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  1. I actually saw one the other day for $75, but in true procrastination I missed it because "I'll wait a day or two and then grab it"
  2. I should punch myself in the privates for missing out on the A2 slip. Ugh. If anyone is looking to sell a brand new and sealed copy hmu
  3. If I pass on a sternly worded letter do y'all think they would consider jumping on this? We've been waiting like 4 years
  4. Not yet, but I do have Benjamin Button and Blackkklansman, so I'm a little worried about what to do with BB. The older MLIFE could fit in the Manta Lab slips (I think) which is what I have my 300 and Fight Club in, but BB looks like it's gonna be tough. Also, when I had Schindler's List UHD I couldn't get it to fit either, and it was about the same size as Revenant leather, which NOTHING fits it. It's too long. I'm worrying myself that I may tear the shrink wrap lol
  5. Really? I figured it would be too skinny? Is that the one for FAC XL? Maybe I'm getting things mixed up. I haven't purchased any slips in awhile. Regardless, I appreciate your response. Also, if you own Benjamin Button, would SCF2 hold it?
  6. What protective slip would people recommend for MLIFE editions? Like, a one size big enough no matter what
  7. These are cool. Too bad the movies are terrible, but these do warrant a place at the table with other MLIFE editions. They're sick
  8. Yeah, it's crazy expensive. I love the look, but jeez. And that's BEFORE fees and shipping. Goodness.
  9. OK, that makes sense. But I was hyped until I saw the price and clicked out lol. Glad to have some kind of an explanation. Appreciate it
  10. I'm hoping someone chimes in and let's us know. I can't remember the last time Nova was THIS expensive. They're nice, but no $100 nice for 1000 copies
  11. Thank you. Like the idiot I am, I went and looked right after I posted this because, well, sometimes I'm soft in the head.

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