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  1. Wohl war, allerdings muss man sie auch bekommen können....🤣 bin mal gespannt ob ich "Glück" habe 🤨
  2. Nun ja die EU Amazon Boxen liegen auch so um die 100€, da sind wir hier mal deutlich drunter ist eher untypisch für D, aber ob da nun die normale blu-ray bei ist weiß ich gar nicht, denke aber schon bei 6/9 disc's Für mich zählt eh nur die 4K und das die Extended/Movie Versionen mit darauf sind. Warten wir mal ab und hoffen, das das bestellen dann entspannter geht.
  3. OK ich mach mal auf Deutsch 😉 Der Forum Kollege (mittlerweile sind's wohl schon zwei) hat nicht online, sondern direkt vor Ort in seinem MM bestellt und da sind die Beiden Boxen wohl schon gelistet aber eben wiederum noch nicht frei geschaltet um sie online zu ordern.. Das glaube ich so auch. Ich denke die werden bald überall aufschlagen, bei Cede gibt's sie jetzt auch zum bestellen.
  4. "Allegedly" they should already be listed, but not yet orderable online. A forum colleague (another forum) is said to have already ordered its Media Markt on site I think that's correct because the boxes are not exclusive, so other retailers should be able to sell them too. 😉 I have to hope for it myself, but I was able to secure a copy of the UK editions
  5. I think this is a mistake on the part of amazon, that should definitely represent the 4K box and not an HD box, especially since the Hobbit 4K Steelbook box has been announced at amazon (cannot be ordered at the moment).
  6. I have also pre-ordered the uk versions & the italian editions, and as Basil had already written, shortly before the publication I will cancel one of the two. ☺️ For me, in addition to the optics, the German soundtracks are also important and there have been contradicting information so far ...🤔
  7. I think the steelbooks don't have the rating logos on them, but they could be on the box. I hope not, that would not make the box more beautiful. With the Titans of Cult Editions, the logos of the UK versions are also on the outside of the plastic packaging ...
  8. That interests me too, but I am even more interested in whether the box and the steelbooks have English titles, according to the pictures of the announcement of the steelbooks, who knows ...
  9. Do you happen to know whether WB shop ships to Germany? I am also not 100% sure whether there is a German soundtrack on the 4K disc ...
  10. Does anyone know whether the edition was already available to order or is it already sold out?
  11. @cypheria078 Merci bien, Then I hope both Makoto Shinakai Movies at amazon fr. are to be ordered ... I absolutely have to have ...😍
  12. Can you tell me who the editor/distributer of the M. Shinkai Steelbooks are ?
  13. The French blu-ray has German language on it Can you assume that the 4K will also get one?
  14. Of course, a box with all three matrix parts would have been perfect, but I don't think that's their (Manta / Collectong) philosophy, so the first part will be released and hopefully the other two films will also appear later. The triology deserves it and Collectong is the perfect publisher for me!

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