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  1. DarthEd

    Media Psychos Marvel Cinematic Universe Award

    That's what I'm asking about... Amaray are regular Blu-ray cases? What if they are 3D or have O-ring slips (but still just Amaray)?
  2. DarthEd

    New Anime Blu-ray Release Topic

    I think I am in the minority in preferring the original Fullmetal Alchemist over Brotherhood....
  3. DarthEd

    Media Psychos Marvel Cinematic Universe Award

    Non-premium common editions OK for getting this award? I don't have steelbooks or other premium editions for some of the older MCU films.....
  4. DarthEd

    Anime Collection

    Is the Zavvi edition Region B? Most every anime Zavvi releases is usually locked to Region B, and I need Region A. I've seen the Wind Ninja edition on Nova... The title being "wrong" turned me off, honestly. I could be persuaded by some sweet pics though....
  5. DarthEd

    Anime Collection

    I have Ninja Scroll on DVD. It was one of the first anime I ever bought on DVD! I should pick up a nice Blu-ray edition someday. Same goes for Samurai Champloo, one of my favorite series. I've never seen Fist of the North Star. Is it good, @Grendel? I remember reading a few issues of the manga when it was first published in English by Viz....
  6. DarthEd

    Anime Collection

    Thank you, @Grendel, for the information on the Gatchman Collection. If you get it or come across any in-depth reviews, let me know. Have you seen any of the versions (Battle of the Planets, G-Force, or Gatchaman)? So... Funny story (I hope): I finally got the Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis steelbook in the mail from Amazon. It was left out in the rain overnight, but, fortunately, Amazon shipped it in a plastic padded envelope that was sealed very well. After extracting it from the padded envelope, it appeared to me that there was mold underneath the O-ring plastic slip! I've heard of mold getting in transoceanic shipping containers, but I'd never seen it myself. Or did it get moldy from being in the rain overnight? Anyway I remove the shrinkwrap, expecting to have to clean the steelbook and plastic slip, and I discover that it's not mold! Just some weird painting effect on the steelbook. There are splotches of paint on the steelbook and on the inside of the O-ring slip. I think it's intentionally designed that way, but it really looked like spots of mold to me! I was happy to be wrong about that.
  7. Very nice! The design of this reminds me of the Baz Luhrmann Red Curtain Trilogy DVD box set that came out in the '90s or early '00s.
  8. DarthEd

    Anime Collection

    Anyone have the Gatchaman: Complete Collection? I was a fan of Battle of the Planets as a kid, so I've been thinking of picking this up for the sake of nostalgia.
  9. DarthEd

    Anime Collection

    Ooh, which release is this? (Link?)
  10. Yes, I read 2061 when it came out. I still have the hardcover. Actually, I didn't like it very much and never read 3001 as a result. 2010 is great though. I still have the paperback with the artwork shown above.
  11. Have to say that I'm underwhelmed and disappointed by the design of the outer slipcase. Maybe it will look better in person. I hope so. I'm not crazy about the design of the two booklet covers either. I very much like the "Star Child" artwork and design used on the inner case for the discs, however! I find it slightly odd that it's actually the artwork from the cover of the 2010 novel though, but I'm OK with that.
  12. Wow, that is gorgeous! But it's way too expensive for me, unfortunately.
  13. DarthEd

    Rate The Movie You Recently Watched

    First Man - 9.5 out of 10 The best movie I have seen in 2018. Very powerful, intense, intimate, and visceral filmmaking. I was sweating through every mission even though I knew the outcome, and I got goosebumps when Armstrong left the lander to take his first steps on the Moon. After Whiplash, La La Land, and this, Damien Chazelle can really do no wrong in my mind. Ryan Gosling was a great choice to play Neil Armstrong. Claire Foy was remarkable as well.

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