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  1. Think Manta better do a premium Beavis & Butthead release for you guys to go splurge on!
  2. Dang, I do love this movie so! And I really love ALL the KIMCHI covers and would be the one 1 Click I'd be proud to own. BUT - is incredibly expensive now second hand. I do have the Kimchi version with Scarlett on the front which I adore. But seeing how Manta's may look - I may have to splurge on it as well.
  3. Was there something I saw a while back about a release for Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)? Was that going to happen - did happen - or got cancelled?
  4. Dang! Was hoping it was going to be this Coma....
  5. A bountiful binge of Bun-Bun's! Great little clips there, thanks!
  6. Really clever how the banner was done. And I love wild bunnies! Good work!
  7. I've been eyeing this EVERYTHING player by Sony that apparently can handle all formats and grades. But it's around the $200.00 still. And my cash flow has been on the TIGHT side lately. But one of these days I may take the plunge. I have a All Region Phillips DVD player which isn't bad in my bedroom, and a handy portable UDME(?) All Region DVD player which I can truck around with, and also hooks up and plays easily on my larger living room TV. Currently have a Sony BD player which I really like in the living room, and wish there was a way to hack it for Region Fee. But have already gotten WCL's 4k version of 2001: A Space Odyssey still sitting in it's box. So I'm gonna have to UPGRADE one of these days, whether I like it or not.
  8. I think what's getting me now with DVD's vs. Blu-Rays is the cost discrepancies between the two. I believe it's Kino/Lorber that have some of their BD's priced LESS than the DVD versions. Which to me makes sense if BD is to be the dominate format for the next decade or two. Yet (and thankfully) Criterion is still keeping their DVD prices markedly lower than BD versions. Which to me is still ironic, in that some of their BD title's is LESS than what one gets with DVD. Less disc's, smaller case, booklet, etc. Really cheesed with Arrow releasing, as the first title I got from them was their version of Slaughter House Five. Nice extras over the DVD, but nothing really stunning. Movie transfer didn't wow me any, and packaging was kinda wan. Had there been a DVD version I opted for, I may have thought it better for the price - as long as it was cheaper ala Criterion and not Kino/Lorber. I used to be the editor for monthly, semi and yearly CD-ROM's back in the 90's. Dealing with replicating plants like AmericDisc, CinRam, and Sony. At first, the costs between data vs. music were pretty wide. And totally understood that 5000 stuffy business CD-ROM's was not going to take precedent over 5 million Nirvana or Bruce Springsteen CD's. But these plants were good! 99% quality, on time, and quickly fixed mistakes. And again, I was giving them about 25 titles monthly to issue, from 500 to 5000 copies each. How they managed me, AOL, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob's Band Demo Disc's are beyond me? Today obviously, disc demand for movies and music is at a all time low. So I'm surprised replicating plants aren't offering great discounts for DVD and Blu-Ray replication to keep business pumping. And/or publishers aren't taking advantage of or demanding more efficient price breaks for both formats combined. 50,000 BD's at say $10,000. Or 50,000 BD's and 5000 DVD's @ say $11,500. Even if the DVD's don't move as quickly, they still knock the BD price down significantly. Keeps people working, profits up, and customers happy. I'm sure there'd be a stink if music publishers today said the majority of there releases will only be 80g Vinyl and digital MP3 now, and forgo CD versions altogether. And maybe some have already? Again, not to sound like I'm 'pro CD' - but it still can offer some leverage in this day of age business wise I feel. And to me, Criterion is the only one still taking advantage of it in way of DVD + BD. Premium boutique lines wouldn't benefit any, which I totally understand. And possibly little indies like MVD Rewind wouldn't either? Then again, if MVD as a whole wanted to save money - dual issues for them and/or Rewind could bring costs down across the board and increase sales 15% or more? Arrow, Shout, and others seem to missing the boat on this. And keeping the material stock low, prices high, and encouraging streaming to really CUT costs. Maybe I'm just too OLD SCHOOL and prehistoric in my business thinking. But I only see 'profitable business' now, as opposed to 'beneficial business'. And yes, beneficial isn't always profitable in the short term. But if price breaks are had, more selection offered, more sales and discounts could be had for BD fans, DVD fans, and possibly encourage 4k enthusiasm within the myriad? Or maybe replicating plants just can't handle that anymore, and the hired labor and equipment servicing defeats the varied material cost? Not to sound like Mandrake in Dr. Strangelove but "Hmmm, yes. Putting it that way sir, there definitely seems to be something wrong somewhere I would say...."
  9. Wow! Now that's HIGH TECH! But I get what you're saying - a bit anyways. I was recently dismayed at MVD Rewinds release of The Point: Ultimate Collectors Edition on BD. Lot's of new extras added about Harry Nilsson and the making of, which is great. But the movie itself - its like a rushed dupe from a 3rd strike print! Nice in one way to relive that 'old school' feel, and even in some of the newer interviews they do these sloppy 70's tape edits. But again, $30 for a Blu-Ray - and the previous DVD I had looked WAY better. So not to slight MVD Rewind, as they are definitely preserving and expanding the history of lesser known but important films. But is questionable if they didn't bother brushing up the copy they had acquired out of cost issues, OR they crammed it through a bunch of Final Cut plug in's to give it this aged and retro feel? I don't mind Tarantino mucking with his movies to give it that 'grindhouse feel'. But to take liberty with some of these old gem's in this modern age is really becoming dubious at best. Clarity, crispness, color restoration, artifact removal - okay. Director liberty to darken, brighten, extend or edit work on new formats - maybe? But to take something onto a new format and not be bothered with restoration and/or make it look it's age or older for poops and giggles? Fine for someone on YouTube, but in the supposed world of expectations of BD and/or 4k quality - are we really getting the 'full accurate picture' for our money's worth? And some might say "For a cheesy old movie like The Point, who cares?" But what in 10 years there's a gunked up retro release of Star Wars on 8k? Would there be outcry? Should there be outcry? Or would we be content going back to overpriced VHS copies on Ebay to better appreciate and/or compare the high tech advances 8k A.I. aging filters has come? Just seems like 1 step forward, and 2 steps back lately. And if no one says much, or demands better....?
  10. Man, that just would be so awesome to have right beside my big Snowpiercer box in the display case.
  11. Would be awesome if Plain Archive could come out with a English version. All those disc's though with the Joker's version. What are they all, do we know? 4k, BD, DVD, and extras? My cheapo DVD just came with a Q&A with Bong and a couple of trailers.
  12. Thanks Deckard. Such a shame, as the set does look so nice. Hard to believe they can't have ANY English on it whatsoever.
  13. So I'm a little confused now, as I just picked up the DVD cheaply recently. It's audio tracks are Korean and French dub, and only English subtitles. I think these Joker folks merely said 'French Only' - so does that mean the audio track, and no subtitles at all? Or still with Korean, French audio and the English subtitles? And/or the delay is adding subtitles now?
  14. They're a British publisher distributed through Lime Wood Media, and this is their current list of Limited Editions; https://www.powerhousefilms.co.uk/collections/limited-editions I like these folks much better than Arrow, as their booklets and features are really enlightening. BUT not all of their releases are Region Free, and is hard to tell the Standard from the LE. Other than front cover will be a bit shorter for the regular BR release. I was lucky enough to get The China Syndrome and Eyes Of Laura Mars Limited Editions, but kinda got duped on getting Christine and Hardcore versions. And like all us collectors, 2nd best really just isn't good enough!

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