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  1. @airwins, this is the new design, which eliminates the seam and hinge that was on the spine of the WW release. The title will be on the spine (left) and centered as seen in the OP. Personally, I prefer this design. Not sure if this will open flat though.
  2. @extantsrevenge, @ksosk, would it be possible to update the OP. Blade Runner is UC#13, Inception is DP#05, Jaws is DP??. I asked in the BR thread already but can we unravel the mystery of UC#11 and UC#12?
  3. Thanks @Luxury Bluray. Very timely update (at least for me 😁).
  4. Alas, I missed this. I don't have any of the these films in my collection yet, so this would have been the perfect time to rectify that oversight. Well maybe next time. Great work as always @ksosk.
  5. What would be great is if U-Mania were able to source the AZ DE exclusive SteelBook for one of the 4K slips. That way we'll get all three WWA SteelBooks; just like the upcoming FAC release.
  6. We haven't been invoiced yet. The box is due for release tomorrow, so I'd expect an invoice soonish. Maybe a few website direct orders have shipped but we have to wait until FA fulfills the GB order.
  7. Steelbooks! Nom nom nom. Will UC have enough numbers to warrant WEA SBs? WEA or WWA, I'm in. I am liking UC editions quite a bit.
  8. Yep, a white box is a welcome change. I just wish the SteelBook were white instead of the bare metal WWA. Still, I'll take the box and the two editions.
  9. Per U'Mania's facebook page, this is Selective No. 6 (US was assumed to be No. 6, but it did not happen).
  10. I think an OC would be just what the doctor ordered. All editions look great. Looking forward to the update phase.

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