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  1. The final art for the slip should be revealed next Monday. (12th) I’ve seen a possible choice and it looks good. (I’m not going to show it) The print run is not super limited, but it seems anticipated demand is high. So, even though the print run is not very low, allocations will be very limited. Also, think GitS and Spidey Homecoming OABs for possible split print runs. Again, the exact disc specs are not revealed yet. Release scheduled for May. And no, we will not start the GB until all info is confirmed.
  2. I take it you are not really interested in collecting “MP Awards”
  3. I am very much against Maniacs Box Sets of WWA steelbooks. I think it totally devalues the original principal of the FAC Maniacs Box. Simple as that. But fair play to you, if it's something you are looking forward to. 👍
  4. Yes it will be very interesting to see what FAC can give us. Personally, I think it will be hard to beat the three Lentis inside the HDz box. I doubt the build quality of the box will be anywhere near as good as HDz either. So the only possible way to be better than HDz is the art on the box. Which, in my opinion, is something I don’t care about. BUT, I’ll be buying the FAC one anyway.
  5. Everything looks gorgeous now we can see it in larger scale. I was waiting to see the Box itself. That looks superb too. Those slips though, are something else. Even the backs are beautiful. HDz have really done something special with the Silver Releases of LotR and Hobbit. Makes you wonder what they can do to make Gold much better. Absolutely stunning job HDz. You should be proud of yourselves. Well done.
  6. Oh man. What an absolutely beautiful set. Thanks @cypheria078 for showing both sets in one post. I’m lost for words!
  7. I wouldn’t waste valuable hours watching Only God Forgives. I wished I hadn’t. Neon Demon was OK and has already had a premium done of it. Steel Archive 160 ish copies.
  8. The Maniac Box sat around for ages. Only recently sold out. Also they still have other editions for sale now. So, in my opinion, they messed up by having too big a print run. Not for the first time either. Scan through the pages on their web site and there are a load of editions from previous too high print runs. It's noticeable that they have kept well clear of any high print run WEA releases since. Unfortunately they went a bit stupid with the WWA release of Gump. They are still paying for that too. Obviously just my opinion. Other opinions are available.
  9. I watched the film some time ago. It was a film with an important message, but it is a one time only watch. I'm not convinced it is worthy of a WEA package. I would have thought a WWA steelbook (if there is one) or a BD Slip Case edition would suffice. I suspect Nova will be stuck with these for a long time, but fair play to them for trying.
  10. Looks very interesting, but I'm loathe to spend more money on another incomplete Terminator set. I'm waiting and hoping that HDz will do T2 and T6. They need to be limited print runs though, and thats where the problem is I suspect. FAC have a mish mash of T releases. They also messed up big time with the print run on T2. That's why they still have them and another reason why HDz have shied away from doing it. On the subject of all the T films, I think folks are too critical. They were all good entertainment, as individual films. Isn't that the reason we watch films
  11. They mentioned something about the art still waiting for approval. That was why they brought forward Infinity and Endgame. Hopefully we will get some posistive news soon.
  12. I will add a bit more to the post above, for those members and “friends” trying to get an angle on Blufans releases. About two years ago, Blufans shut down all unofficial GBs by refusing to supply them. Actively engaging with us, and others, to do so. There are now really only four official outlets for Blufans. The three official forum GBs, and direct. Anything else is just speculators/dealers.
  13. As much as I know about Blufans in China, which isn’t much, I believe it is like a forum. With members that are all part of the whole process. So, unless you are a member, you can’t order anything. I wait to be corrected on this. John @Masterblaster is the one that would really know. He has been dealing with Blufans from before any of us had heard of them. (which is a fact that is forgotten, or ignored, by many others)

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