white.
  14. All I can say is that the discussions help fill out a thread, with humorous chat, that was fairly empty before. As long as folks express it as their opinion, and only their opinion, then they are fully entitled to do so. I originally made the point about the film/release because of the subject matter. I haven't seen the film, I will probably never watch it. I referenced Titanic because it is a prime example. IT SANK. Unless you change the facts to fiction, films that are factual, or based on facts, only have one outcome. Which is a bit boring when you already know that outcome. In my opinion of course. As for buying a copy. Then yes, I will definitely get HDzs release. a) because I collect HDz. b) because HDz never dissapoint me with the quality of their releases. And I'm with Ade on this.... Musicals should be banned from being made into films. If you are sad enough to watch Musicals, got to the bloody theatre. Keep our Cinemas free of the drivel. Just my opinion of course.

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