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  1. I just got married! If my newly wife sees this OMG. J/k Thank you all for the bday wishes!
  2. I have been thinking of Cowboy Bebop quite a bit lately. I was thinking of a Cowboy Bebop themed banner. I am bit sure if someone else has one.
  3. Welcome! Glad to have you here. Feel free to reach out to any of us for questions and the like. We very much have a family atmosphere here. I hope you have the same experience as I have thus far. Cheers.
  4. Wow WCL kills it with their releases. This is looking like another must own.
  5. @goose_3387 What are the rules for requesting a new banner? Once a year or? I've been thinking about requesting an update when you have the time. Cheers
  6. Anyone an Insider or Maneater fan? Never seen his movies on those two. I bought Insider digitally, Silence of the Lambs gets the more famous take from the novels
  7. my soon to be wife is an interior designer. If she saw those insta posts, she would ban me from this site period.
  8. Hey MP, I am hoping someone can answer some questions: 1) I saw Master List for releases from HDZeta and WCL. Are there others for e.g. UHD club? I tried to search under regions but I did not see additional lists aside from the ones I mentioned earlier. 2) After watching Boon Joon-Ho masterful movie Parasite and Snow piercer, I bought additional films that were available on Apple TV (Barking Dogs, Host, Mother). However, I have seen many mention Memories of Murder. I have not seen this movie on any streaming platform nor a quick search in the forums here. Any ideas where I would be able to watch this digitally or physical set in subtitle? 3) Is there an inevitable boxset or forthcoming boxset that contains all of Boon Hoon-Jo movies in 4K? If not 4K will that be likely, given the success of Parasite?
  9. Yes! Michael Mann had some amazing films over the years that he directed. Last of Mohicans as well.
  10. Can't wait to get this in my hands. When in the world will this have an official 4K release? I would love to have the street shootout in Atmos or Dolby Master...until the SWAT or cops get called LOL.

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