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  1. I have the flight of the concords release, id say they are almost EXACTLY the same build and quality as the Arrow ltd editions
  2. That would be nice, I actually just emailed him seeing if he'd be getting the dawn of the dead set. If much rather give him business than zavvi and I know my package would be well taken care of. I'm so beyond worried about my order of that set from zavii
  3. Looks like its not up quite yet, ill keep an eye on zavvi and Amazon
  4. I'll have to snag this, any idea of confirmed retailers?
  5. Right on, ill keep an eye on this. Definitely interested in anaconda and last action here if the quality is there.
  6. I will put my best educated guess forward and say likely just the 4k disc version.... its rare zeta put out steels packed with extras discs
  7. Honestly I thought FACs version was underwhelming. Not a fan of the boring steelbook, and compared to the first hellnoy release i was confused as to why not even try to match that style? This release imo, matches the first Fac hellboy MUCH better al beit not perfect
  8. I agree, but, its still cheaper than the b.s. prices CM is peddling.... thats my rant. For what you get and the size of these editions 85$ isn't too crazy imo, though I stress the word "too" That said im a hellboy fanatic so I ordered one.
  9. FAC Did one last year, not a bad edition also. But I do like this steel better than the WWA released last year
  10. This was actually a Prequel, I enjoyed it as well

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