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  1. Does look nice, and is tempting. And as much as I love the movie - why 'Her'? So glad that Kimchi did it so nicely, and now Manta's doing it up - but why exactly? Was this movie really popular in Asia? Or because this movie can be cheaply had licensing wise? Or both? Or something entirely different? I kinda noticed it as well with Ex Machina to a degree. Another good movie, though not quite as good as Her IMHO. To me, they're just significant movies that we may look back on 20 years from now and say 'Damn! These guys were spot on!' Or like 2001 - "What the hell happened? I can't even get my Ro
  2. Man, that is still so gorgeous to me! And I missed it! ;(
  3. What I like about the movie is how subtle the science fiction futuristic aspect is. Kinda like A Clockwork Orange, it could be 50 years from now, or it could be next week. And Jaoquin's job being the personalized sentimental poet for people too lazy to express themselves decently to supposed loved ones. And then that video game he plays at home - that cracked me up! So if ones into sociology and/or psychology - this movie is AWESOME I'd say. But if looking for Black Widow and Soylent Green, you will be let down by Her I'm sure.
  4. Thanks guys. I too was kinda surprised to see this Pleasure trailer in English with French subtitles. Then again, this was for the theatrical promo - so won't be on disc for a while I'm sure. But will be interesting to see how they do release it in physical form. Looks like a movie ripe for Vinegar Syndrome, Severin or Anti-World. So maybe best to be patient then.
  5. Just curious if anyone has bought anything from this new Joker label out of France? I know they had a really nice edition of Parasite a while back, but only with French subtitles. This latest movie they're touting called Pleasure looks interesting to me, and apparently is in English with french subtitles. Is the company easy to deal with, shipping decent, quality decent? I'm no good with French, and let Google translate everything for me with Amazon.FR. So hopefully this Joker place is as easy to deal with?
  6. Its worth seeing, I'll give you that. And I like challenging movies myself as a rule. But honestly The Last Movie is like Two Lane Blacktop, but the cars are going in different directions. There is a commentary by Alex Cox on my version which I started to get into after watching, but was so tired I had to turn it off. But I'll be interested to hear what he got out of it all. At least with Cox's movies there's a cohesive playfulness to it all - as warped as it may seem. Something that sticks with the viewer, makes them think, makes them want to learn more. Straight To Hell, Walker, and Tombston
  7. Was always fascinated hearing about this monstrosity of a movie by Dennis Hopper that nearly ended his career. Missing out on limited releases by Indicator et al, I managed to get a really nice version from Carlotta finally. But what a mess of a movie! I can take Alex Cox westerns like Straight To Hell and Walker, but Hopper's The Last Movie is so disturbingly disjointed! Yet, some incredible scenic shots! For all the talent Hopper had with him at the time, and his own performance isn't too bad. But the whole film is so convoluted with metaphor and deflections, it's truly hard to get any sembl
  8. I'm with you! It's like buying a car. One thing to read about it in Motor Trend. Another thing to see it in a showroom!
  9. Probably one of the BEST movies in how A.I. will truly affect us - and we may affect it; in the not too distant future. And Spike Jonze and Joaguin Phoenix are just so subtle in the look and feel of the movie. And Scarlet Johannsen's voice... Damn! Hard not to fall in love with it! Spike and Bong Joon Ho are the two best new film makers of the 21st century IMHO, and wish Spike would be as fast as Bong with his projects. But then he get wrapped up with Johnny Knoxville and perpetuates Jackass movies - go figure? Then again, if I could hang with Johnny Knoxville, I'd give up all other ambitions
  10. For me, if it's a movie like I know the back of my hand of - 2001: A Space Odyssey, I still haven't opened my WCL edition yet. If it's a set I'm unsure if I want to 'get into' or not - Twin Peaks: From Z to A is still in it's wrapping. I love David Lynch's movies, but never tried the show. And you'd think with Covid and all - now would be the time to crack it open. But MAN - there's just SO MUCH in there! Oh yes, and Indicators 'Irreversible' - great movie, but I'm savoring that one as it's still dang fresh in my mind (and maybe for sometime?)

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