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  1. Mine came in a few days ago and I'm very impressed with it. It's one of my favorite premium releases. The packaging was excellent too! Thank you MP!
  2. I don't get all the hate for this release. It's nice for those of us who didn't get the first one. If someone already has that edition but they need the 4K, they can get a standard release and swap the discs.
  3. Very excited for this release! It's going to look awesome in HDR.
  4. It's a real shame this was cancelled. The film arena edition is going for ridiculous prices which I refuse to pay the scalpers. Hopefully we'll get another chance from HDZeta or someone else to get this.
  5. @Wheels Sorry to hear about your troubles with customs. Who would have thought a package with movies would be such a big deal? Were you able to get any of your stuff?
  6. @extantsrevenge Wait a minute...Those covers are for The Last Jedi but this thread is for Rogue One?
  7. I love how the artwork on the discs is part of the packaging.
  8. I love the look of this set. I wish I'd known about it before I bought the Best Buy steelbook.
  9. So is this just for the steelbook? I would love to own the one click from blufans but the prices for it are ridiculous.
  10. This is awesome. I never even heard of this set before.
  11. Does anyone know if they're doing a 4K release for this?
  12. Thank you. Glad I found a website for people who share my...condition.

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