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  1. Had a nice delivery yesterday. Special thanks to Ann @Scary Hair for looking after my stuff for me. Big thanks to all the team that make these possible. Mods, Hubs et al. Very pleased with Hulk. The Box Set is superb. The DL lenti is much better in hand, than in the photos. Good depth and movement. I think my favourite is the SL though. Hdz Star is Born Hardbox is superb. Great packaging from HDz too. Nice to see they are paying attention to the little details like protection during shipping. Really great start to what is going to be a very popular way of presenting their two edition Silver releases. Got my "calling card". Wasn't expecting one, but really pleased I did. Thank you John. @Masterblaster Last but not least... Special thanks to KS @ksosk for the wonderful BR2049 Badge and the Bohemian Rhapsody package. They are just superb. The detail is fantastic. Thank you. It is items like this, coupled with the loyalty from retailers like HDz, that make being part of, and supporting this community, so wonderful. Where else could you get a collectors set like this ? Makes me proud to be part of it. (Although not so much these days. Retired you see ) I think I maximised the "Bling"
  2. Whether it is WWA or not, you really should join this. I’ve received my Star is Born Hardbox today. It is superb. Only 200 of them too. I sincerely believe that most of these HDz Hardbox are going to be as sought after as Blufans Marvel. I can’t wait to see Bumblebee and especially Schindlers List. This WWA release and Inception WWA will become real collectors “must have”. Miss out at your peril. In my opinion of course.
  3. As you requested Hub shipping, and you are in the USA, there will be a slight delay. John is tied up at the moment. Normal service will resume very soon.
  4. My heart balances between 1 or 2 box sets Not sure I can stretch to it, but it would be nice to have all the editions to look at. I’m betting Nils @extantsrevenge will order 2 x box sets.
  5. Oh dear. They go from classics like shawshank and Schindler to this rubbish. Lets just hope they don’t do a Gold Label series for the other dross. Then produce a mega mother box to keep them in. Just my opinion of course.
  6. Thank you @Berserk3429 So now we need a new protector to be made for HDz Hardbox.
  7. It's a pleasure. Still waiting for mine ! Hopefully get it tomorrow. Then I can find out for myself if the FA Hardbox protectors fit it. Seeing as nobody has bothered to reply to my questions about it from weeks ago !!
  8. Nah. Shan’t bother with this. I’m all for releasing something different to Marvel/superheroes, but this is far too late now. Bit like Barons and Red Sparrow. Neither film can be considered a timeless classic, so timing is everything. FA missed the boat there, I’m afraid. I’ll probably get HDz but that’s only because of my # and my support for them. They are far too late also. Just my opinion of course.
  9. Not one for gushing emotionally. I’ll just wish my friend Ann, a very Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day shopping at your favourite shop. @Scary Hair 😘 😘 😘
  10. @Pbsw23 Yes, I used to go to Santa Pod back in my biker days. Used to go for the “funny bikes”. I remember the noise and vibration. I think they used to call it Thunder Road or something like that. Was a very, very long time ago. Back in the days when we used to go to the Transatlantic Series. In the days of Barry Sheene and John Player Norton. Follow them round the tracks at Easter time. Mallory Park, Brands Hatch etc. In the days when men were men, and the sheep were scared.
  11. With this being FAC and Barons, I'll probably not bother with Blufans. (if it actually happens). Not sure I really need to triple dip on this, steelbook wise. Already got the 4K/3D BD on order. I suppose if/when BF release their art and line-up, I'll probably change my mind. Hopefully Barons will keep the print run sensible, because they could get stuck with them if it's too high. Many collectors are not really into Barons yet, but will flock to FAC and Blufans. Although Blufans could be a ridiculously low print run as it's OAB, and FAC is only 601 copies, so I suppose this Barons release could be a Godsend for many. Certainly looking forward to seeing Barons art etc. They are always top notch in my opinion.
  12. Nah. I went "Maniac" for Covenant. But that was one of the last times I went "the full monty". Can't afford it. I would still have to buy single editions because I wouldn't open the Maniacs. I'm not in the same league as Nils @extantsrevenge He's a true Maniac.
  13. Looks like Ed 3 will be the favourite again. The embossed slip plus 4K. Having said that, I’m very partial to their DLs on XL slip. So might have to go for ed2 and ed3. Nothing is ever simple, or cheap, in this game.

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