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  1. It’s too early for any news on allocations. As the print run is very low, we will have problems fulfilling the whole GB. We will do our best for all members as usual. I’m sure everyone has faith in Nils @extantsrevenge by now. 👍
  2. Problem is I don’t see it reducing the price of the OAB on the market. If Blufans do another superb DL, collectors will want both. The OAB has to be one of the best looking editions Blufans have ever done. Either from the front or the back.
  3. I think it was 600. Can’t remember. Not at home to check what it says on mine. Might have been 500. It was split between the 3D and 4k editions.
  4. Yes. From my info it’s going to be almost as bad as the OAB GB. Certainly tier membership will be a great advantage.
  5. It remains to be seen if Blufans use this new label to duplicate everything. At this stage it’s to bypass the problems with the Disney China fiasco. What will happen with this label after that problem is resolved, is anyone’s guess. Clearly they will have access to the WWA steelbooks for all releases much easier, as they are operating from Asia as a whole. Not just from within China. So maybe it will just be a bigger, better OAB. Then the actual OAB could be used for more selective releases and they can still do their Exclusive line once the problem has passed. Time will tell. 👍
  6. It remains to be seen whether this and CM are just a holding tactic for Blufans. So they can release Marvel titles, while the problems with the Disney China merger persist. As long as we get Blufans Exclusives at some point. That’s all I’m bothered about.
  7. Hopefully it won’t be as “blown up” as the Prometheus one. That was so flimsy to the touch. Covenant was fine though. Nice to see the theme of these 3D slips being carried through every release in the series. Be interesting what they come up with, for Aliens.
  8. Floats like an elephant, stings like a smack in the mouth. That’s me alright. Doesn’t he look like my grandson, Ann ?
  9. They are not great. But out here in the sticks, I have to say the drivers are brilliant. They are locals who know their “customers”. They know where to leave packages and if they see you later on, they stop and tell you they have been. Obviously that isn’t true everywhere, but I don’t have a problem with them.
  10. Oh, I’ve tried with many “suggestions”. There are many reasons why the “damage” happens. One is that the shipping is handled by a 3rd party. Clearly their QC will not take into account that these are collectors items.
  11. Firstly. Most retailers do not class loose discs as damage. Mainly because you can’t scratch a BD disc that way. Blufans certainly do not. In answer to your question @Basil... I believe the release you are talking about was Infinity War. That release was plagued with loose discs.
  12. The Black and White Box Sets look great from all the photos I’m seeing. They, and the DL, will become highly sought after when the 2nd and 3rd film are released. The same is probably true of the FA editions too. But we all know that it’s Blufans that usually end up being “most wanted” Just my opinion of course
  13. It seems that some of the tracking we received, and sent out, may have been changed. Due to the problems with that storm in China, shipments were delayed too long. This meant that the tracking expired and had to be changed. As @Benoit46 will confirm, they are arriving. Even with the wrong tracking. So I would suggest Members just wait and don’t pay too much attention to the tracking you were given. If “your” box set hasn’t arrived after a few weeks, we can look into it. Please do not worry just yet. 👍
  14. You are Hub shipping. So when Thomas receives them, you will be notified. In other words, you will pay. The black box are only just arriving at hubs. So white will be a little while yet.

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