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  1. @ksosk, what slipcovers would I need for these GBs I've just joined? I would want to combine shipping w/GBs please! Thanks! Film Arena - Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse UHD Club - Schindler's List Manta Lab - SEVEN Manta Lab - Aquaman
  2. @ksosk, that would be great! Do you think we will be able to get one for the recent GB of Schindler's List (4K + 2D) - UHD Club Leather Edition [China](& future GB UHB Club Leather Editions)?
  3. Thanks @extantsrevenge, I've never sold anything, anywhere, as I'm not very good at all the details that would be involved(not selling savvy at all, I would need help w/this). I would like to do what you suggest & sell/get Bohemian Rhapsody here(), however again I do not know all the ends & outs of selling online(shipping/PayPal & all that)! Please let me know what you think & could help me with!! Thanks!
  4. Too bad I did not find out about MP before I bought the BestBuy steel w/o slip ... I would have joined this GB for Bohemian Rhapsody! I know this is out in right field, however I must ask, any way I could order just the Fullslip XL?
  5. That is superb looking @ksosk (I just pre-ordered today... don't tell the Mrs. though , this is only my 2nd pre-order through MP for exclusives since I just joined the other day... FilmArena's Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse being the other!),! Thank you for all the hard & deserved work you put into this. Schindler's List is one of my all-time fav. films (I did get the Everythingblu version last week... yours is much neater imho though, can't wait!)! I just love those Passport info (movie prop) Sample detail cards of survivors printed on rustic papers!
  6. Hello everyone. Newbie here, as I just joined tonight! :-) It kind of looks overwhelming to navigate your site at though. Is there an easy way to help a newbie like me w/GB's & just getting started? The Film Arena Equalizer 2 is what really drew me here. I'm also very disappointed, as what drew me here 1st was to get on your GB for FilmArena's FAC #111 THE EQUALIZER 2 Lenticular 3D FullSlip XL EDITION #3 4K Ultra HD Steelbook™ Limited Collector's Edition - numbered is already closed to buy. :-( Why is it closed on your site already when FilmArena has not even allowed us to purchase yet on their site & their release date is 4/17/2019? I guess I'm not understanding very well! regards, Veum

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