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  1. It’s all your fault now @R1s1ngs0n It’s the life of a super moderator buddy. Get used to it. 😁
  2. @Billy Talent Yeah that has been pointed out before. Is that Hdzeta or Manta Lab Steelbook?
  3. He’s not telling what he’s not telling. And he’s not telling when he is allowed to not tell what he is not telling. Hopefully that makes sense 👍🏻
  4. Doesn't the Ultimate cut or whatever the three hour version is called already have Imax scenes? What exactly is this? I know they are not re-filming the entire movie with Imax cameras. That would cost like a couple hundred million dollars.
  5. Well here we go @extantsrevenge. I tried to get this award with zero premiums involved. Just couldn’t quite make it though. I will save the big guns for stage two 👍🏻
  6. Some new goodies have arrived! Two from Media Psychos and the big guy I won at auction. I haven’t opened an Everything Blu release yet, but they look exquisite. I have heard multiple people say that their quality is not up to the standards of FAC, Hdzeta and Blufans. They look really nice to me though. Thanks staff for doing the Mini-GB’s.
  7. That is a really nice display @Tonic24k! Unfortunately sealed boxsets don’t count towards these two awards. You have to see the individual slips. What do you like better? The MCU or the DCEU? 😁
  8. Wind River is amazing, blew me away the first time I watched it. Taylor Sheridan is a great Writer/Director/Producer. Hell or High Water is my favorite movie he has done. He also is responsible for the Tv show Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. Which is just, running out of ways to describe how good it is. It is really, really, really good. If you like wide open landscapes Taylor Sheridan is someone to watch out for.
  9. I am glad they have the embossed IW Steelbook from the Euro releases instead of the plain Jane one Best Buy got. I like the hard box. I like the goodies, the folders, the slips, the Steel Magnets. Yeah there is nothing here we haven't seen before. Weet's definitely nicer overall. This will probably have 3x the extras though since Weet has the same goodies in all their slips. I don't know, I feel it is a pretty solid release.
  10. Thanks for the tag @Veum As far as Marvel releases I would prioritize getting onboard with the new ones as they come up. You won't find them any more affordable than picking them up here. Ebay is perfectly fine for picking up older releases. I use it a lot. I would buy only from someone who has good and established feedback. You will pay more, but that is the trade off of coming in late. Some editions you can find for around GB price too. Like WEet's BP and CM. Now prior releases you can do all number of things. Really anything you want. I have decided to

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