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  1. I can't wait to get this in my greedy hands! Perhaps I will watch this tomorrow. Except I still have to catch up on Game of Thrones...
  2. I loved Ocean's 8! It certainly has a different vibe which makes sense. The soundtrack was outstanding. Has there been any info about the new release date?
  3. Unless FAC concludes from the popularity of the Thor: Ragnorak demand that they can get away with charging for he hardbox. Booo!
  4. Both editions have the same description and are lenticular. Is that a typo? One lenticular and one full is the correct description?
  5. That was the best part! The pictures of Hela and Thor are fantastic. The movie was all about complicated family relationships!
  6. I wonder how many of the 601 copies are left after the group buys and collector #s?
  7. Now that is personalized collecting! Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense.
  8. Sweet! I wasn't able to get any steelbooks for Dr. Strange so this would be most welcome! It's also one of my favorite movies and comic stories. Where did you find the posting for them doing it? I can' find a listing for Dr. Strange.
  9. Thanks for this suggestion! I said "screw it" and bought both. Now it's a waiting game to see when we get them and see what they are like.
  10. I love this hard box as well! This is my favorite movie poster! What annoys me is that, to get it, I have to pay for both version so I double up on all the contents as well. I also already have the steelbook from Best Buy. It this were a WEA it would be more compelling. Decisions, decisions...

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