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  1. Congratulations @Tonic24k you have received the Blufans Collector Award 👍
  2. Thanks for the offer 👌, at the moment I will wait for live pictures. If anyone finds some, please let me know so I can check out back & inside art 😊 Try making an advert in our classified section 👍
  3. @DarkSphere00 welcome to Media Psychos, glad to have you here. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  4. @Jacob Trevino welcome to Media Psychos, glad to have you here. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  5. Guten Morgen Psychos, wünsche einen guten start in die neue Woche 👍
  6. Have to get out a "One News Ahead" Award fast 😊 @airwins thank you so much for adding so many titles to the Future Pak category, especially the Ghibli are awesome to see for a fan like myself 😍 But you actually get this award for all the Release Topics you created over time and also for posting Beauty Shots, you have done these things already before joining the team and we're very grateful for that. Congratulations 🙏 you got it...
  7. Thanks @airwins for spotting that FNAC in France will have 20 of the 22 Ghibli movies in exclusive Future Paks. Release date is October 4th. These are not Steelbooks, but as they are similar I decided to include all in my guide as well. The OP is already updated. If you click on the pictues it will bring you to the Release Topics. Or go directly to the Future Pak category here. Normally I prefer my editions with the original or english title. I did not buy the Italian Steelbooks because they had Italian titles. Now after seeing the french I'm not sure what to do. They choose great art for these, on some the best of any SB/FP edition. But they have French titles and a not cheap 😳. For French Ghibli Fans this must be a dream come true, very great to see this happening. Damn I almost regret not getting the Italian Steelbooks now, but the Miyazaki are all OOP and very expansive. I do have the German, sadly they did not continue and all UK. Have to think on this. Anyone else planning to get the Future Paks from France?
  8. Is it for everyone, or do you have to be some kind of premium member. Also instand discount or gift card for later use? I'm not really a fan of foreign titles, but they do look good 🤔. Certainly a dream come true for any French Ghibli Fan 👍
  9. that looks awesome 😍. Now I only have to figure out how to directly order on FNAC 🤔
  10. Wow, that is certainly something for my Ghibli Steelbook Guide, even when they are Futurepaks 😊. Thanks @airwins 👍
  11. Nice Blade Runner 4K Steelbook, I didn't get the Japan release so I was hoping that would happen soon. Now I only wish Germany and/or UK will follow soon 😊
  12. Du bist doch PLATINUM, da ist es ja nicht so schlimm, wenn man etwas zu spät ist 😉
  13. Schönen Sonntag an alle. @hummels23 die hooks app funktioniert leider nicht mehr, entwicklung wurde eingestellt. Wir suchen nach etwas neuen. Am besten der GB Kategorie Folgen, dann gibt es immer eine Mail, wenn ein neuer GB startet. So mache ich das, noch nie einen verpasst.... hat vielleicht auch einen anderen Grund 😅
  14. Hi everyone, we decided to expand this award, so it also includes the posting of Beauty Shots. Often a release is announced but we don't get Beauty Shots for months (mostly on premium releases), but when they come out it is certainly NEWS, so it makes perfect sense to include that in this award as well. I adjusted the opening post to reflect the change and the text members get was also changed on the previous recipients. The One News Ahead Award will be given to members that regularly create/add new release topics and/or post Beauty Shots to Media Psychos. Hope you like that 😊. Will get the award out to more members soon.
  15. Nicht schlecht, habe selber die UK Edition über Ann geordert (obwohl ja teurer, aber lieber englischer Text auf der J-Card als French 😂). Die Bilder sind von unserem Mitglied @popohd hier ist der Topic. Warum gibt es das noch nicht bei uns 😪

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