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  1. Yep and 3 is actually a really good movie if you watch the directors cut. Resurrection I love for the same reasons I love starship troopers. It's just a campy fun pulp sci fi good time
  2. Unfortunately it also has to do with general quality, imho companies like HDzeta and filmarena, and now weet are outshining them in every way. Really sad considering BFs is one of the companies that I have the most premiums under... oh well
  3. Kinda sad, 200 is a weak number. I was very much looking forward to this. I very much am on the deciding end of giving up on BFs all together with the tier level priority it seems like I'll be lucky if I get even the most un popular editions.... sigh
  4. Though inthink his mustache in that movie is more legendary
  5. My reading comprehension is garbage in the morning
  6. Easy money, silence of the lambs
  7. Oh man, to memory I dont remember seeing him in gangs of new york.
  8. This better come to USA or I'll be pretty darn sad
  9. One of my all time favorite movies, and my absolute favorite Daniel day Lewis role. Could not be happier this is happening.
  10. This movie was excellent, I'm so all in for my matching 1click.
  11. It is the best image I've ever seen on a screen. Absolutely stunning. But yes, you must at least do basic calibrations, i.e. never use vivid default setting. But for me it's not the extra pixels that does it, it's the HDR
  12. On a serious note those blu banners are maddening! Especially when they are actually painted on the steel!

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