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  1. Antman and wasp, iron man 2, iron man 3. Then mcu premium is complete.
  2. Yes, when I get a chance to take some other pics, I will be posting for Novamedia, blufans, lentiucular, DC. hdzeta, filmarena, etc...
  3. My humble MCU collection. Some may call me crazy, but I am...a psycho. My lenti magnet collection. This is the set I keep open and house my discs in. A second complete set of WWA. All opened and empty (no need for so many copies of the discs). A third, almost complete, WWA set. Some fourth, or more, WWA steels. Trilogy steels. Premium Part 1. A.K.A. Phase 1. All sealed. Premium Part 2. Premium Part 3. Premium Part 4. Premium Part 5. Premium Par
  4. Aaaaaand...it's gone. Guess someone really wanted one. Honestly, $300 is less than I thought it would be listed at. I wonder if these will be numbered so we have an idea of how many actually got made.
  5. Looks like these will start at $300 plus shipping. The first listing has appeared on ebay.
  6. BvS is the only DC I don't have an HDZeta for, and the only HDZeta I collect is DC. Hopefully the bar isn't set too high for loyalty. I like this version of the double lenticular much better than the original.
  7. So everyone continues to ignore that Ant-Man and the Wasp ever came out? Hopefully Weet don't jump to Captain Marvel and Endgame as well.
  8. I hope these WWA aren't the god awful ones being released soon in the collector's set.
  9. Hello. I just upgraded to platinum from gold. Never taking advantage of this, I figured it was time. When you have a chance, can you whip something up Deadpool themed. Ideally one where he is posing on the ground. This is what I was thinking. Just without the movie text in the upper right, and replacing 'Deadpool' under him with my user name. Doesn't have to be this specific image.

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