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  1. Looks great! Especially with the many issues I've seen people having with joker shops packaging, great score my friend!
  2. I liked avp 1 for the story and avp2 for pure murder mayhem bliss (and that is it!) Lol 9
  3. I'm more interested in what's up with the two different shoes @DodgyDave lol
  4. This is the fan art circling around, this is not the official art work.
  5. I actually liked WW more than I thought I would, probably because Gal is such a freaking babe to the core, personality and all. And I'm the guy who found her sexiest when she got to america and put a business suit on, that's the type of women that makes this dog howl. I thought harley in SS was horrible. I'm happy it looks like gun is going back to the black and red motif! Yes please. Now, if Margaret robbie gets cast as Tank girl like the rumors are pointing to, sign me up on that. At least then it fits the character.
  6. Problem is, its not even the birds of prey.... how can you have the birds of prey without catwoman and ivy??? That's a head scratcher to me. Issue is they are creating characters and writing characters to meet a set criteria. I wish they would write a script In hollywood and cheat characters with no names in the beginning. Just write, then almost randomly, cast those characters and give them names... Who says a macho masculine character cant be a girl? Or who cares what race. Dont write the characters with that in mind, write the character with the soul of the character you wanna convey then cast the best personality that can portray said character, regardless of sex or race. Instead, hollywood is trying to overcompensate to prove they are hip and cool and down with the jive while completely missing the point all together.
  7. Well that tends to happen when actors and team promote the movie literally saying this isnt a boys movie and girls should leave their boys at home.... it's not sexist, it's a fact that comics have an overwhelmingly greater Male fanbase than female.... so that was a dumb move on their part. This doesnt mean anything to me. My favorite movie and character is alien, and Ripley from alien. I'm one of the few that (dont tell anyone) I actually didnt mind Ghostbusters remake... so take that for what it's worth. I'll watch it, and when I do I will judge it for what it is and what I personally think the movie should be based on the source material.
  8. This will be either a rental, or the obligatory ocd DC zeta collection purchase when I get around to watching it. Theatre is so expensive I'm very picky about what I'll go see in the cinema. It will be watched though, I'll say that.
  9. I mean I'll look sat. But this %100 was posted last weekend.
  10. I think second edition already went live for preorders... I think it releases on the 15th they had orders open last Saturday night to 6pm sunday and I didnt see the post on reddit until it was too late
  11. Imo, blufans needs to step their game up to stay relevant, so many companies out do thier quality and prices. I have felt this for a long time now. It's way to far and few between that a blufans release actually blows me out of the water (i.e. ghost in shell OAB) more often than not its three same rinse and repeat formula, single lenti, DL, fullslip. DL always gets the booklet, other editions gate a few postcards. When almost all companies are killing the extras game, books, photos, lenti magnets, collectors folders all packed into slips with better designs and more ambitious finishes. If it wasnt for my "Marvel Collection" I'd have kicked blufans off my shelves months ago.
  12. So no usa shipping? Are you ordering one Ann? If so, I piggy back ? 🙏

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