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  1. @Veum I'm sure you can find them on ScalpyBay or Mercari.. you may have to pay a pretty penny though... I got mine off scalpybay.. I have some steels which I did a 4k transplant on as well. I just like the bluray artwork better on some steels
  2. That is a pretty nice steel. I'm curious when No Time to Die comes out on media what type of steelbook design will be used. I really liked the BB bluray steelbook designs that came out rather than the 4k artwork where it's just Daniel Craig in different poses and color backdrop for each movie. Picture below is the blu ray steelbooks from BB which I transplanted the 4K discs to after buying the Daniel Craig collection. What's so cool about these designs is that they based it off the intro splash openings after the opening scene
  3. Who's waiting for inglorious basterds from hdzeta and who went ahead and got the current one that went live? Me personally I'm waiting for the hdzeta one
  4. @Grendel Tokyo Revengers is a solid anime! I'd recommend it. I've seen season 1 first cour and I really liked it
  5. I already have the blu ray steels and transplanted the 4K discs in them... I'm going to really have to masterdebate on this one...
  6. Come on boys! The French has 1600 pages already!

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