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  1. Yesterday, received MAG Last Action Hero. Beatifull Edition. Very minor crinkled papers on poster pics. Now it's special and makes it different. 😆
  2. I really love them both. The Lenticular and the Fullslip are both great. Wish I would've got both.
  3. Thank you M.P team. Kimchi Whiplash arrived today. (In perfect condition as always) Also a really cool sticker on the box and bubble wrap.
  4. Is this priced at the 90$ usd? Or a lil less because of being empty?
  5. Glad we can share our thoughts . I personally think Cinemuseum is great. They are my Favorite bye far. Just my opinion. I always buy anything they put out.
  6. Yeah I'm very lucky. Healthcare. So it's bittersweet. As far as print run goes not sure. Just hoping...
  7. Really hoping for Unfogiven. I missed the WCL. Glad I didn't bite on buying elsewhere. Then I would have two. But who's counting besides the other half.
  8. I'm hoping to get 2 invoices this week. This and L.O.T.R hdzeta.. gonna be a good week for overtime.
  9. In the beginning I opened everything. Now I keep some sealed to open another time. ( Which never happens) But yes, in in the camp of open to enjoy. I have 75% sealed 25% opened. Eventually I wanna open all of them.
  10. Congratulations to all who got a tiered membership.
  11. Got a couple things in the last week. First. Spiderman Homecoming Filmarena maniac boxset. Second. I think my favorite edition so far to date. The Shining Cinemuseum.

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