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  1. Woa Woa Woa.....Go on.... Later half of year is going to be expensive with the backlog of GBs I've accumulated.
  2. Get the OC, keep the version you want and resell/flip the ones you don't and hopefully you out ahead. Done deal.Get the OC, keep the version you want and resell/flip the ones you don't and hopefully you out ahead. Done deal.
  3. I have so many versions of this one movie. Milk it while they can I suppose. I'm tempted as I really do love the steelbook cover on here. Pretty badass and putting the Michelangelo art on the inside. This OC might the one for me. Going forward, I think I am done after this one for DP2. I hope Disney allows DP to exist as is in some capacity and they will release an inevitable boxset.
  4. I definitely will heed @DodgyDave advice on this one! Damn the digital iTunes was on sale the other week. I definitely want to know when the GB is up!
  5. Trust we do in you @ksosk as always. Love it. Like someone mentioned previously, I would love to see how the "V" layout will line up against Blade Runner. Eager to see this one in my hands.
  6. Hello All- I am trying to avoid getting political here but are there concerns on USPS shipping? Especially Media Mail? This is disturbing to me. I think we can expect a slowdown and maybe some packages getting "lost". https://www.salon.com/2020/07/15/disturbing-memo-reveals-trumps-usps-chief-has-slowed-delivery-amid-calls-to-expand-voting-by-mail/
  7. Just got my copy. Can't wait to play Kurosawa mode. The PS4 theme is killer!
  8. @Veum You also need to consider whether or not many of the game publishers are supporting games that you already purchased on older platforms to upgrade for free. Many are on onboard with this for MS Xbox Series X and I believe some for PS5. Take-Two more than likely will squeeze more revenue dollars for GTA and RDR2 upgrade. Judging by you initial post, if you have never bought the previous gen console, then it doesn't matter. https://www.psu.com/news/all-ps4-games-that-have-ps5-upgrades-guide/
  9. I have no idea what this movie is about but wow the contents and case look pretty!
  10. @SnakePlissken I commend you for your staunch stance and resistance to buy the transformers collection or any part of it. I too was traumatized from the travesty of Michael Bayism that pervaded my beloved childhood franchise. I haven't watched Bumblebee, but I am told it's leagues better than the garbage Bay tainted over the franchise. TF1 is my fav due to the awe it brought (and having Spielberg's magic). TF3 is watchable (except for one of my fav characters getting slaughtered out of nowhere). Everything is absolute pile of trash and laughable. I admit I tried to watched a pirated copy of TF5: Last Knight (I refuse to pay a cent) dubbed in Mandarin in the background while doing other chores. I wish I never watched it and got a refund on my electric bill for having it on. Side Note: I had some severe trauma from TF2 and blasted WB and Michael Bay for it (funny enough I actually met him at a South Beach day club one year, he had a high-end "date" with him, arrogant in real life as in his movies).
  11. Wow. Now I am regretting letting go of my copy LOL. Oh well
  12. As I have mentioned many times before, in @ksosk we trust.

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