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  1. I definitely don't mind waiting at all and I super appreciate your response! It was mostly me being super concerned because I did receive the invoice much later than others so I thought that maybe my order didn't register at all! But thank you though!
  2. I do wonder why WeET decided to make even less allocation this time. They should know that the Spider-Man Trilogy is hugely popular right?
  3. Don't feel too bad! I still haven't gotten tracking either for my full slip! .....though I think that maybe its cause I was given the invoice a full month later so I don't know if they kept my order or not 😧
  4. It was mostly me trying to save the topic after I asked about those missing out on the FC to have the ability to switch to Lenticulars xD. It worked!
  5. Would be sweet if these three FS count individually towards my three titles needed to skip deposits
  6. I think this Wonder Woman steelbook is my favorite of them all.
  7. Hopefully I still get one even though I got the invoice a month later
  8. Mine arrived! My first group buy product!!! No damage at all aside from the shipping box being a little squished on one end! The DL itself looks mint!
  9. Ouch that looks horrid. I was expecting WAY more protection on a package than that.
  10. I'll wait as long as it takes for my DL. All I ask is for it to not arrive damaged
  11. All mine says in the tracking: Arrival at the Destination What destination??? What company?
  12. Meanwhile here I am collecting the ones I want cause I like how the steelbook looks xD.
  13. Damnnnn now I regret not getting that one. I thought it was just gonna have Hela with her helmet on. I got the A2 full slip instead lol.
  14. I legit got mine today xD. Just got an email and I'm like, ".....oh!"

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