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  2. I agree, this was a very good movie. Really looking forward to Quantum Mania!
  3. I really enjoyed it even if it wasn’t quite the classic I hoped it would be.
  4. Yeah . . . I was really really wrong. Fooled by a trailer. Not my best take. Not hatin' . . . we laughed hard a couple of times, nice to see Kevin Bacon making fun of himself. But . . . nah.
  5. Just watched Black Panther Wakanda Forever today. Hard to see how anyone wouldn't like this movie. A step up from some of the previous MCU entries, in my opinion.
  6. I think this one has the potential to be added to the canon of must watch Christmas movies . . . step aside Elf.
  7. Same! And we get a holiday special, too!
  8. So excited for Guardians of the Galaxy 3! Thor Love and Thunder just offered too brief a teaser seeing the GOTG back in action.
  9. Agreed. Part of the problem, I think, is that we've been back at square one with setting up the post-Endgame dynamics and laying the groundwork for the saga to come. And it's been pretty rough. I can't help but wonder if some of the TV shows would have better served the characters as movies, instead. I have high hopes for Phases V and VI, though, since we're getting the return of characters like Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, etc.
  10. Awesome trailer, thanks for posting this @MikeH5856. Phase IV has just been all over the place, including all the Disney plus shows. Still entertaining, but I am hoping eventually things start to get pulled back together.
  11. That was a fantastic Spider-Man trailer. 😂
  12. It feels like Phase IV has been more misses than hits, at least for me, but I'm hoping Wakanda Forever and Ant-Man can really deliver on what they're promising. Both have had phenomenal trailers, and I'm very excited to see Kang make his MCU movie-debut after introducing one of his variants in Loki. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed we get this as a steelbook next spring. This sucker is begging for some embossing!
  13. I know. I’m hoping after some of the recent shows and Thor we get back on track here. I’m optimistic for this and Zealand a Forever!!
  14. Wowzers….so stoked for this (and Wakanda forever)
  16. But even that’s going to be yet another comedy ☹️ Sure it will be decent though! 🤞🏼 I’m personally looking forward to Black Panther, Secret Wars, Daredevil & Armour Wars over the third Guardians. Also looking forward to Kang in Quantumania. I am Not particularly looking forward to The Marvels or The Thunderbolts.
  17. Guardians 3, you're my only hope!
  18. I didn’t mind Ms Marvel, not really enjoying She-Hulk. Love and Thunder…. Well, disappointing. Also didn’t really like Multiverse of Madness, though I suspect a second watch will ease the disappointment there. Its all gone horribly horribly wrong IMO, but if anything can turn it around, if anyone can save it, it has to be Ryan Coogler, and it has to be this…
  19. My falling behind has more to do with genre fatigue than anything else. I watched the first episode of Ms. Marvel a few weeks apart in an attempt to get "up to date" but I'm struggling to continue. The recent influx of other content (Andor, Rings of Power, etc) and my first watches of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have made it difficult to go back to the Marvel formula. Ms. Marvel isn't to blame; it's just the latest in the line of formulaic content that has been pumped out for the past 14 years and I need a bit of a break.
  20. I enjoy She-Hulk for what it is and really love the cast - Tatianna Maslany and Tim Roth are a hoot. agreed regarding Thor, but I’m optimistic about the upcoming slate.
  21. I enjoyed Ms Marvel as well, and She-Hulk is just that, a sitcom. On YouTube, Twitter etc. it's become a bandwagony thing to crap on anything Marvel. While She-Hulk is the weakest of their Disney+ shows IMO, and Thor: Love and Thunder was a bit of a disappointment, I think Marvel will bounce back with their upcoming slate. People seem to forget that not every movie that they put out pre 2020 was a classic.
  22. LOL That is exactly how far I’ve made it, too! Secret Invasion is definitely going to be a priority once that launches, though.
  23. I really enjoyed Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk is an entertaining MCU version of a sit-com so YMMV.
  24. You're not alone. I've watched 1 episode of Ms. Marvel and have yet to start She-hulk

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