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  1. I haven’t, but would imagine theres something planned, they wont miss out on it thats for sure...
  2. Latest arrivals from MP ....... thanks to all involved ...... and special thanks to @ksosk for his fantastic job with the special extras for Forrest Gump....
  3. @Chriswh as @deckard99 said we mods are available 24/7 , being a global community, there will be someone somewhere who can answer any questions you may have , and also there ate many helpful members who can help also , feel free to ask .... navigating the forum can be a bit daunting at times but it will come very quickly the more you explore ...we were all new members once ...
  4. All you need to know about the GB system is in the GB rules ... a link to which is always on the OP ,....you must read these before joining any GB so you understand the way it works ..
  5. Cant say anything blame you ... bet your walking round like this now.....🤣🤣🤣
  6. I’ve got the virgin media app on my phone and can access everything that I can watch at home , .... I can even set the box to record a program from my phone while im out ..... technology eh ..,!...🤪
  7. @Chriswh also to follow up on @DodgyDave post , just to let you know , occasionally when an OAB title GB is running if it is very limited as they mostly are , it may go to Premium membership tier before reaching general membership... in which case all available editions may already be allocated...
  8. I’m liking the way this retailer is acting on the wishes of collectors..... very commendable... for me I like the Glossy finish without a doubt...with respect to the border im fine either way as it makes the package look more like a book , its be nice to see a side by side comparison, with and without......either way its going to be a very nice Edition...
  9. Hey... @bilbon ...... you got any of that cake left .. it looks ... 😍😍mmmmmmmmmmmm...indeed. . Great job , well done .....👍😃😃
  10. I'm liking that DL edition .......... happy with my choice........?...........................
  12. Hi Mr Malik , I nsurance is determined at the time of shipping from your hub in the U.K ...most likely to be @blu.steel33 and is depending on the value of the item sent its maybe a gew pounds extra , not too sure as I dont bother ...but I’m going on stuff ive sent via royalmail ...
  13. ...but I’m pretty sure Manta will do a great job with this release , however they decide art wise...... theres going to have to be a nod towards a brown box somewhere in the package...🤣

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