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  1. It is the best image I've ever seen on a screen. Absolutely stunning. But yes, you must at least do basic calibrations, i.e. never use vivid default setting. But for me it's not the extra pixels that does it, it's the HDR
  2. On a serious note those blu banners are maddening! Especially when they are actually painted on the steel!
  3. You could, of course, and I'm just spitballing here.... remove the sticker.... just a thought... love you dave!
  4. These were shipped separately and in batches. So depending on when your number arrives at your hub, it will then be processed and sent to you. Thank you for your patience, and rest assured as soon as your hub receives your copy it will be processed and sent to you.
  5. not the worst and certainly the only option I have lol I'm in!
  6. To my knowledge, no. The Iron man 2 and 3 have not recieved premium treatment.
  7. That Drive is amazing in hand, Have that one myself thanks to the amazing @45Caliber
  8. Man those 300s really came out fantastic! I sadly had to make a tough decision... 2001 or 300. I chose 2001 which looks like it's going to be something quite special but damn do these 300s look incredible. Nice Haul!

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