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  1. Please let them actually go through with finishing this one and not leave it in limbo for years like some other titles they've announced 🙏 I want this bad lol, I've been heartbroken ever since the usual horror steelbook retailer -- SteelArchive -- totally fell off the face of the Earth and exited the SB scene. Pleaaase let more SB companies that do premiums indulge in more horror movies!!
  2. Stupidly skipped this and it went for bananas prices already (at least double or more). Guess I'm SOL 😛 Very nice steelbook though! And so was the District 9 one, just didn't care for the movie so I skipped that SB
  3. Oh man, I log on to more suffering... What's the point of continuing on? 😪 Wishing I picked up Manta now, I thought they were gonna drop too close together so I didn't want to worry about it (esp during this pandemic) so I went for HDZ only. Now I definitely could've done Manta AND HDZ had I known. One thing that sucks about HDZ, communication can be so scarce at times for these bigger gold 1 click involved releases, and even sometimes some silver ones too 🤕 REALLY hope they don't end up cancelling this one last minute or something...
  4. While I do hope they pay, it also leaves chances for those of us who didn't sign up in time 😛 I remember I got my Aquaman HDZ boxset that way Though I do miss when you could just post in the GB questions and say you'll take an unpaid copy and pay immediately and then you'd end up with an invoice if there were any spares. Those were most certainly the days!
  5. This better be super special if it's taking this long. I've also seen posts about HDZeta updates and this wasn't even on the schedule for this month. I don't even think it was officially confirmed for September either. Do they not want my money? I'm practically begging them to take it here. HDZ please.... I've never wanted a title so bad!
  6. When you guys do, please do some bigger unisex sizes. I like oversized shirts 🤩 And also more black lol. It goes with everything 🤪
  7. I totally agree!! I also think they threw something out so people that could only get one or the other could know that it's coming from HDZ. I knew if I could only get one I'd go for HDZ now, maybe try to get Manta later. I will admit if the beauty shots stick, I MUCH prefer HDZ's version over Manta. Especially the boxset design.. it looks so good!! I hope it sticks. I do think they're behind a lot right now and it's kind of annoying. I've never been BEGGING to sign up for and pay for a release as much as this one lol. Completely agree on the communication part as well. It would be nice if they said what's taking awhile (are they really still in approvals? because that could potentially take a hot minute...) and try to communicate a timeframe for when they expect to get a preorder up. I'm soooo ready to update. I also agree that HDZ is kind of the superior. No ugly j-cards and I also feel like their BoP is waaaay better than Manta's. With how long HDZ is taking I almost signed up for the Manta GB since it seemed like the invoice wouldn't hit until August or September at the rate we're going lol... But I think I kind of want to see all of the Manta in hand as I'm not a fan of the BS mockups for the moment. But I also reaaaaally love BoP. Also, side note, but I love your posts on this site and discussing with you!
  8. Manta already doing a preorder while we haven't even gotten full confirmed updates on HDZ's so we can all update our choices on the GB.... I keep having nightmares I log on too late on accident and didn't get to update to a one click before the GB closed. I don't like it!!! 😭 🤣
  9. Good point... especially with the big boxset. Maybe I'll order from Best Buy for store pickup if they'll allow it. Then I won't have to pay sales tax too, and it'll contribute to me keeping Elite next year 😆
  10. I already have my preorder in for this on Amazon US I guess there's a reason I've hesitated so much on getting that limited edition series blu-ray set! Love the dragon on it too... I'm all about Khaleesi and her dragon hehe
  11. I blame MP for supplying me with these releases, I blame John for releases I missed that I got (like Sucker Punch, waaaay long ago), and I blame my HDZ addiction. Maybe I am weak for HDZ lol!! You got it! I have I think at least 1 or 2 cards out on my shelf, and I also have I think last year's coin out too 😜 I need to see how much I have out. I feel like every time I post I'm already moving somewhere else again 🤣
  12. Question!! I've not done any of the awards like this yet. So if I do the picture with 25, would I get both the 10 and the 25 HDZeta award at the same time? Or do I need to post a picture of 10 first, get that award, and then do a picture of 25 after to get the second award? Hope that's okay to ask!
  13. In a funk over the fact they didn't film much at all before the COVID production shutdown I believe I read an interview with Elisabeth Moss saying they only filmed for a week or two max in March before the shutdown started, and they were supposed to film into August! The new season was supposed to be slated for fall 2020 but I just do not see it happening. They have nothing filmed really (1-2 weeks is nothing, and even Elisabeth Moss said they didn't get much) and I'm not even sure the shutdown will be over by fall... I imagine the new season will be pushed to anywhere between early to late 2021 depending on when they can finally film again. Love this show so much... I know it's not worth risking anyone's health or well-being so I will be patient! Guess I didn't realize how long some TV series film for and how short post-production can be

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