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  1. not the worst and certainly the only option I have lol I'm in!
  2. To my knowledge, no. The Iron man 2 and 3 have not recieved premium treatment.
  3. That Drive is amazing in hand, Have that one myself thanks to the amazing @45Caliber
  4. Man those 300s really came out fantastic! I sadly had to make a tough decision... 2001 or 300. I chose 2001 which looks like it's going to be something quite special but damn do these 300s look incredible. Nice Haul!
  5. This! Been waiting almost a year! Looks great happy it arrived safe and sound
  6. Not necessarily they used to be produced through KimchiDVD, they recently went off on their own.
  7. @Robertm89 very very true, and only some releases tend to take that long, some retailers like FilmArena like to announce a crap load of them and many never even see the light of day. Best time to get excited is when beauty shots arrive. Some crank them fast, like Weet, I swear they've had some releases that were announced and then in my hand within 2months
  8. This is very true, but once your in the groove those ones you've been waiting for will start arriving as more GBs are announced that you may like and join. So once you are in the swing of it you are joining Gbs and receiving passed gbs more frequently so it seems like less of a wait for a beautiful new edition. Some months I wish they'd slow down lol only so much funds.
  9. Late to this party, plenty more parties to come you are now ready for!
  10. You are unfortunately as you put it "Way too late" for the GB. However if there are extras or unpaids that are being released from us they will end up in the classified section over the next month or 2 so that's were I'd keep my eyes open for.
  11. That Hdzeta Life is fantastic! Wish I went that direction over the FAC Fullslip but I'm still happy with my fac. But Hdzeta makes me all warm and fuzzy

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