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  1. Here’s some open.. The back of the FA slip is gorgeous. The image, spot gloss and feel of the quality slip. Hdz BR2049 double Lenti slip. No explanation needed. Stunning. (Don’t worry, it’s one of the empty slips. Not my # ) WWZ Media Markt Lenti. “They don’t make ‘em like that anymore” Sealed.. The Hobbit slip is still my all time favourite. Not a premium, but still beautiful. Zavvi Commando 1st Edition. Still a superb Steelbook and 1/3 slip. Of course Blufans Spider Man OAB. (Just to wind up Nils @extantsrevenge )
  2. I now have the tracking. Don’t have time to deal with it tonight. I will sort it out tomorrow morning and pass it on to @airwins He will get it to you ASAP afterwards.
  3. No word on what is next from Fanatic Label. We won’t hear much about anything now until after the Chinese Holiday. Blufans Spider-Man Far from Home OAB will be dealt with directly after the holidays. After that... No idea at present.
  4. Here’s my 25. (Well, according to my maths) Just in case you won’t accept the empty FF6 replacement slip, I’ve added another FF8
  5. Hopefully FA will keep a similar design and colour scheme as the previous two. Be a shame if it was blue and pink. Wonder if we will get another Badge or something ? Like with BB1.
  6. I wonder if this is the release they referred to when saying March was for Black Barons. Hopefully so, and not Red Sparrow.
  7. I was referring to the film, not the comics. There was no way to compare Cap, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, in the 40s. It was also the way that WW portrayed the Germans in World War 1, as stereotypical “Nazis”. Even though they did not exist at that time. Both films used those stereotypes. Cap Am TFA actually set in that era. That was my point about WW being Cap Am TFA in a skirt, and Cap Marvel not using those “chestnuts”
  8. It is interesting to see such set opinions. I actually enjoyed all of the first phase of DC releases. MoS, BvS, SS, WW and Aquaman. (what is the abbreviation for Aquaman ? ) WW, the one that everyone raved about, including critics and awards, was just Cap Am TFA in a skirt. So we all have differing opinions on these things, and quite rightly so. 👍
  9. I love it when folks make their minds up without actually seeing the film. I’m very much like that, with any film that is nominated for an award. If critics like it, it will be crap. If they don’t like it, it will be worth a watch. Hasn’t failed me yet.
  10. Ooooh ! I might get another little award thingy soon then.
  11. I know nothing ! They were supposed to send some more out mid January and the rest mid February. As they have only just sent out more Black Panther Hardbox, I suspect Black Barons Alita will get pushed back again. As soon as we know that they are on route to the Hub, invoices will follow soon after. Maybe Mr FA @extantsrevenge can enlighten us further.
  12. First thing you do, is send me your PayPal email in a Private Message. You won't get invoiced until you do. That also applies to any new member that has not previously paid a MP or Ms4U invoice.
  13. Great to see a SB for this superb series. Are they doing The Pacific too ? Not sure if the SB is in UK yet. Maybe someone knows better.

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