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  1. Holy stop using inappropriate language @ksosk. Amazing job. I am definitely in for this!
  2. damn how did i miss this! There will be an eventual quadrilogy or 5 (or wherever they end it )film set...
  3. Damn @Veum Hard choice between Platinum and Gold! I'm patient and will accept whatever fate MP gods bestow upon me!
  4. Thank you! Done! Question I have is would the Protective sleeve choice XL protest the hardbox with all three editions? If so, I will upgrade order. Wasn't sure.
  5. I missed the FAC GB. I tried to search for the Black Barons GB. Has it already closed? I can't seem to find it. 🤣
  6. Struggling to figure out which versions and additions I want! Alien 2 I will sell blood and anything for. I can't wait for the 4K remaster of that to come out. How much to Maniac editions roughly cost?
  7. @ksosk You have seriously outdone yourself. These extras and talented artwork you have done are amazing!
  8. Horror movies are scary! What kind of horror movies? It, Get Out, Birdbox is my jam. I do appreciate some of John Carpenter and Army of Dead classics. I can't get into the the Saw or torture/gore stuff.
  9. Agreed. Readying my wallet! Looking forward to signing up for this GB. I also want to look at Interstellar

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