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  1. DarthEd

    Anime Collection

    I must admit I’ve never heard of Violet Evergarden. Just watched the trailer. I agree that it looks very pretty. Will keep an eye out for it. Cheers!
  2. DarthEd

    Anime Collection

    I’m well, Grendel. How are you feeling? Nice finding those sales! I wish US Amazon would put a few anime discs I’ve been eyeing on sale, like Mirai and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.... I love the cover of that art book! Such bold use of colors. Fantastic!
  3. DarthEd

    Anime Collection

    I love Serial Experiments Lain! I only have it on DVD. How is the quality of the Blu-ray, Grendel? I already have Wolf Children, Summer Wars, and The Boy and the Beast on Blu-ray from that Amazon sale I mentioned. I just need to pick up The Girl Who Leaped Through Time. Oh, and find the time to actually watch them. I wasn’t disappointed by Mary and the Witch’s Flower at all. I thought it was pretty great, but I would say that the story arc could have been better served as a series. With all that world building, I wanted to spend more time there.
  4. DarthEd

    Anime Collection

    My local theater was showing Mirai last Saturday morning, so I went to see that. I absolutely adored it, of course! It was the English dub, but it was well done. With the Blu-rays I picked up on sale at Amazon recently, I’m now ready to do a deep dive into all of Hosoda’s films.... Netflix made a new, original Ultraman series that just released this week. Unlike the live-action 1960s Japanese TV series, this one is CG animated, and I would say it has some anime influence for sure. It’s getting positive reviews from IGN and a friend of mine who has watched it. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m hoping to watch it soon. Have any of you watched it?
  5. Bad Times at the El Royale would be nice.
  6. DarthEd

    Anime Collection

    Looking good, @Grendel! I picked up the same Mondo Alice. I have the original Record of Lodoss War on DVD somewhere. Good stuff. I should probably watch the sequels someday. I’m envious of your Star Blazers LE! That looks niiiice. Going back a few posts, I also got that Mondo Ghost in the Shell steelbook, even though it was a double-dip. That price was just too good to pass up, and it is pretty gorgeous. I must admit I’m not familiar with either Jormungand or JoJo’s Adventures. I’d be interested in your thoughts after you watch them. Cheers!
  7. So I take it nobody on the MP team lives in Canada, huh?
  8. I don’t read any manga these days. The last manga I read was Lone Wolf and Cub about 25-30 years ago. I did pre-order the US Blu-ray releases of Mirai and A Silent Voice. The latter I’ve already seen and would highly recommend. I ordered the former just based on reputation. Remember my interest in the Gatchman: Complete Collection? It sold out everywhere before I got around to ordering it. Apparently, a fancy Collector’s Edition release is coming out in a few months for $99.95 MSRP. Here’s hoping the price of that drops by a third.... Re: Ghibli Award, that sounds like a great idea, but not feasible for me if it’s steelbook only, unfortunately. The Zavvi Studio Ghibli steelbooks are all Region B-locked, and I haven’t picked up any of them. And I haven’t seen much in the way of Region A steelbooks recently.
  9. Couldn’t disagree more with your assessment of The Tale of Princess Kaguya. I think it’s a masterpiece and one of Studio Ghibli’s best films. It’s top five for me. Just a difference of opinion. Mononoke is probably my favorite overall.
  10. Best Buy Canada exclusively has the same steelbook design except it comes with 4k UHD and Blu-ray, FYI. I wish it was available in the USA.
  11. That reminds me: The Blue Kite would make an excellent choice for a future WCL/MLIFE release....

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