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  1. Good to know. I usually use Amazon as a gauge to what I come across in second hand and retail stores. Most of the time the stores have the better deal. But I've come across some OOP and special items at Amazon that were super cheap. But I guess what gets me about this Softbay is the title and images and all are so deceptive. Bad enough keeping up with PAL and region codes, which gives a heads up with (import) or UK, cover code and/or a blurb of Region 2 in the description. This one though seemed so straight forward and legit like my other finds. Then again, most were NA sellers and easy to communicate with.
  2. Ah, I see. I just bought another on eBay for over $200 that says it's the whole enchiladas. So fingers crossed. I'll keep you guys posted here how it turns out. An obsession bordering on a sickness! 😉
  3. So non-exclusive would be just the case and discs then? First time I ever got duped on Amazon. As the saying goes - caveat emptor. Will try my hand on Ebay with fingers crossed. Thanks.
  4. I found what looked to be like a decent copy of Snowpiercer on Amazon being sold by Softbay in S.Korea. Attached is the picture of what they're supposedly selling, which I spent $108 on. When it arrived, it was just the steelbook and the 2 discs! I immediately contacted them asking where's the rest, and they quickly responded 'they couldn't make it fit'? They promised a full refund as credit on Amazon, and I don't have to return the item. But now I see they've updated their selling price to $111.50 Would this be a possible knock off company? It was well packed and shipped, and came extremely fast. But I don't get this 'couldn't make it fit' and the immediate refund? I expected them to say that particular version is sold out, or no longer exists. And/or apologize for the misleading representation on the Amazon site and glad I brought it to their attention. Is it just lack of communicative translation, or something more sinister going on? I want that set dammit! Not $108 sitting on Amazon waiting to be spent on something else. Anyone else encounter anything like this?
  5. Welcome aboard! I'm from The Big Smoke just north of you and recently joined as well.
  6. Thanks a bunch folks! Glad I'm not the only one in praise of Bong Joon Ho! :-) You guys sound pretty awesome, and I look forward to exploring the forums in depth tonight.
  7. Recently discovered KIMCHI DVD and Black Baron and am hooked! I love the offbeat stuff like Spike Jonze's 'Her', Wes Anderson film's, and am a super freak for Bong Joon Ho movies. So I'm looking for past, present, and future releases to really honor these film makers in my collection.

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