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  1. Not going to lie, same here!! I lurk to either buy or just to see what’s out there. I have way too many saved searches for things so I can be lazier and let the items come to me 😆 It’s crazy though how in a nanosecond something can go from normal and in abundance to very few copies and ridiculous prices. I’ve been panic buying more than I want for releases lately because I’ve been pretty good at sniffing out OOP titles before they go fully OOP or get outed as OOP. It’s hurting my wallet. That and sales 😛 I passed on The Powerpuff Girls at Barnes and Noble so many times... even the $75 was a sticker shock and I only bought it last year. I thought It was pretty inflated for a used copy (got lucky, it is most definitely new and the guy just listed as used to cover himself). Now I think $300 is insane for a used or new copy. Like what! It was one of my favorites growing up. I used to have a lot of Powerpuff Girl birthday parties lol. To be going that high, esp on Best Buy and not premium (and not OOP title either), is mega bananas! I’m also wary of Best Buy because of damages. Can’t imagine paying triple the price only to open and find it smushed. No thanks! Lol. Tbh I’m past my crazy price paying period. I’m not proud to admit this, but the most I ever paid for a single steelbook or boxset was $500. And I’ll literally never pay it again. I want to eventually get the Inglourious Basterds Manta Lab one click and it’s like it was already pushing it for me prior (between $260-$300) and now it’s just light years out of my league. I don’t think I’ll be able to justify price like that again, maybe because priorities have changed and I realize how much I can get with $500 other than just a steelbook or 2-3 😋
  2. I shouldn't be up this late (it's 5:30 am here lol) but does anyone randomly look up a release you have on eBay -- whether premium or just a regular release that may have gone OOP -- and kinda crap your pants? Lol. I saw The Powerpuff Girls (original series, not the redo) complete series DVD boxset is up to $300 on eBay now randomly the other day. And here I thought paying $75 was a huge price... I also was looking up Wonder Woman Manta Lab and Wonder Woman HDZ to just see pics to compare and it's bananas that single editions are now going for $200 alone! I mean, I know BvS and some other ones reached it, I guess I thought those were just grails and a rare occurrence. Guess not. Wheeew!
  3. Want this soooo bad so I can do like I did with Wonder Woman (another of my all time favorites along with BoP) and have both HDZ and ML one clicks. But they're both dropping around the same time it looks like at the rate they're both going and my poor wallet can't take it during times like this lol unless they gap the releases by at least a month. Guess I'll have to pay an inflated price on eBay later for the one click on this one 🤧 But I'd rather pick this one up later rather than HDZ because HDZ prices can be a nightmare, even not long after release. But still wish I could commit to the GB for this Me watching how this one unfolds from afar inevitably:
  4. Since I'm not sure where else to post this... Do you guys ever reminisce about a positive memory when it comes to acquiring a steelbook or special release? I just saw a classified ad for someone searching for Elektra FAC and it reminded me of this guy selling his brand new copy on eBay that I haggled with through best offer and eBay messages 2-3 years ago. He was super nice and he said he'd do X amount because he'd feel better knowing it's going to a real collector who wants it. I still own that Elektra FAC to this day and I think about that guy and how kind he was! Sometimes I miss people like that in the community. I've also had positive memories with @45Caliber. We used to split boxsets together all of the time. I also bought a couple of releases off of him. I loved it and it was our thing, and it saved me money because half of the time I couldn't afford the full boxset right off the bat 🤣 So I'd paid him for my portion and wait for release day Those were great times. I also remember him building his shelves from Fry's Electronics and how big his collection got so quick!!
  5. Thank you!!! :D I'll have to mess around with it one of these days! I can never think of anything witty lol.
  6. Since all of you with the special titles congregate in here, how the heck do I get one?!? Lol Also I'm wide awake and it's almost 7 am. That's what happens when i find a huge ass spider in my bedroom right when I'm trying to go to sleep So Birds of Prey rewatch instead it is!
  7. One thing I both love and hate about HDZeta... I'm impatient and ready to see what they have. But at the same exact time, I know one day soon they'll drop the beauty shots, preorder and release dates, and the group buys will open to updates. And I'll be hitting that one click. HDZeta never ever disappoints me. Rewatching this movie as we speak. I'm in love!! One thing I also love about this forum is I've been really swamped with life during all of this COVID stuff and I know that I'll get an email with a tag and/or PM notification when it's update time and payment time so I don't have to worry about this slipping through the cracks even though I can't always check in 😌
  8. It is everything I was hoping for and more!! WOW!!!! Incredible job as per usual and I'm in awe!!!! Gonna go update it now. Thank you so MUCH!
  9. Hey Goose. Any chance I could talk you into making me a Harley Quinn signature? Specifically with her in the latest Birds of Prey movie that was released? I love your work and I still love my current sig to death. I just am obsessed with Harley lol!
  10. I'll be in for this inevitably... I'm obsessed with this movie and with Harley Quinn I wanna continue what I did with Wonder Woman and get both the Manta and the HDZ one clicks. Super excited.
  11. I want to get this to match my Secret Life of Pets HDZ but it has been so long, will this really happen? It's one thing when it's the gold label if it takes awhile because they're pretty good about following through regardless, but silver label seems there's no guarantee after so long. I also feel a title like this won't have tons of demand too, so I'm curious to see if they'll actually go through with this.
  12. I'm so in for this... gonna have to get this and the Manta Lab version if they do it to match my original WW one clicks It'll probably be awhile though with COVID, I have a feeling release may be delayed of the movie in general, let alone onto disc
  13. If you mean a place you literally shop for food then I'd say Fred Meyer or Walmart but if you mean a restaurant.... maybe Five Guys 😛
  14. Funny enough, yes! I just actually bleached it entirely blonde again (I had really grown out roots lol) for my birthday
  15. Definitely the first one all the way @Scary Hair What's your most prized possession in your entire collection?

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