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  1. So that means invoices are coming out in 6 months? And the. Shipping will start October 2021?
  2. Yeah this almost $100 to the USA and I’m just not that impressed with it. I might pay $50-60 for it. I don’t even know anyone that has a record player besides my dad. I guess it’s mostly just for the nostalgia of it.
  3. Inglourious Basterds is a phenomenal movie. You should really check it out!
  4. This was easy for me as I’ve only seen 5 of the movies on the list. Pulp Fiction and his last 4. That being said Pulp Fiction is possibly my favorite movie. Probably like 2 or 3, but definitely in my top 3 favorite movies ever.
  5. Thanks a lot @Ryan! I got them all to work. I really appreciate it.
  6. Seriously one disc holder? I don’t care if they only come with Blu-ray, but at least give me to option to snap a 4K disc in there. They shouldn’t even make a single disc Steelbook holder anymore. Also why do they have that WB text On the slip and the Steel? Shouldn’t it just be one or the other? Kind of ruins the slips imo. Is the text going to be Lenticular also on the DL lol? That’s going to look weird.
  7. When I saw this I was really hoping it was the Zavvi Steelbook Art.
  8. You will probably be waiting a long time. I will be also. Shipping with the pandemic is slowed down considerably. Also on top of that the USA hub master had house damage from the hurricane and the surrounding area was hit badly. They are anticipating 2-3 weeks without power. This will add at least that much time or more to the delays. Everyone just has to be patient. I’ll be happy if I have my hub shipments by Christmas. I’ve just put it out my mind until they show up.
  9. Group buy is open @RileyLad @Michael hillaby @LeGonze Secure yourself a copy!
  10. I like that! You have to vote with your wallet. So you're saying when I get my CM Joker and BOP I'm going to be disapointed? The only CM I have in hand is First Man and I think that has the best Lenticular of all the edtions of that movie.
  11. Seriously though that is about the nicest mail day you could ask for. I bet a ton of people would give you both nuts for that BVS set. Especially a low number matching one like you have there. I’m glad BF used some different Artwork and got creative with Alita. That Black Barons OC is hard to beat, but at least it’s different enough to justify getting both.
  12. Will this get me anywhere @extantsrevenge?
  13. The thing that gets me is I don't think they could make a profit. How do make money only selling 250 of something? It's not like they go down to the local copy center and say "run me off 1000 of these collector cards". There has got to be some serious tooling and investment in getting these produced. I've never made premium Steelbooks. If I did I bet I would say $80 for an edition is a bargain!

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