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  1. You can always get it and swap discs with your local standard 😁
  2. I hope this has English subs. However Japanese blus hardly have non Japanese subs on their blus
  3. Before i discovered Media Psychos the only place to purchase Diskino titles outside of China was Taobao. I'm not sure if they still sell them However the people who ordered from them ended up getting there deliveries smashed because Taobao packaged them up not in boxes with bubblewrap but in DHL bags with nothing in them. Example
  4. This is all of the but Lucky Logan as my dad is borrowing it! Lol
  5. nice collection guys i have 48! I'll post the pic up tonight if I get the chance
  6. hahaha my first award! I have 48 editions. I need to post the pic
  7. @ksosk your posts for this and Black Canon have made my day!
  8. Thank you so much Kimsan! I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow! 🐷🧧🎉

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