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  1. Damn, I actually would have loved this one, First movie I saw in theaters with my father.. too bad ots sold out
  2. Yea, I'd say we are lucky this even exists lol. Fac announcing 50 titles then only making 10 is pretty standard practice.
  3. Why did they stop doing XL slips as standard?? I'm sure they will continue to charge the XL price..... I'm about done with FACs B.S.
  4. Cinematography alone puts 1917 in another category above fury. IMO obviously (hate I have to say that)
  5. I'm this movie is leagues better than fury, maybe even better than private Ryan as well
  6. Cheers, I don't have Facebook so I don't see this information. Thanks for sharing.
  7. @Pbsw23 @LeGonze Trust me I get it, yall know me, I buy 1 copy for me, im an opener, I regularly use and enjoy my copies of these amazing editions. So to me, the number is low on my cares list as well. But non the less. The less there is of something the more VALUABLE it is. Thats literally the definition of supply and demand. If fewer there is available/ the amount of demand for said item drastically alters the value. Now that may not be referring to everyone's PERSONAL value of said item. But it absolutely changes the monetary value of the item. Simple as that. So do
  8. No denying you still want one. I get that. But I refuse to believe anyone can deny if it was less of a print run it would be more valuable to you to have in your collection. Just knowing how few there are in the world makes that very exciting. It just does. Obviously your personal taste in said film is going to be the first priority. But on the topic of does imthe low print run add to the collectable value? Yes, it 110% does.
  9. K, so if blufans thor was only 300 print run. Are you now telling me you would not be more happy/excited for it to be in your collection than of it was 3000 print? Let's be honest now. Edit: p.s. just too be an xxx.... thor was a garbage movie.

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