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  1. Coucou copain Il manquerait pas des trucs pour moi haha ?
  2. Mails from this week No need to thank customs, but the price is still better directly from SK than on eBay The TV show is now finished in BR and French of course ^^
  3. Thanks in mobile it was horrible to fins.
  4. Hello I was tagged for the Gold membership. But I dont know where to buy it...
  5. I really like Korean editions @Grendel A lot of great movies with interesting stories, little bit different than occidental releases
  6. Mails from this week Batman Begins, The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises (French 2020 Re-edit) Doctor Who - Series 6 (UK 2020 release) Alita: Battle Angel (Only at Blufans - China 2020 release) Inseparable Bros [FullSlip] (KOR The On 2019 release - No Blu-Ray existing) On Your Wedding Day [Plain Edition] (KOR 2019 release)
  7. Mails from this week - Frozen II - Fanatics Exclusive Box with FR/EN - Star Trek Beyond Steelbook FilmArena BOX #81 with EN - Inferno Steelbook (Pop'Art ver. - NL Import) with FR - Looper Steelbook (Futureshop - CA Import) with FR/EN - On Your Wedding Day HK Blu-Ray with EN *This movie doesn't exist in BR in South Korea :/* - Boxset Canada Sanctuary Saisons 1 & 4 with FR *Only BR with French* - The Beauty Inside FullSlip KR Blu-Ray with EN - On Your Wedding Day FullSlip KR DVD with EN - The Beauty Inside Blu-Ray (Director's Cut - JTBC TV Drama - 12 Discs) sans FR/EN *From the movie with the same name*
  8. I received the MantaLab, and not the HDZeta, is that normal haha? 😛

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