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  1. @kaninishappy welcome to Media Psychos, glad to have you here. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  2. @Mr Big welcome to Media Psychos, glad to have you here. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  3. ... ..... War nur Spaß
  4. ALITA Nö 😂 Dachte da helfen mal die Mods mit, aber der eine Arbeitet nicht und der andere Postet nur Gags
  5. So kommt man sich manchmal vor 🤣 Aber macht ja Spaß
  6. Damit du dich eintragen kannst. Sonst musst du dir am Ende wieder anhören, wenn du es doch haben möchtests 😂
  7. Sieht wirklich genial aus. Gut, dass ich das noch extra zum OC bekomme 😍 🤣
  8. Bleibt noch ca 5 Tage offen
  9. Warum ist @icewire immer so schnell beim Posten von BS, da poste ich A1 und was sehe ich ein paar Sekunden vor meinem post....
  10. Wie die Zeit vergeht 😳
  11. No. Sure VHS, DVD, regular BD, or some Steelbooks are worthless, but here we're talking about something different. Premium Editions are limited collectibles and everything that is limited will always have some sort of collecting community. Even when more and more people are going digital, a core group will continue to care about having something physical. When you look at comics you will notice that the current sales are some of the worst in history, but on the other hand old issues fetch record prices at auctions. Comics that you could have bought for a few hundred are now going for thousands. Of course these are mostly important issues (first appearances and stuff like that), but now that the Golden Age Comics are not so affordable anymore we even see more of the Silver Age going up and up, even some Modern Age show interest surge. Toys are the same. For example the Toys from the late 70ties (like Star Wars) or all the 80ties stuff are climbing in value all the time. These were available in large quantities at some time but kids played with them so less good stuff or still sealed stuff is existing. There is a huge fandom for these kind of things out there, some are people who had these as kids and are now in the position to get them back and some are people that use them as investment. The kind of money currently changing hands for some of the rare and popular items is crazy. Even stuff like sealed Games for consoles that no longer exist are going for a lot. Only because people want to have something special not many or any might have. So the Premium releases I think will keep some value, we might even see a huge surge in popularity in a few years, when not much physical media is still available and people are desperate to have an edition of their favorite movie. Of course it will depend on the movie and editions. What also is important that they remain rare. Something that is reproduced again and again can't become rare. I think some editions will remain hot as it is about the edition not the discs included. Basically the same applies as above.
  12. Guten Morgen Gang, kommt gut durch den Tag und in das verdiente Wochenende 😀
  13. @Tom_peer00 welcome to Media Psychos, glad to have you here. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

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