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  1. I said it quite a while ago, but I will reiterate it now. This is a ‘once in a life time’ release. 3 Box Sets in and a ‘Collectors’ special Box. Please don’t miss out. The GB should technically be closed, but as always there are some that join and ‘disappear’. Don’t prevaricate, get in there. At least get on the reserve list if it is closed now. ?
  2. No idea. Presumably it’s on HDz web site. I don’t tend to worry about it. ?
  3. Retail plus $3 gb fee plus PayPal fees. If you join all 3 Box Sets you also pay a $20 deposit on the other 2 in the first invoice. Remember that this price does not include shipping. We operate Hub shipping on HDz GBs. That invoice will come at a later date. I would say that if you are thinking about joining, you should do so now. Wait much longer and the GB will be closed. (Just a little inside info for you). ?
  4. Be good if they do release this to complement Creed 1. The lenti on Creed Ed 2 is superb. It was around that release that FA really stepped up on the quality of their Lentis. They now are as good as any Asian Lentis. Prior to that, they were a bit hit and miss. All In My Opinion of course.
  5. The word from BF is that the approval has come through. So shipping for this should start mid January next year. After Infinity is completed. Good news I think. ?
  6. Big thanks (danke) to @forenhase for the lovely box I received on Thursday. (On the right) I know the talk is about Prometheus Ed3. But in my opinion Ed2 is the winner for this release. Absolutely gorgeous. As usual big thanks to @Scary Hair for filling her spare room with my rubbish. And special thanks to John @Masterblaster for the 2 on the far left. They complete the set with Black Panther. I know most are ‘old hat’ now. But I might be one of the first to receive his HDz Blade Runner. (More luck than judgement ?) It is a stunner. HDz BR2049 and now BR, are superb releases. Well done HDz. Top drawer stuff as usual. ?
  7. Not been released yet. But definitely release of the year, for the TDK Trilogy. (Not sure which year ) Outstanding job by HDz. ?
  8. After all these years of asking !! Well done FA. Presumably a XL 4k release. Hopefully around 500 copies too.
  9. I wonder if HDz will/can do the ‘Collectors Box’ with a # So we could get the whole job to match up. That would be something
  10. Hopefully they will do something like Maze Runner 2. Where they did an edition in keeping with the first Maze Runner. As you say, hopefully just 500 for that particular edition. Unfortunately they then went and messed it up with Mazey 3. (XL Lenti Slip) So I’m not altogether hopeful
  11. I thought it was 13 hrs. But still already done by FA. Maybe they should just do a ‘surprise’ loyalty release. Just for ‘Maniacs’ like you.
  12. These new releases and ‘surprise’ releases are all well and good. The big question is... When are they going to go back and plug the hole ? BB #7. Where is it ? Can’t put something on display with s big hole in it. 1,2,3,4,5,6, 8, .....
  13. Pacific Rim Uprising would be a great idea. No premium of it yet. Disappointed that Blufans gave it a miss after making such a superb job of the first one. I suppose BB will do part 2. Then never get round to part 1. We’ve heard that a few times where FA are concerned
  14. Those movie experts amongst our members should be able to come up with a recent movie that fits the description above, and has pretty much bombed. That’ll be the one.
  15. Now need to see slips and prices. I suspect I’ll just get E3. Maybe it’ll come with 4K upgrade at a stupid price, like FA. The ‘Free’ box would have to be something extra special to make me want to buy 4 editions of a mediocre (at best) film like this. Bang goes my BB collection. Not going to start buying every edition, as well as every release. I would have to buy 2 x 4 editions to keep both sets complete. How feckin mad would that be.

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