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  1. Je ne suis jamais grognon 😉 Bonne nuit mon ami 😘
  2. Un petit indice ? Je suis sur que je connais le film, mais je ne reconnais pas l'image...
  3. C'est Kurt Russell de dos ou pas ?
  4. Hi @Count Dantes Thanks for this thread.. You can add me to the sealed team 😉 One of my favourite steelbook is Coco from Blufans Very colored picture, frame and embossing, an amazing work from Blufans 🙂 About my favourite FS, i have to wait for the moment, I'm waiting amazing editions that will be for sure in my top 3...
  5. A ton de relancer mon cher @R1s1ngs0n 😊
  6. Mad Max : Fury Road (4K UHD/2D Blu-ray Steelbook) [France] Release date : 08/04/2020 Price : EUR 29.99 Link : Fnac Amazon
  7. Hulk (4K UHD/2D Blu-ray Steelbook) [France] Release date : 29/04/2020 Price : EUR 29.99 Link : Fnac Amazon
  8. Je l’ai vu le week end dernier, je te le conseille 😉
  9. C’est bien ça. Excellent film 👍🏻

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