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  1. You would think that logic would apply. But FA really went off piste with Maze Runner. Only 1 of the first one. 2 editions of the second one and 1 XL of the third. Ed 2 of the second film matched their first release. But the 3rd film release, matches nothing. Edit. Ed 1 of the second film matched their first release. Getting my Ed’s mixed up. 😀 Wish I hadn’t started with this now.
  2. Bit over the top. WEA for this release seems a little ambitious. Can’t see many wanting a maniacs box of this. But what do I know 😀 Ed 3 looks favourite. Ed 2 sounds interesting, with a double lenti. The rest ? Meh.
  3. I doubt there’ll be too much of a problem with Hulk. Obviously Membership Tiers will take priority, and there will be a certain amount of limitations, but I’d be more concerned about Venom.
  4. The box set looks a lot more colourful than in the previous beauty shots. With the storage box, it looks a stunning set. Well done Blufans. Another winner.
  5. Superb box full from Andre @forenhase Also special thanks to him for sorting out the # for me, so my ‘family’ are altogether. The Ed3 of Deadpool is stunning, but I do think FA have taken the crown for best release of RPO. I keep looking at it from different angles, just to see the Lenti in its full glory. Remains to be seen if they also take the crown for Deadpool 2. They certainly did for Deadpool 1, in my opinion.
  6. I’ll have to be careful with opening my big mouth.
  7. Jewellers cotton gloves?? You only need these....
  8. Strange order to put them in, in the top banner.
  9. Only 1 of the Inferno ? Life and Passengers were 2 great Lentis from HDz. I prefer them to the FA offerings of both. Your collection must be bigger than @Benoit46 collection. I’m sure he can give advice on sturdy shelving
  10. I must admit they all look great. Particularly the hard box. Possibly Ed 1 is the weak link. Overall though, a great release by FA.
  11. Hopefully pushed so far back, it drops off the cliff. 😀
  12. I like the look of that RPO. Maybe FA have snuck in at the end and stolen the show. 😀
  13. @Staind needs to contact me by pm, with any details he might have, regarding his refusal to accept the item. 👍
  14. 😀 gonna be worth it though. More than can be said for EB though. IMHO of course 😀
  15. No. Shipping info has been sent to Blufans. The clue is in the 2nd sentence. ....I expect Panther to follow on directly.... 😀

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