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  1. Once again I think we should thank the team for a very smooth operation. Three GBs in quick succession. More if you count the way HP was set up. Apart from folks missing out due to allocations, they all ran without hitch. So, thank you Nils and the team. I doubt we will get any further allocation of the 3 titles. The demand for HP has surprised me. (Then again I didn't see the fascination with the books or films ) Maybe we can get a few more of Vertigo and Rear Window, but I doubt it. The demand for those was a lot higher than I anticipated. Well done to
  2. I wonder if Platinum will now clean up, or whether one or two Amaray editions make it to Regular Members? Just a few left at the moment.
  3. You probably can’t access it because it is for Gold Members only at this time. You are on the list for a scanovo though.
  4. Loose discs make quite a clunk when moving the slip up and down and side to side. Art cards, or other stuff, doesn’t tend to move so easily or make such a loud clunk when moving.
  5. I would say there’s a slim chance for a few regular members. We certainly have more of vertigo and window than we did for HP. It remains to be seen how popular the releases are with Tier Members.
  6. Once we have pushed through Potter, we will do the GBs for this and Vertigo. The allocations for these are much better than Potter, so hopefully more members will be able to get a copy. All three releases are not due until late October.
  7. I love all the sudden showing of MP Swag. All to try and get in on a GB. There’s probably twice the amount of new “swag members”, than there will be copies. So it won’t make any difference getting in one hour early. It’s still going to be a bloodbath.
  8. Still no news on Allocations. So I can see there being a bit of a panic as far as Potter is concerned. (Especially as Nils has come up with a good idea for it) I strongly recommend that you look out for posts from Nils. I suspect the GBs will come with limited warning. No good coming back to check once a week.
  9. If/when we get confirmation and allocation. I’ve heard nothing about it. So don’t see it happening soon.
  10. I would say there’s a reasonable chance of getting those two. The problem will be Potter, even though there are two editions as such.
  11. Getting past Platinum will be your biggest problem. Not the cost difference. Hopefully they (Platinum) will leave some scraps for others behind them.
  12. OK. It looks like they have problems with Covid and related issues in the Chinese shipping centre. It seems that it is locked down! So, shipping may well be delayed for a few weeks.
  13. As I just said in another thread, we are waiting for confirmed allocations. So, should be any day now. On a separate note. It appears that the price difference between the Steelbook and Scanovo editions is approx $10.

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