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  2. Went to see The Marvels today. Never seen such a small audience at a MCU movie during the first week. Won't say anything about the movie for now. Shocked that there is only one MCU movie planned for 2024 (Deadpool 3), and seems like it will be first rated R MCU movie.
  3. Good point. I'd say this is true across a lot of media, not just the MCU. The limited series quality seems much higher than traditional movie releases, in general, imho.
  4. Man, I hope so. Quality over quantity should have always been the focus.
  5. Well it’s sad when the shows seem to be better than the movies. I do like that they said they were going to slow down a bit. So hopefully we get better movies/shows going forward.
  6. Yeah, it's been a pretty lukewarm phase. Here's to hoping that confidence is not misguided. Still, I'm looking forward to Guardians 3 and the new Captain America. It sounds like Ant-Man didn't exactly set Phase 5 off on the right foot (I haven't seen it yet), but hopefully we get a return to form soon.
  7. Because it’s probably the first Phase 4 movie they are confident in. There has been a few I enjoyed, but most have been average/below average.
  8. This feels like the earliest Marvel has released a teaser trailer for an upcoming flick in quite a while. Or maybe November just feels like a real long time away for me... 🤣
  9. After seeing Quantumania I have to almost agree with the below quote from an article I just read. "Hell officially freezes over as a Marvel movie from Sony generates bigger buzz than the MCU’s Phase Five" 😆
  10. That about sums Quantumania up for me too. Which somehow still makes it better than almost all of Phase 4.
  11. Will Kang kill Thor 😂 😆 😛
  12. Critic reviews are what I was going off of earlier and you're definitely right in that the general audience review is much more positive. I saw it Friday and was entertained. I'd put it somewhere near the middle (the lower half) of the MCU.
  13. I went and saw this yesterday and thought it was a good MCU movie. Better than Love and Thunder or Multiverse of Madness in my opinion. But it's not top tier MCU. I am definitely seeing more negative reviews from critics than from regular movie goers.
  14. That's not what I've seen or read. I've seen non-spoiler reviews on YouTube for Emergency Awesome and Jeremy Jahns, so far. Jeremy didn't like it as much as Charlie. Charlie felt it was much better than most of Phase 4
  15. Not sure if any of you consider reviews spoilers (not specifics but a general consensus on if a film is good or bad) but (re: Ant-man)...
  16. Respect your opinion Mike, but I’m really not sure what your dislike for Eternals has to do with a potential casting choice mate?? 😂👍🏼 Dr. Doom is a Hardcore beloved character of mine, as he is for many the world over. For me personally, Driver isn’t the right guy. Just because he wore a hooded cape and mask in Star Wars, that doesn’t make him the right choice for Doom. Just my opinion of course. TBF, Julian McMahon actually did a bang tidy job of the role previously, but who ever takes the mantle next really needs to take it up a notch in terms of being a bad guy, though again, I’d expect todays CGI etc to add to that.
  17. You are the opposite of me 😂 😆 😛
  18. Venom 2 and Morbius are bad movies, but I liked Eternals.
  19. I've been following this channel for years and he's not one of those weirdos who tells us a lot when the day is long
  20. @Pbsw23 can’t be any worse for me then the Eternals was for me!
  21. I don’t care what this dude says in the video above, I am NOT feeling Adam Driver as Doom in any way. Really lazy if you ask me. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  22. How cool is this… 😎 And then, How Weird is this?! 😲
  23. I really need to watch Spiderverse again. I also loved it and have seen it twice, once on the big screen and once at home when my WeET Collection release landed. But that was a hell of a long time ago now so I feel I need to revisit. Feels like a perfect lazy Sunday watch this weekend actually 😄 I think Majors is about to sky rocket in terms of popularity with Kang. Brilliant actor. Also can’t wait to see Mahershala Ali in Blade! Another firm favourite for me.
  24. Spiderverse is one of my favorite films. I initially wasn't interested in it at all but I have a subscription to the local theater and decided to give it a shot one night and I was blown away. It's a really hard act to follow in my opinion. As for the formal MCU, I'm so far behind on shows that I don't have any real expectations in terms of moving the phase forward. I think I'll like Ant-man because I don't walk in with high expectations for that franchise. I agree re: Majors ; he's one of my favorite actors right now.

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