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  1. Could the Brits on this group enlighten me as to what the above gentleman is eating? I'm just an uncultured American barbarian.
  2. Good point! Can I put his fingers in mittens so he can't type anymore. At least until LOTR and the Hobbit come out. LOL.
  3. Can I shoot this guy? There are some things that are to take seriously. LOTR movies are one of them LOL.
  4. As I recall, WeET did Jumanji, the Next Level. I have that one. I love it! I was hoping to add to my Jumanji collection but apparently not...
  5. If I could afford doubles I would do it for WeET. Some of the FAC ones as well. No doubles or seals on LOTR and the Hobbit though! I'm enjoying every single square of the materials in those boxes:). I may display them all as well.
  6. Nothing has been released about the Silver edition except their existence. All we can do is wait and see. So annoying.
  7. Any LOTR and Hobbit steels. Hopefully Manta Matrix. FAC Dr. Strange. FAC Onward if I'm lucky.
  8. I totally agree! It was a very relaxing round this time since I already had my Platinum. I just had to renew it. Welcome aboard:).
  9. Master blaster will send an announcement then open the store.
  10. They haven't announced it. The memberships don't expire until end of April and they are still surveying the Platinum members to see how many openings could be available. Then, I suspect we have to put our money where our mouths are and pay for then. Lol. Once the Platinum members are resolved then Gold will open and the cycle repeats. Of course, I could be wrong...
  11. From what I've heard so far, very few Platinum members are not renewing them which means that there won't be many openings. Unless MP increases platinum numbers but that creates issues. Gold may be the main game in town!

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