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  1. They both look REALLY good! Love this movie. Wish PA would give this a premium steelbook release.
  2. @Masterblaster Can you please check your PMs (specifically from me) and get back to me please? Please and thank you

  3. Completely agreed. I'm waiting for a lowered price point and they're still in stock online and in store so no rush really. I feel the same about the Arrow US Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast set. Very big and imo overpriced still to this day and stock is plentiful at local stores and online. Still waiting for the price to drop 😴
  4. Do you mean TBA 2019? Because I don't even think this movie will be on Blu-ray by the end of 2018 😋
  5. To be honest with how long they take to ship to MP, it has kind of put me off even ordering direct from them. Also, is it just me or is that a really early preorder date for such a late release? March is pretty far. And that's if they get everything shipped on time, it seems like the shipping process takes forever with EB regardless of whether you order direct or through a GB
  6. I’m wondering the same. Also about those many single releases they were gonna do that got pushed back quite a bit. Is Aquaman really coming before Man of Steel (if I read the second half of 2019 thing right)? That’s kind of crazy to me.
  7. You hands down have the most epic collection and take some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen!!! Love your posts
  8. Just gonna throw out there I think awards for participation in stuff would be cool. Like an award for last year’s Secret Santa participants and this year’s too. Might be a cool idea
  9. Awful timing for release though. This would’ve been an easy one click for me if they didn’t literally choose right after Black Friday and Thanksgiving for this to hit. Guess I’ll just have to wait and buy from someone on eBay after Christmas sometime.
  10. Can’t wait for this. Pretty certain I’m in for it depending on both the estimated release date and what the mock ups / art will look like! Hope to go for a one click if it doesn’t disappoint. But after Manta’s great job on Ex Machina I hope they won’t!
  11. At this rate John Wick 3 will be out in theaters and announced by FA before we ever see John Wick 2 finished by FA
  12. Movie was a huge flop and looked like an X-Men ripoff so I’m not at all surprised this got cancelled. Feel like this one wouldn’t be a huge seller except for people with their collector’s number. If only they’d give updates on the numerous other titles in limbo. They have got to quit mass announcing and focus more on actually releasing half of these announcements. Exception being the ones that actually have concepts and are actively being worked (i.e. most Black Barons announcements)

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