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  1. Well. BR2049 might have been more appreciated if it didn’t have “James Dean” as the lead. He only has one pace that bloke. Boringly slow. Add in the boringly slow plot and drab scenes, and there you go. Some of that falls at the Directors feet. So the probability that Dune will be poor is very high. Just my opinion of course. Other opinions are available.
  2. Change of plan from Blufans. The DL will ship first and that will be next week hopefully. Box Sets will be a week or so later.
  3. 3K print run? Sounds pretty low for HDz Gold Label. Nice if it is correct. Can’t say the same about the film though.
  4. Well if this batch of announcements do come to fruition, it will be a lot of money saved for me. Sounds very much like another "let's throw everything out there, and hope some sticks" Very unimpressive, including Fanatics. Just my opinion of course. Other opinions are available. There's still hope for that Exclusive that Blufans mentioned. That will definitely be something everyone wants.
  5. NFI Also Blufans record of completing a series of anything is very poor, so I wouldn't hold out much hope of getting a complete set from them. (Not Feckin' Interested)
  6. No they did not come as "1 Clicks". They were shipped separately. I stand to be corrected, but I think the first actual Blufans Marvel 1 Click was GotG1. Any Marvel before that were all shipped separately.
  7. Well I got a delivery today, but it’s not my order from FA!!! Only Dr Strange Hardbox and not my #. So someone has got my Cap3 and Dr Strange Hardboxes!! Never had that happen before. I’ve emailed them, let’s see how they resolve this! If they reply of course! Not best pleased.
  8. There is a chance that HDz might not do a Gold release. Although it does seem they are definitely trying. I'm sure it will be a nice release from HDz, but you have to buy two WWA editions in a Hardbox. You could wait and get a single editon from the Gold release. For those that think "I'll just sell the Silver Hardbox" if a Gold comes through, I would expect the value to collapse once Gold is actually confirmed. (except for those with very low # etc) Just my opinion of course. John will probably moan at me for criticising HDz, but I'll say it how it is.
  9. Yes add in the fact that Manta have done a WEA release, and it makes this look like a very silly idea of HDzs.
  10. I'll be very interested in who actually wants this, knowing that there's a Gold Label release supposedly coming. Only Hardbox?! Presumably the Gold Label will be a Box and a single edition. So members could just order the DL, or whatever edition it is for single sale, from the WEA Gold release. So, again, why would they bother to order a Hardbox with two WWA copies in it? Maybe by keeping it to 200 Hardbox only, they might attract some interest, but I think this is a bad idea. It wasn't a classic movie like LotR, so I can't see the justification for having a Silver and Gol
  11. 3D tracking is here now. Brody @Count Danteswill send it out ASAP. No rush, it probably won't update for 3-4 days.
  12. Well yes. They said they would let me know. What do you think happened after that? Next time I’m chatting, I’ll ask again. But I’ve certainly heard nothing about it for a long time. BR2049 now. WW coming straight after. Then presumably FFH. So not sure when/where it would fit for a while anyway. Then maybe after those, they will do what they mentioned in recent conversations. If they do manage to get that sorted, it will make many members happy. Certainly will attract a huge amount of interest. Also, hopefully, we will get Venom 2 from them early next year.
  13. LotR and Hobbit were the exception. Only time, in my memory, that they have done a Gold and Silver of the same release. If HDz announced this as Silver, there will only be a Silver Release. (if it happens at all)

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