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  1. So I'm kinda a tadpole compared to some of you collectors here. I enjoy my rare offbeat movies I can track down on KIMCHI and such (Snowpiercer, Irreversible, Her, Ernest & Celestine to name a few) And I have them displayed in a antique credenza with a vertical glass door display shelves on the side. I've stood and arranged them all to be proudly arranged and visible, and I admire them every time I pass by. I see many items now for collectors ranging from slipcases to display stands and so on. The latest I saw was Vinegar Syndrome shelf divider cards. For me, I keep any little baggy sent with my orders and put the release on top of them in my display case. But I am intrigued by some of these extras like stands and housings and such to REALLY prominently display and protect a release. As much as I love my collection so far, their hasn't been a title yet I feel is "the holy grail" to really show off and protect. So, the question is - does these addendum's like slip covers and stands and divider cards etc. start as a novelty or a necessity for many here? Much like tattoo's, is it "I'll just get a stand and a case for this particular fave, and that's it!" And before you know it, you got 7 more stands, gold leafed display frames, and 200 protective sleeves on the side. Is there a point when one regrets all the extra's they've gotten for their collection? I always think back to The Simpson's episode where Homer gets talked into buying all these gizmos for his cars power outlet. And as he's driving away he's using and taking inventory - "Fax machine, check. GPS system, check. Easy Bake Oven, baking. Mobile DJ System, check. Smoke machine, on.... Gee, even I think this is a bit much!" LOL
  2. Beautiful set indeed! I got my copy awhile back. I also have the smaller lenticular release which I got first before I even knew I had a chance on the big set. Still sealed, but having camera troubles at the moment to upload pic's of it. PM me if you're interested.
  3. Thanks everyone! Love all the little clips you guys included!
  4. Another tip I usually use to remove price stickers, but may work well here too is a drop or two of lighter fluid on those stubborn stickers. Let lighter fluid soak in for about 5-10sec, carefully peel off and place sticker wherever. When lighter fluid evaporates, sticker resumes appearance and adhesive cures to a solid grip.
  5. Just got my KIMCHI release of Irreversible, and man do they pack it well! Something about taking it out of all that bubble wrap and having that nice shrink wrapped case in my hand. It's like a really extravagant cake in the display case. You want so bad to taste it, but you hate to see it get cut! I also just got a digital camera I'm trying to figure out, so hopefully will be able to post pic's of my conquests here soon. Another reason I'm glad I didn't open right away is when I got the lenticular copy of Snowpiercer, thinking I missed out on the BIG boxed version with book and all. As the first was getting shipped, I managed to get the big one on Ebay for a good price! So once I get this camera figured out, I plan to sell my unopened KIMCHI Snowpiercer here in the classifieds.
  6. I didn't know about the recent remake of Catch 22, interesting! I had seen the original Catch 22 a couple of times on TV in the 70's/80's, and thought it was the stupidest movie ever! Then when the A&E Channel was newly born, they showed it UNCUT - and I was astounded! The nudity, the language (still say Catch 22 used the F bomb before M.A.S.H. did!), and the scene where Hungry Joe gets cut in half by the plane jealous McWatt is flying around crazy is the best "slasher scene" to date! LOL Still a hard movie to watch in way of timeline and chronology, but again - think it inspired Quentin Tarantino to do Pulp Fiction the way he did. Too bad Mike Nichols has passed on now, but hopefully there's enough material lurking in the archives I think would make many drop their jaws still to this day. The commentary on the DVD states that the movie had the "6th largest air force in the world" at the time of shooting. And the whole base and airstrip was constructed and pretty well destroyed by the film crew. Not sure if the YT clips do the original justice still? Definitely a movie like 2001: A Space Odyssey one has to sit through fully and be left gob smacked at the end to fully appreciate.
  7. One of my all time fave movies that I watched on DVD again last night. And probably one that could really benefit from a decent 4k release. The cinematography, and shot compositions are just so stunning even to this day! A gem of a movie that got usurped by M.A.S.H. and Midway, and Tora, Tora, Tora et al at the time. Nothing against those movies, and I don't think people knew how to handle Catch 22 at the time. It's surreal, crass, dark, explicit, and supposedly "anti-war". But those that know the movie, how beautiful and stunning the locations and shots are. The opening credits and slow sun rise revealing the landscape, and when the planes head out, and the slow pan to the control tower still takes my breath away. And the whole vignette as Yossarian wanders the corrupt Italian streets at night. Absolutely stunning shots! For those that are into Apocalypse Now, and Platoon and Saving Private Ryan et al, and have never seen Catch 22 - I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO WATCH IT ASAP! I'd say it's the movie that opened the floodgates and inspiration for Coppola, Stone, and Spielberg. And one of those movies that just gets deeper, funnier, and more beautiful with repeated viewings! WCL, KIMCHI, Criterion, ANYBODY!!!
  8. Here's the spec's I just got from the seller... Language: English Subtitles: Korean, English Audio: DD 2.0 Aspect Ratio: Fullscreen Running time: 143 minutes Region Code: 0. NTSC Rating: 15 years old I've gotten cheap DVD's from Korea before, and they were FAR from "Premium" quality. Hopefully this won't be another? Fingers crossed!
  9. Thanks for verifying though. It looked too interesting to pass up still. Korean issued, somewhat premium looking, and DVD audio...? I'll keep you folks posted when it arrives what it actually is. I think Amazon has made a mistake in the listing - or I made a mistake in buying it?
  10. I'm not sure if what I just purchased is a forgotten WCL title or what? Amazon claims it as a "DVD audio" disc, but the cover and being from Korea seems to look like WCL...? https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B019Z7IOHO?ref=em_1p_0_ti&ref_=pe_2331390_446376980 I was after the movie anyways, so if it is WCL - WOOHOO! If it's something else, it could still be interesting.
  11. That's the type I'd like to get too. Even though I'm a supposedly "devout DVD supporter", it's probably best at this point as I'm getting tempted by these Premiums to get the best there is. Just in case a 4k 3D version of Catch 22 is ever released.
  12. Are they "region free" BD's? I have to invest in one of those pricey Sony All Region players soon I guess? Wish everyone could be region free these days - especially with old titles like these!
  13. Gawd dang Hollywood! Checking out what's all in those things - blows Shout! out of the water! Now those give respect to John Carpenter!
  14. Whoa! Sweet! Direct from Studio Canal? What's all in them, they look so thick?
  15. Steel books I never really could get into? I have war movies like Platoon and Jarhead in steelbook form for that "military look and feel". The one I kinda regret getting is Shouts "They Live" steelbook. Got caught up in the hype that the first 500 customers got a free poster too. Didn't realize it was the 2nd release they were doing, and I'm really not a poster guy. It's a fun movie still. But I look at the case and the poster and the receipt and I'm like "Really...?"

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