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  1. First there was the panic attack trying to secure a new iPhone this morning (which I did) and now this. I reckon I'm done for the day after all of this 😅
  2. This took a lot of searching since I’m still not unpacked but I remembered the locations where I had my MP stuff and found two items in one bag and then another item in a bin. I’m exhausted now 😅 I have more than this (t-shirt and wallet and probably more coins and cards) but too lazy to search more. Here’s my pic!
  3. Count me in for this!! I love horror premiums. Still need to watch this though
  4. Paid while at the airport waiting to board my flight home 🤑 So hyped for this!!
  5. Why is it people creating The Wolf of Wall Street steelbooks are intent on making it so ugly??? Ugh.... I was hyped for this considering the last version in that one wave of steelbooks was ugly (and so were the other ones lol). Dang
  6. Kinda crazy to me it says the release is in 5 days and yet no beauty shots whatsoever.... the one thing I cannot stand about Filmarena releases (talking about the full slip XL)
  7. Well glad I went for the OC. Shaping up to be a stellar release all around
  8. From the pics that I've seen, I really liked The Thing lenti from them (and honestly wish I could've picked it up). I also just picked up Terrifier from CM within this last month or so and I liked that lenti too. I know some people hate lentis but I enjoy them 🤧
  9. Quite literally yes. I missed the Inglourious Basterds Manta Lab one click and I've been suffering ever since
  10. Right as I’m getting ready to go to sleep I see this 😫 Is soon like tonight or tomorrow lol… want to know if I should stay up a little longer or if it won’t be until tomorrow/later and I can sleep maybe 😴
  11. After my TDK HDZ OC was one of the ones lost at customs from the GB here, yes I am absolutely in for this lol. Hell yes

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