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  1. The art for the slips should be revealed later today or tomorrow. Definitely 4 editions and no storage box.
  2. Nice looking lenti slip. But I was hoping they would just forget about this, and move on to something more worthwhile. Like MoS or T2.
  3. Those members that have been collecting Blufans Marvel releases will no doubt rejoice at this coming at last. Nova did a good job with their release a few years back. With this being 4k, it will no doubt be THE version to own. Especially with only 2k print run. Doesn’t alter the fact that it’s a bloody awful film in any “K” you like. In my opinion of course.
  4. I must admit that it is very strange to have a 1/4 slip without a storage box or even a Box Set. (maybe) 1/4 slips have always been the least popular edition. They would need to be extremely limited, to make them attractive to buyers. In my opinion of course. I'll just sit back and wait for the confirmed info. (Whenever that might be )
  5. It certainly is a beauty. I believe it is the only WEA Steelbook at the moment. When Blufans release theirs, we may have a contest
  6. No @Basil They ended up between 2 slices of bread.
  7. Great fun topic/thread @Basil. These are Ann’s photos. Just a tiny taster of what we have to deal with in Hubs too.
  8. Just been watching the latest End Game trailer. Infinity was a truly stunning film in my opinion. You have to believe that End Game will be the greatest of all the Marvel films so far. It certainly has the potential. Bring it on. 😀
  9. Nice looking steelbook @raylight Still don’t understand why a second rate film like this gets WEA treatment. You would have thought FA would learn the lesson from things like Wind River. But it shows, if you can wrap a turd in beautiful packaging, people will still buy it. Me included. (Both)
  10. I need help getting a couple of pairs of trainers for a good friend who can't buy them in his country. He is very important to MP, so I need to at least try. I know nothing about designer footwear, but I understand it will be difficult to get hold of these. So anyone who can help, or knows a trick or two about ordering, please step forward. They are released this Saturday (16th) at 07:00 I believe. Thanks in advance. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 TRUE FORM. Size 10.5 UK
  11. Well if that turns out to be the way it is, then that really is a change of tack on Blufans part. No Box Set ? Bloody disgrace.
  12. I am led to believe that Panther shipping is pretty much complete now, so we should have more detailed news on this next week. The word at the moment is that this will be a 4 edition release. BUT no storage box. Hopefully we will get this all clarified soon, then the GB can really start to open up with actual updates to editions. With the print run being so low, this is going to be very limited for all GBs across the forums.
  13. There was no mention of an OAB for this, in my last messages with Blufans. (last night) The "Exclusive" was mentioned, but is a long way off. The issues with this merger of Disney etc, is having a real negative effect on timelines. So all BF release dates, and schedules, should be given a certain amount of "width" at the moment.
  14. My information is that this, and Predator, are a long way off. Probably in the summer. After the 2 OABs running now (Jurassic and Mazey) we will see Hulk. Then probably Venom. So this particular release is way in the distance.

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