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  1. I'm just glad I was able to order mine yesterday. That's what I like about Zavvi, I can cancel the order should I choose to. I wanted to keep my options open even though this is more expensive then I had expected!
  2. @Robertm89 Same here! This is my first GB so I'm looking forward to getting this:). Now we need Grindelwald.
  3. If Blufans (or other sb producer) announces that they have a 1 click and individual slips but then change it to just 1clicks are the group buyers still bound to that purchase if the original product has been changed?
  4. Maybe I am just blind but are there any differences between the updated beauty shot and the original posted shot?
  5. That's always the catch. Ah well, chance is what keeps life interesting, no?
  6. Excellent. I already have the BB SB but I would really like the extra materials and slips that come with a premium so it would be worth it to duplicate the SB:). Can you tell me the retail price range for HDZeta products. I assume they are similar to Manta and Blufans? How often does the tier priority lists go into effect on HDZeta releases?
  7. Sweet! If the release is a WWA does this mean HDZeta will use the same red SB that BB used? Do I reserve a spot now or wait for pricing? Decisions, decisions. For this title the blind reservation might be worth the gamble! That's a quick release:).
  8. They are 4 inch magnetic strips so there is a lot of surface contact. The SBs haven't moved at all in the last coupe months. The issue with putting them tightly next to each other is if I want to take one down to get the movie. I don't want to take the chance of scratching them.
  9. This is one box set that really tempts me! I will wait to see the price before I commit myself. The absurd part is that I have two of the steelbooks. Clearly it isn't WWE so I understand @LectroluvIV disappointment. It would be so cool if we could mix and match. I want this packaging with that steelbook. Oh well. Back to reality.
  10. In general, how much do Blufan box sets go for? This is really cool! I heard that the full slips tend to for $7-80. Correct? When we reserve a spot do we need to specify which one we want? I noticed that none of the members of this gb have stated anything other than their countries. Is that ok?
  11. I have been collecting steelbooks for about 10 years now off and on. I have just started to collect premiums though. I follow a Redditt steelbook group and some of the folks there posted pictures of their steelbooks mounted to the wall using magnetic strips. The strips are mounted to the wall using double sided strips. I wanted to show my collection so here it is:).
  12. Thank you @Scary Hairfor the observations about Blufans and Manta. I looked at the Blufans version of FB. I much prefer the Manta version! The catch is that I know Blufans will do the Grindelwald and Manta is way behind. Decisions, decisions. I think I will gamble and wait for Manta.

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