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  1. Hes referring to BVS which timeline wise takes place after 1984. Where diana hasnt seen steve in 100 years, yet here he is in 1984???
  2. Yea I picked up that you were referencing a different movie after my initial comment, which is why I added the edit.🤭
  3. Well of course, i thought it fairly obvious that everything I say is MY opinion. I can only ever speak for myself. But that in no way hinders me from predicting garbage when I see it. When I smell it. I'm not the absolute opinion of the world. I'm a realist in many aspects of my life. And my compass is guided by personal experience. Time. Life. As are all of our own opinions, well most of ours, some people hell many people are sheep. I am every now and then caught by surprise. And I love it when it happens. But it's not often. Again, always, my two cents
  4. I'm not sure how old those chestnuts where when captain america was created.....in....1941. Captain marvel, the movie specifically, I didn't care for. Whitewashed and could they not find an actress that had any skill whatsoever? Kristen's strewert level emotion. EDIT: ah I see you may be talking about WW, and not cap being referenced in r1s1ngs comment
  5. In this case, I believe it is a more accurate statement to say just because it's bad doesnt mean some wont enjoy it. Super mario bros is a god aweful movie.... and I love it. So bad lol
  6. Suicide squad was less than Meh. Aquaman and shazam were the first steps forward for dc in a while, aside from the animation films which are on average pretty damn well done
  7. After thousands and thousands of movies I've seen, my radar has been calibrated to be pretty spot on. Especially when the source material is something I am VERY knowledgeable with.
  8. Seeing how horrible this movie looks, I'm fine with an1 and done, I'd rather zeta spend their time on better releases to be honest.
  9. They need to show beauty shots, cause I have a feeling I'm gonna need to change my decision based off of the tease.
  10. Lol the "skywalker" saga. All they did was destroy the Skywalker name over and over again.

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