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  1. Würde ich niemals wagen zu behaupten...
  2. Oh @Basil I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. I hope after the first shock you will be able to figure this out and find a solution that is not letting the worst case scenario come true. I will root for you and hope that all will be well. Stay positive my friend, even when it is hard in such a situation.
  3. you trying to get ahead of me on the prediction ranking, by infulencing me to change my vote 🤣. Also then my masterplan of the reverse psychology will not work either. The German team has to earn my back. One other thing, today starts the road to the 2nd Euro win 😜
  4. That is almost my prediction 🤣 that is why I need to become a I wonder how many German members will be banned from you at 21:00 😂. Since I do not watch any football aside from World Cup and Euro, the last memory for me is the shame from Russia 😡, getting angry just thinking about that. Also my reverse psychology is hopefully working. I will be happy to not get any points when it means Germany is winning 😅, so basically I'm doing the Team a favor.... See @thomue1987 not a at all.
  5. What is wrong with those teams 😭, not a single correct predictions yesterday Partly my own fault, as I changed from Czech winning to Scotland because they call themselves Bravehearts and have won against Czech recently 🙄 And come on Poland and Spain are both to bad to win 😲. Looks like I will become my own worst nightmare and not for @icewire who is still sitting comfortably at the top 😄 @Intentcoin don't give up with your predictions, you can still enter the 2 games for today and the next games. Members will need to make at least 40 predictions in

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