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  1. What's ups with #6 & #7? We need a fix stat! Just kidding, they come when they come but UHDC has gone dark on BR2049 and RP1. As well as the matrices, come to think of it. I get it though, it is a tricky business juggling so many releases at once. @ksosk, is it possible to request an assigned number or is that too much trouble? Kinda late for it though, since we are six releases in.
  2. Don't forget Filmarena's (FullSlip XL + Lenticular Magnet Steelbook) and FNAC's lovely exclusive; there are probably others. I was disappointed the USA did not get even a blu-ray steelbook, let alone 4K, but who knows what the future might hold. Anyway, all that aside, I'm with @Scary Hair. Don't choose... splurge. But to make your life easier, the UMANIA steel is the same as Zavvi (art wise) albeit at a higher price tab. If you're after a premium WWA, go UMANIA; if you want the UK digital code, go Zavvi. Me, I can't wait for my Manta and can't stop caressing my UMANIA. 😜 Wait! that didn't come out right. 🤣
  3. The smaller size 2 wood is a 1/4" taller than the leather case and ever so slightly fatter.
  4. Generally, they run about $90-$95 for first invoice and then another $25 or so for shipping invoice. This one being all color will likely be 'for a few dollars more'.
  5. Glossy, neutral on the border (equally good with border or without). Digipack would be awesome.
  6. Nah, hate'em! So, how many can I get and do you give a volume discount? 🤣 Nice work @ksosk, as usual! Can't wait for these (and here I thought I could not get more excited about the motherbox).
  7. I suspected you had something up your sleeve @ksosk, but this beats my wildest dreams (OK maybe not wildest, a bit more tame than that 🤣). 👍
  8. Yep, 2 out of the four make no sense to me. Sure, I don't watch Batman Forever or Bathman and Robin as much but I still enjoy them for what they is. I'm ready to watch all four again. Bring it!
  9. Digipacks are very cool for panoramic art in addition to what you mentioned @ksosk. Hope we see some panoramics with embossing (and a lenti or three ).

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