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  1. Didn't care for 3 much, I actually liked almost everything about genesis EXCEPT the casting choices. Film had some genuinely great moments but yea.... not at all the cast I'd have picked to replace some very iconic characters. As for dark fate? Hot steamy garbage. I actually enjoyed salvation more.
  2. Say What? Any difference to the normal release? Variant cover?
  3. That's literally the only thing I'm complaining about in regards to this specific edition.... I thought that was pretty clear.
  4. It's garbage, it's the equivalent to me playing video games in 60fps or higher and going back to 30fps or lower.... hot garbage. But hey enjoy your box cinema nonetheless.
  5. Because I don't like the aspect over widescreen? So sorry for being unreasonable
  6. If that's how the director filmed it, why would you think you are getting a cropped film?
  7. So deny myself the best version of the movie because I think the aspect is craptacular. That would be silly
  8. Nolans imax cameras filmed in wide-screen, and the wide-screen scenes filled my TV.

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