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  1. I wish they would hurry and ship CM! I heard it's the 15th of July so it won't be much longer.
  2. I just paid my invoice so you should get yours any day now. They probably do a few invoices a day. I don't know if Paypal restricts the # of invoices daily.
  3. Oh! This so beautiful! I love the slips but not the steelbooks. Looks like I wait for Manta Lab then. I've been known to change my mind though.
  4. You are probably right! I may need to create a new ad. Or maybe a really nice admin can move it:).
  5. I created a want ad in the hardboxes section.. It doesn't show up yet so I assume it has to be approved by an admin.
  6. WeET hasn't sent the Guardians set out yet. Too many people ordered the hardcase so it's taking longer to manufacture them. Last I heard they will shop the first week of May. Then we get billed.
  7. I can't wait to get this in my greedy hands! Perhaps I will watch this tomorrow. Except I still have to catch up on Game of Thrones...
  8. I loved Ocean's 8! It certainly has a different vibe which makes sense. The soundtrack was outstanding. Has there been any info about the new release date?

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