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  1. "We are still waiting to receive the printing of the booklets and the exclusive special gift of the Box Set, so we will start with the shipment of the single versions in the first half of September and then move on to the Box Sets starting from September 15th." ....And still no update since they posted this on August 24th....
  2. "and we will soon be able to start the assembly"Well, i guess that's something....
  3. Love it, I'm in, how do I get my hands on this? CX Media doesn't ship to USA.
  4. @ukade2327 "they Must get just as frustrated as the collectors do … give them some slack and just imagine doing this yourself" Disagree. this is EXACTLY my point of them having a terrible business model/company. They need to stop making NEW release announcements (which just makes no sense) and actually and focus on the releases that have been delayed for months. its like, for example: I make orange shirts - people buy my orange shirt - I still haven't made any orange shirts that have been ordered, but guess what, I'm also gonna make a blue, red, purple and g
  5. Yeah I think that's what bothers alot of us, don't give out a "release date" and say you're working really hard to meet that deadline, then go on and announce even MORE releases when you haven't even fulfilled the one you announced months ago. Like i said, its just a terrible business model; announce all these releases, have months long delays and continue to announce MORE releases, like that makes ZERO sense. Stay on the actual release deadlines, you rarely see FAC, MantaLab, HDZeta, BLUfans have these types of delays.
  6. Goonies is my absolute favorite childhood movie and I'm on the list for a One Click, but CineMuseum customer service and business model is ridiculously awful.
  7. .....remember when CineMuseum said these would be released around Christmas time? 😐
  8. Hello, can somebody please direct to the person who controls the US HUB of distribution, there was an issue with my address on the package and its being sent "back to sender" Thanks, Phil
  9. Original invoice was paid on Dec 4th, (additional shipping invoice has been paid as well) can we PLEASE get an update? Thank you.

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