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  2. Really want this but can't justify the price when I'm waiting for the HDZeta full set. My missus would kill me if I bought this, meaning I'd sunk well more than £1k into LOTR 😆
  3. I saw this for the first time earlier today and was discussing it with fellow brick heads at work 😄 I am currently eyeballing the 90 years of play Lions Castle which comes in at £340, purely because I loved the Castle line as a kid (still have most of it) and Love the fact that they rehashed some classic sets last year (I also have the Galaxy Explorer and exclusive Forest Hideout & Blacktron Cruiser sets). I have also recently gone down the rabbit hole of MOC’s, and I am close to finalising my first real effort. But recently decided I want to have a go at a Fantasy diorama next….. And then THIS set comes along 🫣 I am Sooooooooooo Very Very tempted, but it all depends how long it hangs around for. I won’t pull the trigger in March on release date, but I could very easily circle back around later in the year if it’s still available, especially if I’ve racked up some serious Lego VIP points by then. My guess is that it will sell out pretty quickly though, with those who can afford it investing in multiple editions.
  4. I will definitely be buying this when it's released, it looks fantastic. I have several of the sets from the 2013 wave and was always disappointed they didn't make more, hopefully this will be the first of many! Or perhaps I should be careful what I wish for, for the sake of storage space and my wallet 😅
  5. LEGO has just announced a new Rivendell set: https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/the-lord-of-the-rings-rivendell-10316 Prices is $500 USD. I missed out on all the 2013 LOTR Lego sets, but I'm definitely not missing this one. Anyone else collect LOTR LEGOs or LEGOs in general?
  6. Final thoughts on this show guys?... for me was a bad one and I feel kind of sad since I really wanted Amazon to do GREAT with this show, I don't understand how come they tried to do this show without having access to most of the LOTR lore 😐
  7. Throwing my reply into a spoiler just in case... And that's all I have to say about that.
  8. Mixed response from me. I really enjoyed the first episode. The second, however, was kind of mediocre. Whenever the harfoots are on screen, I kind of just roll my eyes and want the next scene to come by. Arondir and Bronwyn started off as a little boring, but it's picked up. I really wish the show focused on Galadriel a lot more as I enjoy her scenes the most. It's interesting how everyone's perspectives on the show are so different. I've read tons of people saying the elves are boring and the harfoots are their favorite. I'm the opposite lol. Overall, I was impressed with the first episode, but the second episode really didn't do much -- some of it also didn't make sense.
  9. Don't want to be a hater but this is the most beautiful and stunning mediocre show I've seen.
  10. No spoilers, just my first impression. Just watched the first episode, it does have a nice middle earth feel to it, looking forward to watching more! 😊
  11. Not long to wait now! 😀 Please use the new thread linked below for episode discussions and keep any spoilers in that thread (and inside spoiler dropdowns). We'll keep this thread for general Rings of Power news and series updates.
  12. Please use the post spoiler feature to hide all spoilers in this thread, and be sure to check you're fully up to date on episodes before reading on here! Use this thread for episode discussions.
  13. New images of Númenor: https://www.aboutamazon.com/news/entertainment/lord-of-the-rings-numenor-images?_amp=true
  14. I had my reservations early on with some of the CGI and artistic choices, but this is looking better and better to me with each teaser.
  15. I'm not sure, but this does not scream $1 Billion dollar budget to me. Game of Thrones was about $10 million per episode, roughly $100 million per season, and it looked SIGNIFICANTLY better than this. Maybe it's just me, but the integration of effects and practical variables just look off to me. As much of a LOTR fanatic I may be, I'm not too excited about this anymore.

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