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  1. I actually like the new design but I'm having the same trouble with the lack of seeing who last posted and when next to each forum like before. It made it easier to see when there were new posts or new topics, rather than having to delve in. A lot less time waste-y for me and easier lol. I do like the new design though, just wish we could bring that back in the layout for topics so I can see who posted and what's new and when it was posted
  2. This was so sweet to log on to, so many familiar faces and kind people I adore!! Thank you all so much! Sending so much love to you all and hope you’re all well! 💜💜
  3. I’ve been out of the Blufans GB game for awhile because I’m simply too late to the party most times lol. Does anyone know what a one click runs for cost nowadays? I only used to buy single editions from BF, but Wonder Woman is one I just keep racking up editions of... have the WW HDZ OC, WW Manta OC, and WW UHD wooden box. I kind of want to go for the one click to treat myself since my birthday is tomorrow 😅 But I also wanna know how much I’d be in for lol! Definitely going to go for the double lenti at a minimum, but I feel it’d be missing from my collection if I skip the OC... ah
  4. I'm assuming you made this and if my assumption is right, you're very very talented!! Very very good work!! Looks so professional and awesome!
  5. Me showing up here after being tagged: Lol. Don't kill me for this, but I agree with you Basil. I used to be more active in here before these days of the week things were implemented. It's kinda become.. for lack of a better term... very male oriented in this room because it seems to cater to that in a very... sorry I don't know how else to say it, but very sexualized manner versus the rest of the site. I'm a very chill person and I don't judge or anything nor am I a prude by any means, but it does seem to lean towards catering to what guys on the site find hot or movin
  6. I sadly missed out entirely on the Manta Inglourious Basterds set (I so badly want that one click uggggh) so I will definitely be fully in for this depending on when this drops. I hate joining certain GBs super early in case they take forever and drop randomly at a bad time, but after missing Jaws and some other ones because I waited way too long, I might have to join so I don't miss it lol.
  7. I wish they'd just at least update us. They can drop a third release of BvS and some other info, but they can't give at least a little bit on BoP. I can be patient -- just tell me what the hold up is if there is one, you know? I just found it weird because it's like they rushed to drop beauty shots once Manta was pushing theirs and now it's just been radio silence ever since. I can understand it's clearly delayed, just wish they'd do updates like Manta used to do every month with tidbits of information about what was holding up X or Y release. I will say though I don't really care
  8. Can they quit milking BvS already and get some gold sets out??? I want BoP already... and WW84 should be not far behind too considering it releases on physical media soon. Kind of getting ridiculous lol, three versions now of one movie when they haven't even released one version of some of these. Sigh
  9. No worries! I was just curious is all. Be well 🥰
  10. Is there a timeframe for when it'll come back out of curiosity? I know it's the main way John lists his extras or stuff for sale, and after the sale I'm kind of curious to see what he may have left and maybe make a purchase or two Just curious, no rush or anything!
  11. I was just gonna quote that other post with the images of all of the releases slated for 2020 and say "did literally any of these come out??" I remember revving up because I'm weak for Kill Bill. Still no word on either vol. 1 or vol. 2 or many of these releases... I know the pandemic came so I can understand why not all of them came considering that, but it's crazy they announced this many only to have little to no updates on majority of them that are left! Why even announce tbh... I also wonder if any are gonna end up cancelled at this point considering it's 2021 and some have b
  12. You think they'd want to release more Gold boxsets than silver only because of the sheer amount they'd make lol... and I totally agree! I skipped Manta thinking this would be out soon and didn't want to worry about two OC invoices at once. Could've swung for Manta too all along had I known how long they were going to draw this out. I also agree on not announcing unless it'll come in a reasonable timeframe!! If they don't do BoP I'm gonna be veeeeery upset. Expect a full meltdown in this topic to express my frustration if we don't get this. Or, as another person said, if this becom
  13. How much begging do I have to do to get HDZ to hear my thoughts and prayers and give us the final beauty shots and kick off the GB... I'm dying here

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