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  1. Seeing all these pictures, makes me realize again how much movies I aleady saw (have seen all the above at least ones) and still so much stuff I have not seen 😅. Anyway I think I would not have recognised a few hear, not easy pictures.
  2. I tested when it was released. I was very excitet about this project as it came from Ghibli and because I saw the live action version so many times when I was a kid. But sadly this was a complete let down. The animation (completely CGI) is an atrocity and not what you expect from Ghibli. It could have turned out to be an terrific anime (the story is great), but I could not take it and stopped after I think 2 episodes. Very sad that they failed on this. Done right it would have turned out great I think.
  3. Schönen Sonntag an alle, lasst es euch gut gehen.
  4. I'm in on that too, also hoping FAC will make this soon, but at the moment I wonder what is going on with them, as they only have very few actual finished releases coming. Also I', hoping WeET will do this as well ☺️
  5. Hier auch noch mal, alles gute zum Geburtstag @Catgirl
  6. Did you add your Birthday, I did not see it in the morning. Best wishes to you and
  7. Currently still hoping for a German release. Also no 4K 😭, I have a 4K UK on Pre-Order, sadly not in the GB and with the Cap problems, I don't know if I should change that.
  8. @CAYENNE-FAHRER , da hat @BobaFett1974 aber wieder ein geniales Custom gebaut 😍, sieht super toll aus, wäre ein Instant Buy 👍
  9. 16 how could I not recognize this 😭 19, that explains it, only one watch for me and I did not like it 😅 20, I saw it, but was a long time ago.
  10. I'm trying this one 😅 1: Training Day 2: Wild at Heart 3: Donnie Brasco 4: L.A.Confidential 5: The Hitcher 6: Mean Streets 7: Apocalypse Now 8: The Running Man 9: The Green Mile 10: Casino 11: The Big Lebowski 12: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 13: Being John Malkovich 14: The Full Monty 15: Enter the Dragon 16: ??? 17: District 9 18: Gone Girl 19: Is that Ryan Reynolds? 🤔 20: No clue 😭
  11. @R1s1ngs0n 😳, damn that is such an hard and almost impossible question to ask. To be honest there are performances I like and also stuff I don't like, but I never actually thought about what the best performances for me would be 🤔. I have to think about it
  12. Guten Morgen, allen einen schönen Samstag und ein schönes Wochenende ☺️
  13. Das ist hoffentlich nur ein schlechter Witz

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