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  1. Overrated, carlo is a d- bag and a single edition costs about 100 usd which is more than any Fac 4K XL ive ever bought. And fac slips material wise are bounds above in quality. I bought 1 cm out of curiosity and that was the last time.
  2. As gold i have paid a subscription and missed out...... so I think maybe that argument falls on deaf ears.
  3. I see your point and appreciate it, but what if hypothetically no platinum member gives up their slot? Those individuals will forever more be the only ones to ever get low print runs?? Thats not fair imo or at all a good way to build the community with more members... why would i join a group by forum that only gives the most rare and sought after editions to the same handful of members. Thats like how congress in America is made up of 75+ year old white dudes that refuse to give up their seat, no young and progressive people are able to get in and actually make the country better (again this is hypothetically speaking)
  4. Larson relax, it was a playful joke, I figured the "LOLs" and Faces helped define that.
  5. You didn't know you are already on that? Someone is very good at keeping secrets!
  6. I mean, we joined months apart, I was platinum before this year when during renewal I was going through an insane time in my life and missed it. Now im looking to get it back. Next mo. You sayin.... i don't deserve a chance lol
  7. I like this Dave, here ill pen it up for you guys. Any Platinum member with a Platinum membership spanning 10+ years will be eligible for Double Platinum...
  8. Managed to be a lucky buyer of this today, went live at 10am sold out by 10:02 Mondo Con@home last day House of X Print.

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