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  1. We need protectors for everything. Any plans to make a protector for TDK motherbox, @ksosk? 🤣Seriously, I am just kidding. 😂
  2. Aha! So, @ksosk, lower collector numbers are related to hub shipping after all? I thought it was my imagination and second guessed myself! Haha... what a day. 🤣
  3. Sorry, that was me posting while zonked out from working 24 hours straight. I generally get lower numbers from MP GB regardless of shipping. That was my bad. Of course there are no guarantees and I don't speak for MP, it has just been my experience so far.
  4. Yeah, not really sure why BF decided 200 was a good size for this run; that would hardly be enough for a 1970s B-movie let alone Animales Fantásticos. We had been waiting on a Grindelwald premium with bated breath. A real head scratcher for sure. ☮️
  5. Their past two exclusives were in the $150 range for the three-edition one clicks (3D+2D) plus shipping for about $30 or so. This one leap frogs to $232 for a four-edition one click (shipping will likely be higher as well) but remember that this includes both 4K and 3D on two editions and a 4K vs 3D on the remaining two. The price is inline with other premium vendors.
  6. Looks delicious; big WeET X fan and this does not disappoint. I'll need me a slice of that pie. GB, GB, GB, GB....
  7. Seems like the artwork is mixed up. AZ DE shows this art for the 4K. Did they switch like they did with Alita?
  8. So, no longer Gold Label. Disappointing but I'll take it anyway.
  9. @ksosk, since I am signed up for 3xUC and 1xHDZ Bees, can I please request four Bee coins if available? 🤯🎉 Just saw @extantsrevenge's post. Will submit more requests.
  10. @ksosk, @extantsrevenge, The line showing the price on the PURCHASE form mentions BoRhap still. Needs you gentle touch. 💪
  11. The OC is still a box but it has a canvas sleeve wrapping the box (and it is awesome - good enough to send to outer space 🤣). And yes, you hopefully have another chance this Friday when Manta's A Star is Born goes for pre-order. Better have quick fingers though.

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