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  1. I guess my only issue with this practice, al beit, there has been no issues securing copies before. If for some reason there was a low number, it would force members to wait and possibly be very low on the list, risking missing out. Like I said inhave not seen this yet with USA Fac, but that doesnt mean it's not possible.
  2. Anyone that has any in with HDZeta, just a tip, i would love it if the 1click box Just said "IT" not "chapter 2" I'd love to be able to put the first movie in that box seeing as how I know my brother is going to snag a copy out of my 1c lol
  3. That is heartbreaking I'm so sorry, it's always extremely disappointing when company QC misses things like this
  4. Simply stunning,I love the embossing and the matte finish on the backround!
  5. Whole heartedly agree with this, especially since they were the only company to drop an IT premium [imo one of the best horror movies to drop in the last decade] so excited for them to take care of us collectors like this!

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