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  1. As nobody seems to have opened their set yet and taken photos, here’s an image that I have had for a while and wasn’t allowed to share.
  2. Do you remember when Chad actually got a #1 of a Blufans release. Can’t remember which one it was. Someone is going to get lucky and get #1 of release 1 of this.
  3. So it looks like the number card is stuck on the outside of the seal. Bloody stupid idea that is. Whether, or not, it is an error/after thought, it’s not a great start by Fanatics in my opinion.
  4. This is a real “marmite” type topic. It is the secondary market that drives collectibles of any sort. Antiques, stamps, Art, etc. etc. If an item is rare, it will go up in value. Especially if the item is in “pristine” condition. (In Steelbook terms, sealed) In the case of Dinky model cars, they must still be in the box unopened etc etc. Collectors pay extraordinary amounts for die cast toy cars. So is it any different for collectible media ? A lot of dealers just test the market with ridiculous prices. Even if the listing doesn’t include “best offer” buyers will still contact the seller with an offer. With rejection and counter offers, a dealer can then determine the real value of the item. Clearly there are just idiots that think of a price for their items. Nobody can compensate for morons
  5. The hardbox looks great again. But I was rather hoping they would drop this. Something else I have to buy, even though I’ve no interest in the film whatsoever.
  6. Funny one, this one. It's DC and The Joker is part of the DC world, but I'm not sure it fits directly in with the likes of BvS etc. It would be great to see HDz do this, not sure it's essential that it is a Gold Label though. (for the reasons above) The Silver Label Hardbox that HDz do, are superb. So Gold or Silver, we win !
  7. Mission impossible 6 ?? Are they having a laugh ? By the time they get it out, it will be Mi 7. Put it in the bin FA. They sent out a mail today with a lot of stuff on there that I don’t want now. First Man, Schindlers List, Ghost in the Shell... How do they think they can provide something that will be better than what we already have, from Manta, Hdz, Blufans ? Plus all the other retailers that have covered these, and done them well. A bit “old hat” FA. You need to wake up a bit ! Just my opinion of course. Other opinions are available.
  8. As always, some will get theirs sooner than others. It all depends on where "your" box is, in the process. We all just have to be patient. It won't be long now.
  9. It is rare, but does happen unfortunately. The worry for members is that this is the one, a lot have been waiting a long time for. If, like me, they have all the others in this DC series (BvS-Aquaman), then the last thing we need is for the last peice of the jigsaw to be damaged. Fingers crossed for us all. As far as the GB copies are concerned, they are arriving at the moment. It should not be long now before some members start to receive them. (Once they have paid shipping of course. )
  10. Was looking forward to getting this soon, but I'd rather have a perfect product. Maybe if Blufans pull their finger out, they might beat Barons to the post. Although as the GB for Deadpool2 is not running fully yet, I doubt we will see theirs 'til 2020. If at all. Still, there's always the FA edition to gaze lovingly at in the meantime. (other editions and opinions are available)
  11. I like the FA Aquaman Ed2. Nice Lenti on the front. It doesn’t come anywhere near the HDz 4K Lenti though. I don’t have the manta one, so can’t compare with that. The HDz 4K SL completely outclasses the FA 4K SL in every way. Notwithstanding the fact that the Hdz is WEA compared to FAs WWA. Obviously it’s just my opinion.
  12. Looks OK to me. I'm not a Batman afficionado, so I couldn't say whether the art is good or bad. For certain I will be getting it. I actually would of preferred 2 x Box Sets. Then they would be in keeping with the latest "HardBox" releases from HDz. But I suppose they know that people might not buy both sets.
  13. I'm in. Only just spotted this Topic.
  14. It sounds like an error in their shipping department. Those envelopes are just for their internal protection/storage. Not for use in shipping separately to international customers. As far as I know, they use very good quality boxes. Secondly, you did not create problems and there's no need to apologise for your English. Members should not be afraid to post things they find interesting. Also they should not feel that their English is not good enough, and then apologise for it. MP is grateful that members make the effort to post. Whether it is in translated form, or not, we are all guilty of "Bad English"
  15. It doesn’t really affect the members on our GB. As they are all Hub shipping, they are packaged in a different way by HDzeta. The biggest problem for MP is Customs Officers getting “slash happy”.

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