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  1. If the Umania for Acquaman cost was comparable (not as beautiful), this is going to expensive OC (~$300ish per?)
  2. Is this confirmed? Debating on whether I should jump on this or another retailers' release down the line. What do you think @ksosk @DodgyDave?
  3. I hear you. I despised what they did in Last Jedi. Pretty visuals and subversive trailers will not pull me in. I have learned my lesson. I refuse to buy or watch on Netflix LoJ to this day. I had such frustrations over it, to only be topped by Game of Thrones Season 8.
  4. ^ I read some spoilery stuff for RoS. I am waiting for friends and other reviews before I pluck down any $$$ for this movie.
  5. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!
  6. Thanks @extantsrevenge! Oh I didn't know @Benoit46 was such a Gal Gadot fan! I was in Vegas for last shows for Guns N Roses show and Jason Mamoa was behind me watching them play for an hour before being able to go backstage, I sadly didn't see Gal Gadot Wonderwoman ally. Damn is she hot!
  7. I can watch t2 a thousand times. It's timeless (no pun intended). If they never release t3, Salvation and the rest then fine. Salvaton was god awful in terms of ending. Aww a terminator hybrid (Sam Worthington) with big heart giving John Conner a heart to share with the world. Hugs and kisses...John Connor should've died so easily with all the blows he took in that film. I did like Genisys but Emilia Clarke was horribly miscast in that one. And her saying pops over and over. WTF was that. Anyways, Dark Fate had private screenings and it's getting some positive hype. I would be happy to erase the others from memory.
  8. Thank you for the advice! I have "slush fund" in the form of PayPal that I maintain to do this so I don't dip into my bank. She sees some of them at times but I've managed to find spaces for these release. Now I need to be saving money for a wedding! The double whammy is that she is an interior designer so, it's hard for her to see all the cases. I have to put them in a closet with dwindling space. I want to eventually get a bigger space or man cave to display these as appropriately as I can. Although I am relatively happy with what she has allowed me to have a setup right now. I'll post some pics. Wondering if I should put in another thread.
  9. @DodgyDave I can't argue with you there. I am regretting it now based on what you discussed above. Your wisdom and experience has told me not to pass on an opportunity like this again. I realize how crazy everyone is for Marvel collections, or any limited collections in general. I should've jumped in for that alone. Oh well. If any do pop up I'll bite. You @extantsrevenge @ksosk know ho much damage I have done to may wallet. LOL My fiancee is about to see a volume of orders about to start coming in from all the GBs I have done!

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