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  1. What with HDz and the Barons Edition of the original It, I’m getting a bit It’d out. Looks good though.
  2. All the fuss about Shazam and up pop these pics. They look good. More interested in seeing pics of the hardbox though. Dreading it being yellow !
  3. Thankfully they appear not to have a SL (Not in the Box Set). That really does complicate things. The last time we had that, was Aquaman. MoS didn’t have it, so hopefully this is the way forward for HDz. It makes life a little bit easier for the hard working team that have to manage these huge GBs.
  4. Well it certainly looks like another top drawer release from HDz. That Box Set looks superb. Members, new or old, should note that we do not have problems with allocation for Gold Label releases. There is no need to have a “back up”. If you order a Box Set you will get one. The worst that would happen is that members would be limited to 1 Box Set to accommodate all requests. Although I doubt that will happen either. I would imagine that this will be a 1200 box set print run at least.
  5. When you see all those Blufans Venom slips, you realise what a great job they made of the release. I think that is the first time I have seen all the slips together like that. They all look great, especially the 1/4 slip. Almost makes me want to open mine ! (almost)
  6. Good ol' Cadburys Dairy Milk. Also like Galaxy, but don't seem to get that much nowadays. Can't eat Fruit and Nut or Wholenut, got no teeth. Can gum the others though.
  7. It would be interesting to know how long the waiting list is for collectors #. There has been a waiting list for a long time. Obviously someone has to drop out, or be pushed out, for a spot to come available. Not sure what FAs criteria is for keeping a #. It’s not really clear how many times you can skip ordering before they give you notice. Good luck on getting a lower #. 👍
  8. Looks good. It also looks like BB are moving to XL slips now. The last 2-3 releases have been XL. (Not counting individual Alita editions) Anyway, I’m in.
  9. Here's the thing... I think everyone agrees that 1 was a good film and 2 was OK, but that it goes down hill quickly after that. So, are FA really going to do Exclusive 7k print runs of the other rubbish and expect to sell them ? They couldn't sell out T2, so there's little chance of selling many of the others in this Predator franchise. They might actually sell out AvP if they did it ! Either way it's a series of Exclusives that I will only be getting 1 Edition of, from P1 and P2. I'll pick the others up off eBay for peanuts. Just my opinion of course. Other opinions are available.

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