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  1. Sadly, this edition has ben canceled, possibly because of all the feedback that the price was too high.
  2. That’s funny! It’s the only one I couldn’t get into for that same reason. It just didn’t feel like Shinkai to me. 5 Centimeters Per Second, on the other hand, is one of my favorites and quite possibly my favorite Shinkai.
  3. Thanks, @Grendel. I appreciate the advice. I was considering it, but I was on the fence since I just bought the Akira One Click (from KimChiDVD, I think?) last year or two years ago. I could definitely see upgrading to a 4k version at some point and I’ve loved some of WCL’s other releases, but nobody should be cutting corners with Akira.
  4. I love Paranoia Agent. Satoshi Kon is one of the best. I preordered this steelbook as soon as it went up. May not be your style if you like action anime though.
  5. https://www.rightstufanime.com/The-Garden-of-Words-Steelbook-Blu-ray This is gorgeous, but Sentai’s MSRPs are ridiculously high.
  6. Too bad it's not a steelbook, but I'm down with almost anything TheOn releases these days. I love their aesthetic.
  7. Funimation is releasing a steelbook for Paranoia Agent (it’s a Best Buy exclusive), so I definitely think it’s possible we might see more Satoshi Kon steelbooks in NA. I hope so!
  8. I would love a Plain Archive (or KimChiDVD or NovaMedia) release of this with English subtitles!
  9. And, of course, GKIDS just announced their own Collector’s Edition for Region A. It looks like it doesn’t have a steelbook, but it’s not clear. I think I’ll probably end up canceling the Zavvi edition though. 🤔
  10. Thanks, everybody! Cheers!

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